Nuesse Live Chat Wrapup

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


Aside from a few technical difficulties in the beginning, the chat went well.  I'm glad that it stayed friendly in nature - seeing as how Nuesse hasn't yet made a formal announcement on whether she's running for Sandusky city commission.  Nuesse scratched the surface on issues facing the city and couldn't/wouldn't comment on certain topics like the sexual harassment suit filed against city manager Matt Kline.  Overall, the tone was light.  We even got a few laughs.

Deetz delivered the best line when Nuesse accidentally set her space bar to act as the return key:

One of the complaints I recieved about this format was the fact that the chat moves too quickly for the guest to answer the questions with any sort of depth.   Nuesse brought up the idea of "livability," and wanted to amplify her answer after the chat was over.

Nuesse says:

Livability is a concept that encompasses everything from quality delivery of basic services, infrastructure maintenance (roads/sidewalks) quality public safety services, recreational areas for families - everything that attracts families to live in a certain area, which ultimately attracts business and economic development.  A city is judged by how it looks and the level of service it provides to it's citizens.  Livability can make or break a city's future.  When you ignore the "livability" of an area you repel families who may be considering the city as a place to live.  Sandusky's future is not about the marina district - or the chausee - it's about the entire city.  Decisions must be based on information not agendas, and the interests of the entire community, not just a portion of it.    Government (the people) must not become dependent on grant money or stimulus money.  Stimulus money does not replace sustainability and good planning. Sustainability comes through serving families because families are the backbone of the community.

I agree that the format doesn't allow guests to give in depth answers like that, so I think we're going to change the format.  We wanted to hear what she had to say, but the way I had it set up didn't allow it.  My fault.  Won't happen again.