"I didn't have any urges to cheat this week."

Kristin Gleis
Mar 23, 2010


We are three weeks into the challenge and I am down from 252.4 to 241.6. I myself think that this is very good, considering I'm the type of person who used to think that if you exercised you should automatically lose weight. I used to work out for about a week, and once I saw that the scale didn't change, I gave up. I now know that in order to lose weight, you have to want to do it for yourself. I have always been the type of person to do what others wanted me to do, not what I wanted to do. I am pleased to say I am working on losing weight this time, for me and only me.

I said last week that I feel like my day is complete when I am finished working out. This week I have learned that if I'm not working out at least five days a week, I feel a little depressed for no reason at all. I was unable to put in a full workout week this week due to problems with my blood pressure medication. I am on medicine to lower my blood pressure, but with the exercising and diet change, the medicine was making my blood pressure extremely low. I went to the doctors on Jan. 23 and got my dosage of medication lowered. My doctor said he believes I will be able to come off of my medicine now that I am exercising and eating properly.

Even though I was unable to give my workouts 100 percent, I didn't write in my journal faithfully either. I didn't have any urges to cheat this week. I give myself a pat on the back for that one. I plan on really kicking butt this coming up week, so wish me luck.

I have been having a lot of feed back from my residents at work, they all seem to be very excited for me. I had one lady come up and ask me if I had an extra FIT Magazine because she was going to share it with the other residents when she went to play Bingo that day. I told her indeed I had an extra one on me. I was tickled to know that they are there supporting me.

I do apologze for this week's blog being so short, but not having the ability to give it my all this week, I am kinda short on words. I know some of you are laughing right now because if you know me then you know I am rarely out of words. I promise I will make up for it next week.



In Response to Sorry About Your Luck. I'm sorry I didn't meet your expectations as a TRAINER. Unfortunately that sometimes, but rarely happens in the business. I operate a business from the gym floor and my office and the TV is on mostly for sound. I'm here 13 hours a day 5 days a week which is 65 hours a week and I take a 2 hour lunch break and I work 1 Saturday a month. I also phone coach my clients which are out of state and it requires me to email them during my day. I am a regular columnist for 2 magazines which requires me to write articles and then email them to the editor, so when I'm in my office I'm always taking care of my business. I give my clients all I can to help them with this battle, but there are 2 things I can't do for them. Number 1 I can't work-out for them and number 2 I can't feed them, that is their responsibility. If you feel that I hurt your feeling in any way, I sincerely apologize and if you feel that it was my fault you didn't meet the goal you wanted to reach, I will gladly give you a 3 month membership FREE!!!
Call me and we can talk about this instead of blogging.

P.S Kristin is doing very well she is know 13 pounds down with-in a 3 week period.

P.S.S I appreciate your criticism, because I'm wise enough to know that you don't grow from compliments, you grow from criticism's, so Thank You.



No urges! You are in the groove now! Congratulations, keep up the good work. Good job on the reduction of meds, that's the first of my good things to come from your new lifestyle. Trust me, I've been there too.


Keep up the good work Kristin! That is great news about your BP meds! One step at a time and before you know it, you will meet your goal!


Congrats girl, keep it up! Im so proud of you.....Now I need to get my behind in gear and you me and woods can be stylin at east harbor before you know it! Love you!!