City Commission Live Chat 4/13/09

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


Thanks to everyone who took part in the live chat tonight.  I'm a little disappointed at the number of lurking vs. active participants, but those numbers will grow eventually.  If you're new to the live chat concept, we all turn our televisions to channel 81 and chat about the commission meeting in progress at 8:30.

I see that city manager Matt Kline blew off Michael Hacker's complaints again.  Kline's explanation is difficult to understand.  On one hand he wants the community to believe that no city service favoritism exists for Hacker's neighbor (who happens to have a brother who works for the city.)  But on the other hand Mr. Warner and Mr. Kline both claim that the employee has been "talked to" as if he had been misbehaving.

Kline wants it both ways:

The city workers are not giving preferential treatment to certain residents, but if they are giving preferential treatment to certain residents - they've been talked to and it won't happen again.  "We did what we did,"  Bob Warner answered when asked about why it took so long to address the issue.  End of story.  Done.  Don't bother asking any more questions.  Which is really the message that the city unintentionally (or intentionally?) sends to city residents.

This story is about more than just Michael Hacker's complaints.  It's about how the city responds to complaints - and Matt Kline's true colors shined through when he whispered in range of the microphone as Hacker left the podium:  "I wonder if we can charge him [inaudible] ...for going to his house..."    I'm sure Kline didn't realize his comments were broadcast, but they were and they should be noted. 

(I'll upload that video when I get a chance.)