FIT CHALLENGE: Mohr embarks upon intense extra activity

Sandusky Register Staff
Jul 19, 2011


This past week was a little frustrating for me.

I have started to run 3 miles for a warm-up and then start my workouts. We have upped the tempo so the workouts are more intense.

I also have to take in more calories since we are doing more activity, which is fine, but I haven't seen any movement in my weight in about two weeks, but at least I haven't gained weight.

By the end of the month my personal trainer Trevor Tieche and I should be doing a 5K at Osborne Park. To prepare I am going to start doing 4 miles and then scale it back to about 1 or 2 to let my legs rest.

This past weekend was the pugil stick tournament at Bodi N Balance. It was a good time even though I got knocked out my first two tries. 

-Jacob Mohr