Sharing knowledge, compassion

Sue Daugherty
Mar 23, 2010


I had a touching experience recently. I received a call from the HVAC professor at Terra Technical College. 

He was calling to say that he and his students have refurbished 11 window-unit air conditioners and they would like to personally deliver the window units and donate them to Serving Our Seniors.  

Their request was that we see to it that they are given to senior citizens who need one, but can’t afford to buy one.  

So, Serving Our Seniors gratefully accepted their contribution.   

Provided photo -  Terra Tech’s Heating, Ventilating, &Air Conditioning Students - Matt Depinet, from Attica, Dan McLaughlin from Carey; Chris Winkel, Bowling Green; Jarrod Lovett, Fremont and Assistant Professor, Tim Roth, Sandusky standing in front of Serving Our Seniors shed with air conditioners in the background.

We are now seeking Erie County residents age 60 and older who have no air conditioner in their home and suffer from congestive heart failure or respiratory disease. Both are diseases that make breathing difficult in the summer’s heat. 

I am always inspired by random acts of kindness that show concern for the less fortunate.   It also makes me wonder, how many talented people are out there, like the Terra Technical College students, who could make a dent in remedying a social ill, but choose not because they think their contribution wouldn’t matter?  

If I just described you, consider the starfish story:

There was a man walking on a beach, where he found millions of starfish laying on the shore. 

He spent his day picking up the starfish and throwing them back into the ocean. 

After a while a bystander who had been observing this man throwing the starfish into the ocean and said to him, “Sir, you’re wasting your time trying to save these starfish.  What your doing is so small compared to the size of the problem -- it doesn’t really matter.”

The man who was compassionately working to save the beached starfish, picked one up and said, “It matters to this one.”

He bent down and picked up another and said, “It matters to this one.”

Then he bent down and picked up another one and said,  “It matters to this one.”