Bald Eagle To Relocate Nest

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


Bird Claims Local Real Estate Agents Failed To Disclose  Development Plans For Perkins Ave

A local bald eagle who resides at 2219 1/2 Perkins Avenue has filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau against a local real estate agent.  The complaints cites seveal misleading sales tactics allegedly used against the eagle and his mate when they decided to purchase the property from Hoty Enterprises, a local real estate development firm in Sandusky.  The eagle has since built a nest on the property which is located directly behind the Old Dutch Tavern in Perkins Township.

"Apparently the eagle is upset with the economic development along Perkins Ave," said John Hoty, President of Hoty Builders.  "We were absolutely clear with [the eagle] when we showed the property to him that economic development [along the Avenue] is a very popular thing.  To expect that area to remain "wild" is unrealistic."

The eagle's complaint alleges that plans for new construction in the area were never disclosed. "One morning I left to go fish hunting, and when I got back, there was an Eats-N-Treats in my backyard," the bird stated.  "With the birth of our eaglets, [My mate] and I have decided that living near a bar and a busy road isn't the best place to raise a family."

Hoty said that the eagle had options when he first came to the area.  "He could've purchased property along First Street in Sandusky," Hoty said.  "There are plenty of fishing areas [in that area] and despite the prime waterfront access and popular entertainment amenities and road access to Cedar Point, the chances that the property will be developed are very unlikely."

Sandusky city officials are busy trying to reach out to the estranged bird.  "The eagle and I go way back," said Ex-Officio Mayor Craig Stahl. "I've known him since he was an eaglet," Stahl added.  "We have plenty of waterfront here in Sandusky, and that bald eagle is always welcome here," Stahl said.

When asked about whether or not the eagle would consider settling down in Sandusky, the majestic symbol of American freedom stated that he probably wouldn't feel welcome there.