"My goal is to lose more than 100 pounds - maybe I will even have abs within the next year or so." with VIDEO

Ken Gipe
Mar 23, 2010

Dec. 19 - Received a phone call from reporter Brandi Barhite that I had been selected for FIT Challenge. I am very excited, to say the least, for this opportunity to not only lose weight, but to build a new lifestyle that will enable me to resume activities long abandoned, and to meet new challenges in my professional and personal life. My family has been very supportive and they are also looking forward to helping me with this challenge! My goal is to lose more than 100 pounds - maybe I will even have abs within the next year or so.

Dec. 22 - Met with Brandi for an interview and some "before" pictures.

Dec. 26 - Met with my trainer, Trevor Tieche of Bodi N Balance, and discussed diet regimen, how the regimen will work, some basics of exercise and how we will move forward. Trevor also took a number of body measurements to use as a gauge of my progress over the next year. I was weighed and had measurements taken of my neck, waist, hips, thighs, biceps and my calves. My body fat percentage and Body Mass Index were also calculated. The diet makes complete sense, but I am a very picky eater and have some difficulty with some of the foods in the diet. I will discuss these with Trevor and hopefully we can come up with some acceptable alternatives. It will be a huge change to go from eating large meals once or twice a day to eating six small meals a day. I have always used an excessive amount of salt and consumed four to six regular and/or diet sodas a day, usually Pepsi and Coke. I begin Jan. 2

Dec. 29 to Dec. 31- Did 25 minutes of cardio each day just to begin getting used to exercising again. I tried a couple of the foods associated with the working out and they were better than I had anticipated. Having to eat in the morning is causing an adjustment to my morning routine and will take a little more planning and time than I usually allow. Have made some gradual cutbacks in the amount of pop and snacks I have been consuming and trying to drink water - yech. I am going to have to try some ways to get a little taste into it without using sugar. I am going to try to get some Propel or Gatorade mixes to use in the water. I am going to try to use a higher water to mix ratio than recommended. I don't want to defeat the purpose of not drinking pop and other sugar-based beverages. I purchased a heart rate monitor on eBay to help monitor my training and calorie expenditures.

Jan. 1- New Years Day. Slept in. Movie with friends. We saw Will Smith in "Seven Pounds" and it was excellent. He is not the Fresh Prince anymore. Great acting job, but the story ended up being a little depressing. Popcorn tasted even better than usual, probably because I won't be having much more smothered in butter and salt.

Jan. 6- First real workout with Trevor today. We did a lower body workout after some cardio. Each exercise was followed by some boxing, jabs, hooks uppercuts and finished off with some core exercises. The most difficult were the hamstring stretching and some of the core exercises. After we get going a little more, I will be doing core exercises every day, at home on non-workout days and at the gym on workout days. Diet is going pretty well - almost feels as though I am eating too much because I am eating so often. Legs feel pretty good right now at 11.30 p.m., but will see how they are in the morning. I have some tightness in my upper back - probably from the boxing.

Jan. 7 - Another workout with Trevor. Today, we worked the chest and arms - this was more difficult for me than yesterday. I needed some assistance to complete the second set of some of the exercises. The anaerobic work between sets was on a step box each time a different move going either from side to side or up and back on the box - these will be much more enjoyable as I become accustomed to them - I spent more time concentrating on what I was trying to do. Today's core exercise really hurt me as far as not being able to complete them successfully. We did a series of timed and counted crunches at the end that were impossible for me to complete. I have always felt that my abs were the weakest part of my body and hope that they will eventually be part of a strong core. Diet-wise, I am holding my own but it is a little boring. I now have the assistance of a diet counselor, Lisa Smith, who has volunteered to help with the diet portion of the program. She sells USANA products, which I have used in the past. I am using its protein shakes and nutrition bars already as a part of my diet. The nutrition plan will focus on a low- glycemic diet, which helps to maintain you sugar/insulin level and eliminate the highs and lows associated with sugar/artificial sweetener products. As I said before, the dietary changes are going to be the most difficult for me. With my sleep apnea/narcolepsy, I have used pop and potato chips as a supplement to my medication to help keep me awake while driving. I am very thick through the throat and neck area, which has a definite effect on my sleep apnea so hopefully as I lose weight and the excess fat leaves my neck area my apnea will improve/go away and my sleep quality will improve!

