Learning to let the words flow

Chelle Pletcher
Mar 23, 2010


I am really in a mood to write.

I have no idea what about, but really, I never do until I let the words just flow.

I think one of my biggest problems when I sit down to write something for the Sandusky Register is I know people are going to be reading it.

Duh, that’s the point, right? Yes, but at the same time, it does make it harder to focus with the pressure of an audience.

Like I said before, I’m through trying to please anyone, so I’m going to let you all have a little peek into my gray eyes.

I want to see what happens when you all discover who I really am, alone, when no one’s watching. So for just a second, I’ll pretend you’re not reading this ... and I’ll just write.

Lately I’ve been feeling a lot of anxiety.

With another year of school almost gone, it’s got me feeling very nostalgic, not to mention nervous. Too soon, I’ll have to enter the real world. I’m not sure if I’m ready.

I’m excited, yes. But in the same respect, there’s a certain amount of fear that comes from plunging headfirst into the darkness of the unknown.

Am I ready? Is anybody ever really ready to take that step into the next part of their life?

I’m positive I’m not the only one who’s ever felt like this.

There are a lot of teens my age facing the same feelings of uncertainty mixed with fear, excitement and an overwhelming feeling of just wanting to run back to the days when mommy and daddy could protect us from anything terrifying.

I just wish more people would discuss it with each other.

Maybe if we were able to talk to each other more about important things such as this, there wouldn’t be as large of foreboding.

Knowing you’re not alone is probably one of the biggest comforts any one could ask for.

I remember the summer I was 12, just shortly before I was about to start middle school, crying out of fear of growing up.

I mean it had seemed like elementary school whizzed by, and I had suspicions that middle school was going to be the same.

I sobbed knowing that I was going to be in high school soon, and then college and then what?

I was at wits end of what to do.

Rescue me, Peter Pan! Don’t let me grow up.

But in reality, every one does. We may get excited to gain access to new privileges such as driving, or voting, having jobs or starting families.

With all these privileges of growing older come responsibilities.

Teenagers never lose that child-like angst of being scared to leave their comfort zones.

Adults old and young would be dirty liars if they said they never wished they could go back.

People grow up, though. Life goes on.

Despite all these mixed feelings I have about starting my adult life soon, I take great comfort in knowing that I have two years left.

Well, one year and seven months to be more precise.

My suspicion is this last little bit of time I have left is going to be gone before I know it ... and I intend to make the most of every moment.

Whether I will be shaking in fear on the inside or not, I know I’m not the only one, and I refuse to let that worry hold.



Oliver Hardy

Welcome back Michelle. I can relate to being a kid again and going through school. What I didn't realize then was that my childhood and school years were some of the happiest times of my life. Looking back, I really didn't have problems then but I chose to make problems because I worried about the trivial things such as a zit on my face. There were so many things that I should have done back then such as joining the drama, debate and other clubs in school. Plus I wish that I had attended all of the dances that were held. I tried to grow up quick because I thought that I had problems when I was a kid. I sure wish that I was a little kid again with the knowledge that I have now. The internet and calculators did not exist when I was a student but I envy the younger people who have the world of knowledge at your finger tips. Why didn't the internet exist 50 years ago when I was a kid and student, I wish that it did.

Try not to make any mistakes that are avoidable. Don't follow the crowd but be yourself because you are a unique person, there only is one of you. Be yourself. Learn from the mistakes of your peers and also the older people. Read about other people's problems and mistakes by reading newspaper columns such as Dear Abby and Ann Landers. Get informed, look at both sides of a story and don't believe everything that you read as "news" is factual and truthful. Become involved in your government early because one day you will inherit the earth from the older generation.

Years ago, one could quit a job and get another the next day. Those times are gone but they can return if people get involved and make change. Simply voting in somebody to make change is not enough. National health care was discussed in the 1940s and here it is almost 70 years later and nothing has been done. The politicians make promises that are rarely kept as they will tell you anything to get elected. When voting, chose the person and not the party. Research the candidate running and don't vote blindly. Don't vote for a candidate because they belong to a certain party or because the newspapers endorse them.

Before you make a decision in your career, you must ask yourself what your strengths and interests are. Making lots of money in a job hated will not bring happiness. Some of the happiest people are the ones that find enjoyment in the job they do, even if the job doesn't pay well. I would have been happier in life digging for fossils or artifacts for meager wages than working in a job that paid well but was not enjoyable. I had a couple of jobs that paid well but I dreaded going to work and couldn't wait to get home. I had some jobs that didn't pay well but I enjoyed doing them. Know that the more money you make, the more you will spend but materialism doesn't always bring happiness.

How have the school subjects changed? I often criticized the subjects taught in school because I believe more subjects should be required and taught at the high school level. Subjects such as relationships, marriage and finance for example. Many people get into relationships and marriage for the wrong reasons. Look at all of the people getting into financial problems because they spend more than they earn. Look at the big picture in life but you need to zero in sometimes with a magnifying glass. Look at history and learn from it so mistakes do not happen again. Learn from the mistakes of other people, especially from the older generation.
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