Size healthy

Kristin Gleis
Mar 23, 2010


Chocolate bunnies, peanut butter eggs, marshmallow eggs, malted milk balls; Easter is a food addict’s heaven, let me tell ya. Myself, being the carbohydrate junkie I am, I indulged in a few chocolate treats this week. I also had a small piece of Samantha and Sheppard's birthday cake. I would like you all know though, that even with the chocolate and birthday cake, I was able to go and buy a smaller pair of jeans. I am still excited. I wore those jeans with pride on Easter Sunday.
I was only able to exercise at Weigh of Life once this past week. I have been working extra hours and by the time I'm done at work, it’s to late to go and exercise. I have really noticed that when I do not exercise, I feel down in the dumps. I don't seem to be as chipper as I usually am. Exercise really is a mood enhancer. Believe that, I always thought cookies, brownies and ice cream were mood enhancers. Gee, guess I was wrong.
This week, I will only be able to work out at Weigh of Life three days. I am going to Michigan on April 17 to visit family. There is always a lot of eating and drinking when we are up north. This year I will just have to behave. I set a goal for those jeans that I still have hanging on my kitchen wall. I will be wearing those on May 18. Not sure why I picked that date, maybe because it’s a friend3s birthday. Nevertheless, I will be in those jeans.
Now that I have noticed that I am losing weight, I'm enjoying exercising and eating right. I can't wait to see myself at a size healthy.