It may be tough out there, but don’t forget to count the blessings

Sue Daugherty
Mar 23, 2010


Thank God for caring people, who are willing to do more than talk. 

Despite the difficult economic times, there are individuals and businesses interested in helping the less fortunate who cannot afford to help themselves. 

Let me tell you about two people who have quietly given their time to help people they don’t even know.    

Peg Garvin, a spunky, go-getter, volunteer donated her organizing/coordinating/fundraising skills and talent for seven years to pull off an annual luncheon/fundraiser for Serving Our Seniors’s “Medicine Fund.”  She’s raised over $10,000 during that period of time. All of it was spent on buying medicines. This year she has passed the baton to another  “go-getter,” volunteer -- Julie Baumbick. And thank goodness, Julie said, “Yes, I’ll do that.”

The reason both of them have given/are giving of themselves is to help make liquid medications that treat diabetes, cataracts and glaucoma affordable for Erie County senior citizens. (These are drugs that cannot be donated to the Drug Repository.)  Julie’s  luncheon fundraiser for the “Medicine Fund” is 12-3 p.m. May 9 (the day before Mother’s Day) at the Sandusky Yacht Club. (By the way, tickets are still available at $20/person by calling 419-624-1856.)

Things are tough out there, but let’s not forget to count the blessings. I’m sure there are others out there who can share similar stories about people who make life nice for others.

Who do you know that has been a blessing to others in the community where you live?