Own Your Age

Sue Daugherty
Mar 23, 2010


A few months ago I read an article about being proud of your age.

I think I read it in the AARP Bulletin. It had pictures of physically fit, attractive, women wearing t-shirts that say “Own Your Age.”

In a nutshell this is a movement against ageism -- as in the discrimination and negative stereotyping of people based on their age. These proud "older" people are promoting a message that says I’m happy about who I am at my age.   

I find it interesting that in our culture, men with grey hair and crow’s feet are viewed as sexy, sophisticated, and attractive.  

Most women, however, will go to great expense to hide their grey and wrinkles because in American society grey hair and wrinkles are a detriment -- not an attribute for women.   

Generally speaking, these characteristics on a woman peg her as someone who is “old” -- which is a word we have come to believe is negative. Rarely is a woman with grey hair and crow’s feet perceived as sexy, sophisticated and attractive.

How did that ever come to be? What will it take for aging -- in a woman’s world --  to become socially acceptable? 

What do you do in your own life to make it socially acceptable to “Own Your Age?”



Did you really think they would have it ready on time? This is no surprise to anyone, this is the way the last few opening of new rides has been.

moved here

BellevueMom: The mayor can't tell council to not place something on the ballot...basically, the mayor can not tell council what to do...it's called separation of powers. Why not put the electric aggregation on the ballot and let the citizens decide? As for putting Brooks on council...again, the mayor can't tell council what to do there...it was their decision and it was handled in a VERY bad way..it comes off as they made a decision behind closed doors and out of the public's eye.You contradict yourself when you say the "old council added things to the agenda last minute"...what was the PERS ordinances...they were last minute! Kile and Crosby could very well be bullies, but at least they make their comments in the public during the meeting and not keep their mouths shut until after the meeting and then run to a newspaper reporter creating a "he said...she said" thing and creating headlines like the one on this story! If Keiser felt the way she expressed herself in this story...why doesn't she say that during a public meeting where the Crosby and the Mayor are sitting right across from her and the public is there to hear it firsthand?


Mr. or Mrs. Moved here,you are not seeing the truth, only the lies and assumptions being put out by the administration. If the council was elected to save the fire dept. as you put it, that means the citizens want it to be saved since that is who they voted for. And the mayor is the one who told council not to put the first energy thing on a ballot until November.(I asked a council person about that, did you?) Are you so sure that $100,000 is going to each city & township or is it going to be split up among the ones that approve it? You should do YOUR homework before you spout off. And who knows why they did the interviews in private. Maybe to show that council can make decisions without the mayor telling them what they should do? That's the way the old council was. Doing whatever they were told,and adding stuff to the agenda at the last minute. Do you mean to tell me that in 2009 EVERY ordinance came out of committee? DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Kile and Crosby are bullies and should be exposed for what they are!

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This has the appearance of the whole school board fiasco again...people elected with one agenda and it ends up costing the taxpayers and there's a bunch of hassles and a blackeye on the community.

This council was elected to "save" the fire department and that's all they have been concerned about. Does the mayor and Crosby withhold info...probably and yes, that is petty.

But, as a council person I would do my homework and FIND the answers to QUESTIONS...questions they are not asking. There's more resources to find the answers to questions other than the mayor or safety-service director.

This council...or a majority of them... are meeting out of the public's eye to scheme up their agenda. Proof of that is the ordinance to do away with the PERS payment. Should that be done away with? In this day and age, maybe, but the decision to place that on the agenda was done over the phone or email or at one of the council member's home and not in a public meeting!

Go back to when they appointed Brooks....they did not conduct the interview in the public's eye...why? What did they have to hide? They had an opportunity to appoint a person with fresh ideas and no agenda or ties to "the good ol' boy network," but they chose to bring in a person who made a living off the taxpayers. Again, it appears this council met somewhere prior to that meeting and had a predetermined plan on who they were going to appoint to Bill Ruffing's seat.

Council had the opportunity to get $100,000 from FirstEnergy to place an electric aggregation option on the ballot. All they had to do was say yes and the taxpayers would then make the decision and the city would have $100,000 in its coffers. While ALL of the area townships put the measure on the ballot - again, a no-brainer considering the voters make the decision and not just a couple of elected people - our city turned down money and an opportunity to let the voters decide and possibly save on their electric bills.

