How Upset Would You Be?

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


Let's say that you're a homeowner in Sandusky and you recieve a letter from the local zoning board which explains that your neighbor has applied for a variance to modify his property.  You learn that your neighbor is seeking to raise the level of his property and install a 6 ft. high fence around his yard.  Let's say that you don't really care about the fence but you're worried that if your neighbor raises the height of his property it will cause flooding on your property. 

So you go to the zoning meeting to voice your concerns to the members of the board:

The zoning board does exactly what it should do:  It considers the problems that may result from the new construction.  The board approves the variance with the conditions that the drainage issues are taken care of.  You're satisfied with the decision you get from the zoning board, but you just don't feel like your neighbor is going to hold up to his end of the bargain.  So you go out with your digital camera and snap some pictures of the new construction just to make sure you can back your story up in case your neighbor doesn't contact the city engineering department and doesn't take care of the drainage problems like he was told to:

And then sure enough, the rain comes, and the flooding begins:

You knew this was going to happen when your neighbor raised the level of his property and now you're stuck with a flooded out mess on your hands.

How mad would you be, and what would you do?

To be continued...



Granted, I dont see a drain in where there was suppose to be one,he probably should do what he said but, the drain thats not there would only be draining the water between the house and fence. And where did that water come from...I wonder.  Look  at the downspouts in pictures 3 and 4.  You know why that water is there now? Because that fence is there now stopping their water from draining onto his property.All that fence did was stop their water from running onto his property. Thats THEIR water,NOT his.

I know for a fact that the grade of the yard inside the fence is sloped toward the center where drains were installed. Not any of the rain water that falls on his property drains onto either of his neighbors. Thats nerve to complain about that, take care of your own problem!

+Yes I know, there wasnt a problem before, because your water had a place to go..his property.Stop your whining and take care of your own problems. And it just dawned on me who his neighbor is. Mr. anonymous in the other article was right. it is a private war. Glad Im not your neighbor.




Get a Clue!  First of all the drains in Mr Dix yard where he raised the grade are just now being installed and how convenient now that someone is on the city about it. Considering it was suppose to have been done a long time ago. Second the house next door had bottoms on the downspouts but someone conveniently took them off and threw them in the back yard. Oh and I wonder who would of done that......not! Third......Private that right...private war of Mr. Dix! Especially since all the calls and arrests were made by him and not Mr. Hacker and mostly were done after meetings where things didn't go his way. As far as I'm concerned its called harrassment not a private war. So apparently you need to get your own facts straight!




I would call Waddington and Kaman and get some results!