New Signage Directs Visitors To Area Attractions

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


The city installed a prototype of its new signage this afternoon at Washington Row and Columbus Avenue.

Officials hope to place the signs on the outskirts of the city, and direct more visitors toward downtown. In November, they estimated it could bring in $5 million per year to the city.

City officials considered listing "The Marina District" on the new sign but decided against it because it doesn't even exist.

Picture credit:  Mister Karl Hungus



Why does Sandusky Register allow these new folks to have their own column/public venue without posting their real name for proper crediting.  

First, this is absolute crap photoshop work, and second it does a disservice to the city - it's not entirely too different than the graffiti photos from yesterday's front page article – immature vandalism to public property. You can comment about how crap this place is til the cows come home, but it's not going to change til you try and do something about it.  Hiding behind a monicker publishing lame joke photo manipulations isn't really the best way to get things done.


Karl Hungus-Mr....

Of course it is crap photoshop work. 

Well, honestly it is not even photoshop, photoshop costs more money than I am willing to pay.  It was done using Microsoft Paint (its free) and took about 3 minutes to do.  Sometimes it is not the presentation, but rather the message. 

If you think this example of "absolute crap photoshop work" is really a disservice to the city, then I would hate to hear your opinion on most of the comments left by city residents on this website.  Not to mention some of the actions some of our fellow residents have taken in recent history. 


I believe that if you want to be taken serious visuals are very effective and people judge things on how they look.  I understand photoshop cost's money and most people can't afford a $600 program.  You did however produce and image that looks very bad.  Maybe if you would have spent more than 3 minutes on it you could have made it better regardless of the program you used.  Basically I think you need to step it up with your visual aids for your blogs.

Bryan Dubois

Thanks for the tip, Bri guy - but Karl Hungus doesn't write this blog.  F411 does - and his picture was posted in the comments area and I moved it because it made a good visual aid for the story.  Yeah, it looks like crap, but so does alot of stuff Hungus does.  Did you read what he wrote?  He spent a whole three minutes on it.  If you do some quality photoshop work, throw it down and we'll team up for an article or two.