What’s entertainment worth to you?

Sue Daugherty
Mar 23, 2010


I went to see “Late Night Catechism 2” at the Sandusky State Theatre on Saturday night with my mom and beau.
I had such a good time. Being raised Catholic until third grade (I’m a Catholic dropout.) I was still able to appreciate the humor in all of it.  What fun!  

And it was such a deal -- financially speaking -- compared to what you would have to pay if you went to see this in Cleveland or Detroit.  

We received a great dinner with dessert and a ticket to see the show for $42 a person. Compare that to the cost of going to the “big city.”

Whether you are an appreciator of the performing arts or not, you have to agree that the Sandusky State Theatre is a community asset.  

And if a community is going to be progressive it can’t afford to lose any of its assets.

So that made me wonder, although this performance was well attended, what would it take to pack the house?  

What do people around here consider so entertaining that they would arrive in droves? And what are they willing to pay for it?

Being a not-for-profit director myself, I also got to thinking about this, if you can’t afford to pay anything in terms of money for that which entertains you, would you be willing to “pay” by volunteering your time and talent to help the Sandusky State Theatre?

To help you get started, let me tell you what I think would pack the house -- I’m about to show my age -- Sinbad, the comedian.  

I’ve only seen him once -- and it was years ago. His humor was without a cuss word. Wait a minute -- I take that back. I think he might have used the word Pi_ _ , one time. Other than that he was hilarious the entire time. I’d pay $42 to see him -- without the dinner.

Now it’s your turn.  

What do you think would pack the Sandusky State Theatre? And what – in your opinion -- would the ticket price need to be?



Karl Hungus-Mr....

Umm....I think Sinbad is still in jail<br>

The State tried the comedian thing in the past, they even tried to start a comedy festival in Sandusky back in the 90's. 

There are so many great touring comedians that could "pack" the State, and with us being smack dab center in between Toledo and Cleveland you would think that it would be a good market for such things.  Instead the State continues to book acts like "Menopause the Musical" and the above mentioned "Late Night Catechism 2" and continues to struggle. 

Lewis Black and the Bob and Tom Comedy All Stars have had recent shows in Northern Ohio at theaters the same size or smaller than the State....it can be done, or they can continue to sell the same number of tickets to the same number of people.

Karl Hungus-Mr....

Ok, I looked and it appears he is not in jail yet.....cbs5.com/local/tax.debtors.list.2.981325.html


I don't know if I can top your Sinbad suggestion for entertainment, but I have been thinking about your question from a different angle.  Do you think there are some cross marketing opportunities with our major growth industry (Waterparks and Hospitality) and our local assets such as the State Theater.

For example, it is not hard to imagine that your average adult may grow weary of waterpark fun well before their kids.  What if, using our emerging public transportation system, we made it easy for them to catch a show at the State Theater or some other local attraction?

This is probably counterintuitive to the waterparks, they are focused on keeping their customers (and their wallets) on their site.  If, however, it were marketed in such a way that it helped them keep their customers an extra night or two it might be a win-win situation.

Just a thought, you can take it for what it is worth.

On a personal note, I must say that it is unfortunate that more non-profits don't have directors like you. Hopefully you are able to mentor some of these others, they could learn from the first class operation that Serving Our Seniors has become under your guidance. Your organization touches alot of people and I have never heard a negative comment.  Thanks for a job well done!