Huron Resident Completes Boston Marathon

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


A celebration at the Huron Boat Basin is being planned later this week for Huron resident and acting Sandusky police chief Charlie Sams for successfully finishing the Boston Marathon. 

"We're extremely proud of him," said Huron Mayor Marilyn Shearer.  "To have that kind of dedication to staying physically fit, it's indicative of great character," Shearer added.  "We're happy that he's chosen Huron as a place to raise his family." 

"He's got great taste when it comes to picking a community to raise his family" said fellow Huron resident and former Sandusky city commissioner Brian Crandall, "He is also very dedicated to Huron."

Huronite Sams finished the race in 15,038th place, but says that running means alot more than just making good time.  "Running is more than just a hobby," the Huronite said.  "It's part of my lifestyle."

"If I have a choice between working diligently to make the community in which I work a better place, or moving to another area so my kids can be in a better school system, my choice is definitely run to Huron."

Earlier this year Sams testified during a civil service hearing that he prefers Huron over Sandusky as a place to live because he considers it a better community overall.  "Don't get me wrong," Sams said.  "I like Sandusky alot...when my paycheck arrives!" Sams added with a chuckle.  "But Sandusky isn't a place where you'd want to raise a family.  The residence rule is the only reason that I don't apply for Police Chief," Sams added.   The Sandusky Police Chief is required to live within Sandusky city limits.



Why would I suspect less. The acting police chief of Sandusky living in another city. Why would he want to live in the city that employees him? Sandusky is a joke.

Bryan Dubois


The new person behind the Regurgitator does not live in Sandusky either.  The Regurgitator was incredibly funny up until about december-januarary, then half the content dissappeared (all the content with humor) and it never was funny again.  I guess that an author did not want to sell-out to the Register.

Bryan Dubois

Bryan Dubois

(Inside joke.  My apologies to everyone but Phoney.)