Own Your Age

Sue Daugherty
Mar 23, 2010

A few months ago I read an article about being proud of your age.

I think I read it in the AARP Bulletin. It had pictures of physically fit, attractive, women wearing t-shirts that say “Own Your Age.”

In a nutshell this is a movement against ageism -- as in the discrimination and negative stereotyping of people based on their age. These proud "older" people are promoting a message that says I’m happy about who I am at my age.   

I find it interesting that in our culture, men with grey hair and crow’s feet are viewed as sexy, sophisticated, and attractive.  

Most women, however, will go to great expense to hide their grey and wrinkles because in American society grey hair and wrinkles are a detriment -- not an attribute for women.   

Generally speaking, these characteristics on a woman peg her as someone who is “old” -- which is a word we have come to believe is negative. Rarely is a woman with grey hair and crow’s feet perceived as sexy, sophisticated and attractive.

How did that ever come to be? What will it take for aging -- in a woman’s world --  to become socially acceptable? 

What do you do in your own life to make it socially acceptable to “Own Your Age?”



Too bad there wasn't any concealed carriers around to put a bullet in this scumbag's head...


Why nothing about the robbery that took place at the Mall last night?

It was reported on the front page of todays paper along with this story.

Three robberies in three days seems pretty unusual for this area.........Are people getting that desperate?



One word: Drugs.

hancrack me up

Because it's the SR..."Last Night's News...Tomorrow" (unless you subscribe on line).

Who was robbed at the mall?


I hope this scumbag gets balls enough to rob my store. I will blow his head off. These thugs need to be put in their place and the law does not work in our favor anymore.

hancrack me up

Could we have maybe cleaned up the pic a little bit so you can see the face a little better? Oh, wait...sorry...that may exceed the 75 cent value of our award winning paper.


I think that photo is a lot better than most. I'm sure that it's good enough that if someone who knows him sees the picture, they'll be able to tell who he is. Unless it's one of his drug buddies who doesn't care.


The Register can only print a picture as good as supplied............The one in the Journal of the FNB robbery suspect was in black and white and the crook looked like an Atari character.......That's my bank and it gives me second thoughts to see that a farm market has a better surveillance system.


Awww....I feel bad for the cashier. I'm glad he was not hurt in any way. OUTSIDER is corect...it is all about drugs...this one was even too stupid to try and make sure his face wasn't right in the camera. I hope they catch the creep.


Someone will see this guys picture and will know who he is. I bet he is rounded up soon. What a dumb a-s!
He's lucky he didn't try to rob someone who was packing! A bullet in the head would stop him real quick.


Thats DUSTIN LEWIS.............. Figures He Would Have To Rob A Couple Places, Got No Job And Has A Baby On The Way..... And His Own Mother Kicked His Sorry Azz Out. I Dont Blame Her. But 100% DUSTIN LEWIS


moderators have removed this comment because it contained personal attacks


I personally think the robber looks much younger than the guy on the myspace page, but did you see all that money on there? Maybe it is him.


Sure looks like him to me Do the cops read this page?


Yeah, the Sheriff is reading this page, although I would suggest you guys just call 419-625-7951 instead.

If this is indeed the guy I hope he deletes his myspace profile quickly because the prosecutor is definitely going to use it against him.


and this one



Well they removed my comment because it included "personal attacks"? Alleged Felons don't deserve privacy, so if you want to see him just got to Myspace.com and serch for friends and type in the persons name listed below, and it will be the first one to come up... Is this better SR? but 1 guess who reported it?


Also in Clyde(sandusky county) in 2005 he was charged with Felony Assault and Tampering with evidence........All this info is public data if they do a county muni record search, so this should not be deleted


Glad the cashier wasn't hurt, but why would the photog put the cashier's face in the paper?

Are the cashier's protected behind ANY kind of partition in that store?

If not, they should be, due to the fact this store has been known to be an easy mark over the years.


i know this kid personally that you are talking about....im not sure if it's him or not...but i know for a fact that the money on his myspace has been there for a LONG time it's not from strawberry hill...

hancrack me up

That is the same idiot. Used to live on Franklin St. What moron would leave their pics up for the world to see then possibly rob 3 places? hahaha!!! Something to send into Jay Leno! He doesn't even have any privacy settings turned on!!! take a peek...



He'll be caught soon. He'll go to prison. He'll get robbed in prison.




12 12 12


Boy is that kid lucky! We were on our way to a shooting range at that exact time when we drove by. Onboard we had four automatics that we were going to shoot, adjust sites and just have fun. Two 9MM with 147 grain Hydra shock’s pointed at his head if I wanted to stop for a Coke would have stifled his threat for sure!

hancrack me up

I see all the posts with this guy's MySpace profile, name & pics were removed. Maybe he works for SR.


2cents...yeah, EVERYONE involved was lucky you didn't stop. Usually the only thing "heroes" like you accomplish is getting someone killed when it isn't necessary. Nothing like escalating a situation by introducing more weapons.

If police are there with theirs, sometimes at least there is a surrender. When it's another civilian, there's usually just shooting.

This place has absolutely no protection or security. I'll be honest, I don't even stop in there anymore.


crack heads will do anything to get there fix, I hope they find this kid and lock him up for a long time !!


2 cents is right, any number of us carry, some with CCW, some under the open carry. Had someone that was properly trained and disciplined with fire arms entered, the chances are good this kid would be in custody. Most properly armed citizens aren't the shoot first, ask questions later type. If more people got in line and carried, this type of incident would happen alot less often


yeah thats just what we need everybody walking around with guns !!! thats the answer !! NOT !!


This robber is probably from Sandumpy.