Jan. 8, 9 - No organized exercise, but did stick to the diet program strictly. Weighed in on the Wii Fit and it says I have lost 11 pounds. I need to compare it to the doctor's scale to make sure I am using consistent numbers/equipment. Woke up on Friday with a return of a serious infection I had in October on the left side of my face - same infection and general location. Went to the doctor and his scale said I had lost almost 15 pounds since I was there at the end of December. Came home and weighed on the Wii scale and it agreed with the doctor's office - yeah. Got sent home from work because my face is red and swollen and they thought I would scare the customers. The whole left side of my face, from my nose to my ear and from my left eye to my chin is swollen and very red.

Jan. 10 - Had another fun workout with Trevor before work on Saturday morning. We concentrated on shoulders and upper back and did agility drills between sets. These were the hardest things - aerobically - I have done since we began. We also used a 10-pound medicine ball as a part of the agilities. The core exercises were not too bad, except for the last one which required me to work the obliques. My right side was not to bad, but the left side had my brain thinking I was moving, but my body was not responding -- frustrating for someone who feels they are relatively coordinated. Most of worktime was spent shoveling snow from the entrances and cleaning off the cars. We only had one customer and I sold them a used truck. Perfect day - great workout and sold a car and got to come home early. Still have a swollen face, but it is some better - antibiotics are beginning to take hold. Got my heart rate monitor, but we are having some problems getting it to register correctly - e-mailed the manufacturer tonight and am waiting for a reply.

Jan. 11 - Sunday morning was spent shoveling snow around the neighborhood and finishing taking the holiday decorations to the storage barn; went to the movies and did eat a couple handfuls of popcorn. I did eat dinner out with my wife and went off the program, but could not finish what I ordered - that never happens. Back to the grind tomorrow.



I don't know what you are talking about with Matt "not testifying" but I will tell you this. I'll bet there has never, ever been a case in Ohio or anywhere for that matter where a newspaper editor was subpoened to testify at a trial. And this CRAP isn't even a REAL trial. It reminds me of a grade school fight of "she said this and she said that".


What do you mean, you dont know what were talking about....do you EVER read the SR??? All Matt does is sit and criticize those who do testify then brags about getting a subpoena, but then wusses out when it comes his time. He got subpoened because he is a liar and they want to attact Nuesse's credibility like she is trying to attack everyone elses. Maybe before you write things you should do a little research. Matt had a chance to back up his mouth and whimped out plaine and simple....


I didn't see anything in the SR that Matt isn't testifying but if he isn't, so what? I have never heard of a newspaper editor being subpoened in a trial, either. Makes no sense. You also say Nuesee is attacking everyone's credibility. How? She didn't get on the stand and talk about the character of these idiots like they have attacked her. Maybe before you write things you should do a little research yourself......


Sorry I thought maybe the person who wrote that knows when I said Nuesse was attacking everyone's credibility, you would know I mean the Nuesse "Legal Team", maybe next time I wont use such big words since you obviously have no clue how to comprehend what you read. WHo cares if you have never heard of a newspaper editor testifying, what does that mean?? He was subpoened by both the City and Nuesse...oops I mean Nuesse's Lawyer, almost forgot I was writing to someone who needs everything explained to them. Ill say this again, Westerhold is being called to testify because he lied and secretly taped conversations between Nuesse and people she called when she thought she was being "railroaded". What a joke!


Everything I've read about the case points to the fact that a lot of city residents think the woman was railroaded. The city doesn't have too many supporters. The citizens don't appear to have much respect at all for the local government and that could be a problem in the long run.


Citizen here...I do not support Nuesse. Everything you've read, you say? Well, that's the problem. The SR prints only half truths. You don't get the whole story here. You just get the side of the story that makes the city look bad. Just for your infomation...I totally support our leaders and I am just a plain 'ol ordinary citizen of Sandusky.


Well, just for your information I too am just a plain 'ol ordinary citizen and I totally do NOT support our leaders!


Well, perhaps you should apply. I am SURE you could do a MUCH beter job. Why is it that everyone has something to say about the job that ANYONE does? Seems strange to me when people do that when they don't have a CLUE. How could they when they have never done the job themselves? I have never seen so many know it alls in all of my life as there are in this town.


....I don't think it's so much any one particular individual commenting, does so because they think they could do a better job, or would even want to. You will always have Public Opinion and very well should, especially when it's rather apparant how the Taxpayers' monies is being mis-used.