Recommitting to FIT Challenge

Kristin Gleis
Mar 23, 2010

I have to be honest when I tell you all that I have not lost any weight this month.

March has been a very stressful month for me. The kids were sick often; my mom became ill; work is hectic, and on and on. This is life and things happen. I am happy to say I have not gained any weight, though. Hip hip hooray for me.

On March 30, I recommitted myself to this challenge. I recommitted myself to writing in my journal faithfully; to exercising at least four days a week; and to continue nourishing my body for hunger and not feeding myself out of boredom or emotion.

I hung a pair of jeans on my kitchen wall. I am going to be able to wear these jeans by the end of May.

I have started setting small goals for myself instead of big goals, I figure all the small goals will add up to the big goal in the end.

We all have to crawl before we can walk. I'm relearning to crawl. If anyone has suggestions on how to help manage my time between the kids, work and the gym, please let me know. I'm in need of suggestions.



March is over, and you know what that means, time to get serious in the month of April, get WORKING out. Now that the weather is getting better, you can take the kids to the park, or go on short shorts with them........If I can help with them, let me know:)


March is over, and you know what that means, time to get serious in the month of April, get WORKING out. Now that the weather is getting better, you can take the kids to the park, or go on short walks with them........If I can help with them, let me know:)

first post had an error in it...sorry

edison fan

ANYTIME st fairy's is at the bottom is a good day in my book!


Disapointed; where is Margaretta's comments. We had a few outstanding wrestlers on our team. ???


Edison Fan - Don't ruin what your new coach is trying to build by showing your lack of class. The kids don't feel this way. They all have friends from each school. Parents need to drop the attitude.


What happened Stmary cant you recruit anymore?


Don't let one person represent all from Edison. Congrats to all on a great weekend. Congrats to the Chargers for wrestling great against the level of competition.

And Congratulations to Oak Harbor...You took everything that was thrown at you.

Good luck to all on 2/14/09 should be a great weekend for all wrestling fans. You should be a gracious winner and not show a lack of class. Classy winners shake hands and be sportsman. So don't throw crap out there.


st fairy always did that? i think not!


classy and fairys dont go toghter. 'I'm enjoying the moment and im sure others agree!


Great job to all the schools and their wrestlers - they all worked hard and did a good job. Wrestling is one of the hardest and toughest sport to do.
(Great job all area wrestlers)


apparently without coach roth "st fairys" will not see a state championship for a long time.. or at least until hemistra is done coaching there...


To those Edison fan's enjoying the moment by making snide remarks about St. Mary's just wait a few weeks when your 112, 119, 125, 130, 135 ,171 & 189 have to go up against Monroeville's Johnson, Stieber, Stieber, Tessari, Clark, Phillips and Wilkens. Here's where we will separate the boys from the men. Will your boys all be there or will you have a few forfeits? We shall see!


I hate to slap some reality to some of you people but just a few years ago smcc was untouchable when it comes to wrestling, if they can keep there school open they will soon be at the top again, im a pirates and im giving them credit soo you know what that means.

Edison has something really good going on with hermes and the kids really putting it together in just a year, this is something for edison to take a hold of keep good, dont ruin it like u did alot of other stuff.

Perkins looks like a middle of the road team, i dont think so i see them 2nd-4th at the tourney.

Good job and good luck to everyone else this season.


by the way there are more opfers and dyes left at smcc, and thats just 2 families of wrestlers that participated on the team.


I think the comments about SMCC stand on their own and show the jealousy and lack of intelligence of others. But, what can you expect from someone who comes from a place where they hold a Melon Festival?


go bluestreaks


blue streaks? they still play sports?


I think its funny how the Register dosen't even try to get times or finishes correct. I don't believe they proof read these swimming stories or they would catch these mistakes. Well, maybe not! i don't think the sports editor is very smart. Now it this were a wrestling match, you bet it would be accurate because the sports editor, Dan Gilles is a wrestling fan and its his sports page. What a looser!


That's funny because I noticed the same thing. Everytime they run a story on swimming, its wrong. And the mistakes are obvious. Nice job to Michael G!


Those Gallagher kids sure can swim. And WHAT is wrong with the Sandusky Register that they can't proof read a swimming story. Hello, its not rocket science! Of course, the sports editor in no rocket scientist either.


Fantastic job SMCC kids! We are very proud of you.


You water heads need to quit yo complaining. If yo want yo story wrote good, be a wrestler. That Mike Gallagher can break some records, I think!

shs swim fan

How can we be sure Mike is breaking those records. it looks like he didn't even swim the 50 and he still broke the record. I'm confused. The story was poorly written and it looks like it wasn't proof read. What a shame. The Register really needs a NEW sports editor.


Pretty soon, the Register's sports page is going to look like the Journal's, all pro sports, wrestling and merely a passing mention of swimming, if that. its a sad day indeed. but SMCC won...YIPPEE!

Winston Smith

How about taking a long hard look at the closing or reducing some of the hundreds of military bases the U.S. has scattered across the globe?

Is there still a desperate need for U.S. military personnel in Europe, S. Korea and the like?

Regarding Afghanistan, unlike that Great Satan Bush, I guess that if the U.S. is killing innocents along with the bad guys for the ‘right reasons’ and with ‘good intentions,’ that it’s more-than-likely easier for the collectivists to rationalize.

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My thoughts

Good to see the young Pirates--Dees, Turner and Bermudez--in the scorebook.


Mike broke the 50 free record when he swam the lead off in the 200 free relay. The register is correct!!!


If they did get it right, who would know. They have gotten so much wrong this year its pathetic. Why not simply state he broke the record leading off? Anyhow, my comment was not an attack on Mike G. but on the terrible job the Register does in covering swimming. You really need to let your defense down and get a clue! THE REGISTER IS NEVER CORRECT AND NEITHER ARE YOU!!!


I'm with the last poster. There is no way you can read that article and get that he set the record leading off the 200 free relay. The register was flat out wrong. It said "Gallagher’s winning time of 22.42 in the 50 freestyle..." Its just another example of the local paper not caring about swimming enough to get it right. The poster who said the Register is correct needs to have his head examined. Register equals wrong!


Settle down--The SR correctly reported that individual school records were broken and they listed the times. I get the feeling that people do not believe the records were broken. The general public have no clue what a "lead off" time is. For those who swim, I am sure that they figured it out very easily (I hope). The paper is writing to the general public. On another note... for those who criticize the paper--take a look at your own posts--they are full of errors.