A slice of life

Kristin Gleis
Mar 23, 2010


I think there should be more hours in the day. This past week was extremely busy and hectic. March 2, I was mandated at work. Mandating is when I have to work up to an additional eight hours on top of the eight hours I already put in for the day. Monday was strike one for working out that week.

March 3, my oldest daughter/sibling Sidney turned 8. Besides being her birthday, she was home sick from school with the flu. I had to work Tuesday, also. Sidney had to stay with my “Omi” (this means grandmother in German.) I’m not sure how sick she was; I really think she just wanted to play hooky for her birthday. Tuesday was strike two.

I'm usually a softy for Kroger birthday cake, but I resisted this time. I did eat some pizza, though. It had banana peppers and green peppers on it. That’s OK, right? 

March 4, I finally got to go see Tyra James at Weigh of Life. Sandusky Register was also at the gym that day. The Register was there to take pictures for an upcoming article. Tyra really put a hurting on me. I thought I was going to get sick. Tyra had me do a mini-boot camp; it was really tough, but I made it through.

March 5, I injured my back while working. After work, I went home to ice my back and lay down; the pain was really intense. I attempted to work out March 6. I was only at the gym for about 40 minutes, and the pain in my back started to get to me. I was back at work on March 7 and 8. I did a few exercises at home, but the workouts didn’t compare to what I do when I am exercising at Weigh of Life.

I'm down 21 pounds at this time and 19.5 inches. I really need to step in up for myself. I'm going out of town for a weekend in April. I hope to be down between 35 to 40 pounds by then. I can do it. I know I can. I just need to put a bit more hard work and dedication into it.



keep up the good work


Hey! The pics of you in the Fit Mag. really show the difference! I noticed yesterday when I saw you that you could really tell you had lost! Keep the the good work! Next time we go to Vegas...Maybe you will really get LUCKY!

Diane Pusateri

I agree, your pictures really show a difference! I could see your weight loss in your face when I saw you on Saturday. Keep up the good work.