Updated With Photo Contest: Does Sandusky Have Time And Money To Spend On "Economic Development?" [Video]

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


Considering that taking care of city streets is one of the most basic city services tax dollars can pay for, one wonders why this is suddenly a priority.  If Sandusky has money to spend on "economic development" the streets should be in tip top shape.


But they're not, are they Maxwell?

 The city's priorities are mixed up when they neglect basic street repair to spend money on unnecessary drains like the Marina District.

Keep the streets clean, upkept, and safe and people might come because the city looks good.  Leave them pockmarked and cratered and your imaginary "young professionals" will live elsewhere because they'd rather not replace their shocks and struts just to drive their Audis to the Marina District parking lot.

Update:  City residents should catalogue the worst streets in Sandusky with pictures.  That way city street workers won't have to travel around looking for the worst ones to fix! 

Isn't that a great idea?

$200 in monopoly money to the best picture of the worst street in Sandusky!

Post them in the comments.  (Make sure you identify the location!)

Another update:  It was just pointed out to me that I should probably explain how to post photos in the comments.  A "rich text" editor should be right above where you type in your comment.  Click on the photo uploader:

Once you do that, a photo upload dialogue box will pop up:

Select the "upload" tab, then click, "browse server."

Find the picture you want to upload from your hard drive and then click "send to sever."




That was an awful street!  So what's going to be done about it?  Is it on the list of streets the commissioners were talking about?  If anything gets done, you gotta believe its because this neglect was exposed.  Keep up the good work.

If there was a choice between getting Lions Park refurbed or the residential streets, which one will the citizens get?