FIT CHALLENGE: Johnson and family get VIP treatment at CP

Sandusky Register Staff
Aug 2, 2011


I had fun this past week enjoying time with my family. 

At the beginning of the year I spoke about not going to Cedar Point because of my size. I knew that I was too big to fit on most of the rides there.

I have always loved to ride coasters. When the conversation would come up about going to Cedar point with my husband, I would always get out of it. I was too ashamed to tell him the real reason why I didn't want to go.

On Wednesday all that changed for me. Brock and I took the kids to Cedar Point. We had a great time.

Once again FIT Editor Brandi Barhite, along with the photographers from the Register, made another memory for me and my family.

When we arrived we were met by Mr. R. Innes and his PR assistant. They escorted us to a few different rides. They treated us like VIPs. I want to thank Mr. Innes again for his support and interest in my journey. This trip to Cedar Point will never be forgotten.

Other than that, I am just in the gym working out and doing whatever it takes to meet my goal. 


-Natalie Johnson