Odds And Ends Open Thread

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


Sorry for not updating lately.  I've got about a half dozen stories I'd like to tell, but to be responsible they have to reach some point of conclusion.  One of which is the Hacker story.  I think it's an interesting story because it shows how unresponsive the city is when a citizen complains.  The material is building up and I planned on doing a video but I don't want to do it prematurely.

This is a "I'm-burned-out-and-it's-Sunday" Open Thread.

You don't necessarily have to stick to these topics when commenting - just say what's on your mind.

Note:  I spoke with a reader/activist last week on the telephone about the current state of commenting on this site. 

A few points that she mentioned that I'm not entirely sure about are these:

When Baxter mentioned "John Does" in his lawsuit - who was he talking about?  Commenters on the Register - or unnamed Register employees?  I don't know.  Anybody have thoughts on this?

The commenting system here scares her.  The fact that you must register and that the Register "knows" your identity.

Once again,  I really don't think this is a cause for concern.  If you register an anonymous email address - and then use that address to register a pseudonym on the Register, they don't actually know who you are.  They know how to contact you (through the anonymous email address you registered - you can do it through hotmail, yahoo, gmail.)  The only drawback to this is the fact that you must stick to that one pseudonym instead of changing your identity from comment to comment.

And yes, I think we need to have an open chat, but like I said, I'm just burned out as of late.

Open Thread.