(Video) Innovative Use Of Tax Dollars: Serving Our Seniors Drug Repository

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


In these tough economic times, if you want an example of innovation that maximizes existing tax dollar resources, here it is:

A prescription drug repository has been created in Erie County.  One of three such projects in Ohio, the repository in Sandusky is the only one open to the public.

Sue Daugherty, who happens to be a fellow blogger on sanduskyregister.com, has worked through her organization Serving Our Seniors and Buderer Drug to create this program.  "[Buderer Drug] has made this program possible through their generous spirit," Daugherty said.  She said this type of program is not commercially lucrative - it's more of a public service.

Sue explains the program and how it works:

If you'd like to help spread the word about this program, send the URL (that would be the address for this page) in an email to any family or friends who might know seniors eligible to recieve assistance.