ALL of this would have been taken care of a few years back when Bellevue had the opportunity to vote to go to home rule or a charter form of government. Then, a professionally trained city manager could have been hired with no bias or hidden agenda, rather than a mayor and his hired safety-service director running the city. A professionally trained and educated city finance director could have been hired. It would have allowed for the hiring of the most qualified fire and police chief rather than having to promote from within. And, there would be enough checks and balances you wouldn't have this petty bickering that gives the community a blackeye - which is not good when you're trying to lure industry and jobs to the area.


It's a shame that bullies are running this town right into the ground.

6079 Smith W

With their degree of antics, perhaps they could sell tickets to a food fight and help garner some much needed municipal revenue.

Woody Hayes

Sorry thing about this, is by the time you start proceedings to run Kile out of office, his term will be up. Lets hope that when the next elections come up that Bellevue citizens elect someone with Bellevue as a whole in mind and not some "Bellevue name, Bellevue money or a Bellevue oldie but goody" as mayor. As for Crosby, he has no credentials to be a safety service director, just a Bellevue name. I hope council starts IMMEDIATELY to get rid of him.


bellevue schools -closed monday!


this is nobody's business. typical small town rag


Is this really news, or just a bunch of free advertisement for Strayer Real Estate?


Okay, this is not news. It's been on the market for MONTHS!!! Slow news day?

6079 Smith W

Based on my recent experience with selling a house, here's some advice:

Regardless of what the news media says about the rousing comeback in housing prices, housing remains a commodity and as such, the lowest price wins.

1. If after a couple weeks one is not getting any showings or a few showings but no offers - lower the price.

2. Set a bottom dollar figure that one is willing to accept. If one is getting little to no activity, gradually keep lowering the price in $10-$20K increments on a bi-weekly basis until one reaches that number.

3. De-clutter. Remove as many personal items from the house as possible. Obtain a storage rental unit to store the excess items. Make the house look as spacious as possible.

4. Get the word ‘home’ out of one’s vocabulary. It’s a ‘house,’ its no longer one’s ‘home’ – one has moved on!

5. Entertain every offer with a counteroffer. Is the house for sale or not? Don’t get one’s nose out of joint if someone low-balls ya. Remember what Vito Corleone said: “It ain’t personal, it’s business.’

socialist butterfly

They are laughing at Jason Singer's blog!

hancrack me up

I'm still trying to find out what happened at Big O's early Sunday morning where there were about 15 cop cars there.


Now WHAT would the SR do without police scanners? I guess things on the state and national level are not important enough. So now the SR is beginning to morph into ambulance chasers.


Why is this news?

Isn't that what the cops are paid to do?


A daily occurance in good ol sandumpy!!!!


If assaults were breaking news, wouldn't there be a bulletin every day? This is a daily occurance unfortunately. Imagine the h3ll this puts our local law enforcement and EMS through.


LOL hmm I wonder what this was over??? don't forget to mention the dude puking all over the back seat of the police car then him laying on the ground tweeking out hahahaaaa brothers must have had some bad rock

Desert Eagle

Agreed outsider
That is a poor excuse for a golf course anyways.


Someone explain the opening of Mill Creek Golf Course. This facility does not pay for itself. If I had my choice I'd rather have another couple cops on duty than a cow pasture putt putt. We need to make tough decisions. This is an easy one.


what test ?

Chung Low

@ Perkins 2 Funny LOL!!




Where do Rt. 4 and Rt. 60 intersect??? Anyone know??


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OK YOU DONT REALLY NEED TO BE SMART FOR THIS ONE!!! last i knew the west of us ment towards toledo!!! not east towards lorain and cuyahoga!!!!!!


Maybe they can discuss how to plow the streets AND shovel THEIR sidewalks!


Are they going to do it in the public meeting, or go behind closed doors like they did with the layoffs?


Hey going to the meeting tonight check out this web site if you want to be informed.


Thanks Wake Up for this link