"Sundays are my hardest days."

Ken Gipe
Mar 23, 2010

Jan. 19: Back to the grind today. Did well on the diet with shakes, bar, fruit and balanced dinner. Four swim meets this week so it will be tough to get the workouts in, but we are scheduled for Wednesday and Friday night. I am starting to feel some difference in the fit of my work clothes and hope to soon go down another notch on the belt. Several people at church noticed that I had lost. That was a good feeling.

Jan. 20: - Good Day today with the eating - never really felt hungry - busy all day so that helped.

Jan. 21: Eating was tough today because work was very busy - lots of time on the phone and following up with past customers. Workout was good tonight, although Trevor and I both agree that we need to try to get more of them in early in the morning. Right now with his schedule and my meet schedule it is hard. I have increased repetitions and weight on most exercises with increased reps on all of the core work. It has been hard, but an enjoyable hard. As I have said before, I thoroughly enjoy the workouts with the eating continuing to be the hard part.

Jan. 22: Eating was better today because I did a better job of planning ahead on what and when I was eating and drinking. It is still hard for me to drink plain water, but it is becoming more tolerable, especially if it is cold and I drink it quickly. I have also found that it takes less to fill me up than it used to.

Jan. 23 - Friday eating was tough because I didn't plan as well and work was very busy. I don't know if it was the workout or the fact that I didn't eat often enough, but I was so tired that when I got home I ate a couple of oranges. They were easy to fix, and I fell asleep in my chair. It was a very exciting evening for my wife.

Jan. 24: Saturday we had our annual kick-off for work. Everyone from all the dealerships gathers for a sort of "state of the union" message from our owner, presentation of awards and cash to the sales winners for the year - not me - and a variety of contests with cash prizes. A very nice spread of food and drink is provided, and we have a putting contest, corn hole tournaments (got second) guess how much cash is in the fishbowl. I was "very good" and only had a couple of Diet Cokes and one chicken wing. We were there about three hours and had a great time - don't know too many other businesses that would do something like that on a Saturday morning! Got to the gym that afternoon and went on the bike for 30 minutes and had a good sweat. We went to the movies that night and I was able to stay away from the popcorn. I did break down and have a couple of pieces of pizza - it was good.

Jan. 25: Sundays seem to be my toughest days so far. We went to church and I was very hungry. When we got home I had a piece of peanut butter toast and an orange. Later in the day, we went to Sandusky to do some shopping and then we went to Panera and I had chicken noodle soup and half of a roast beef sandwich and took a bagel home to eat later. Too many carbs today, but I am still eating less than I have in years. Gained that belt notch today and am close to 25 pounds lost and I know I have lost more inches. Will be anxious to measure and weigh in the end of this week to see the total progress for the month. I am sort of hoping to break the 300 pound barrier very soon! I will keep you posted.



Hi Matt, just wanted to remind you that I strongly dislike you.




He definitely is in dire need of a new beautician. His haircut is terrible. Now that a blogger mentioned it, his eyes do indeed resemble a person who likes to drink. He is NOT very attractive, that's for sure!


Why is it that Westerhold and the handful of Nuesse supporters stoop so low as to make fun of someones looks? I don't get it. I have never heard of anything so childish in my life. I don't think Mr. Baxter is bad looking at all....jealous? NO...I am not Baxter...BEFORE you go there. That's old too. Everytime someone has an opinion other than Nuesse supporters, it just has to be a police officer, family member, spouse and so on. Definitely not true.


I must admit, at least Matt Westerhold ADMITS his biased against the SPD. It was certainly very clear. I do appreciate his honesty and truth in printing his position instead of everyone speculating. On the bad side, I was relying on Westerhold to report the hearings in an objective manner. He is entitled to his opinions just like I am. But, in order for me to determine my propensity of the truth, I must be given fair and objective reporting. I can see Jason Singler is reporting this, but there will always be a suspicion of ambiguity because of Westerhold's position with the paper. Kevin Baxter has ALWAYS been honorable and truthful with me. He has proven to me to be the best prosecutor for Erie County. I always expected him to move up in politics. He has aged well compared to many others. Kevin has managed to remain in shape and stay fit. Not very many can attest to that. I do respect Kevin Baxter's testimony and hold it with cogent efficacy.


Baxter has much larger problems coming up to deal than his appearance! Things are catching up on him, finally.


Kevin Baxter needs to get off the juice, and stop dying his hair. He looks terrible!


I agree Keven Baxter, has been truthful and his testimony suggests that the significance of his differences with Nuesse were professional and exaggerated by the City to justify firing her. She was well within the scope of her authority to withdraw from the drug task force as all but the Sherrif's office had done before her arrival. It was not wrong to do a warrant sweep in Sandusky, just because the Sherrif and prosecutor's office thought the offenses weren't important enough to enforce the law.


One of the commenters on here made the remark that perjury is a criminal offense. No, it isn't. Not in Erie County, anyway. I know an attorney that flat-out lied under oath in an Affadavit that was filed with a Summary Judgement, documented proof was then filed PROVING he lied----and the Erie County Common Pleas Court ignored it. I know another attorney from the same firm that lied about EVERYTHING in the Summary Judgment and once again documented PROOF was shown that it was all lies----and once again the Court totally IGNORED it. They not only lied to protect their thief client from criminal acts they lied to protect criminal acts by their own law firm. So if LAWYERS can perjure themselves with the full approval of Kevin Baxter and the Judges (two anyway) then the same should be held with everybody. (FOLLOW THE PRECEDENT)


What a sick display of inept reporting. awfulllllllll! I think I will start getting the Bellevue Gazett.


They are all pathetic, collectivist government thugs, intent on stealing our property and violating our natural rights, under the color of law.
The scum of humanity. Shame, shame, shame.


Westerhold should name his collum "between the cheeks" says this observer.


80 % of the crap on these blogs was written by Westerhold or someone from the Register, 10% by Nuesse or her comrads and the other 10% by the morons who believe all this crap


Time to make a new article. Lets talk about how thick the GOB are with the SPD. All police are GOB. FTP!!! The SR will expose them


Me thinks the same.


Im telling you "between the cheeks"



if you love kevin, truly, love him, i think you should call him. i don't think he reads these blogs. i really think if you are going to get into a relationship you should find out about his past ones. he is a very complex man and possibly has a God complex...


Maybe you'd like a former resident's view? I lived in Sandusky for a short time - unfortunately got hit by one of your area layoffs all too quickly. In the time I lived in your city, I found it to be inhospitable and quite self-loathing. I thought it would be enjoyable to live in a city by the bay, but - and this is even discounting my layoff - my experience there was anything but. It seems that you people dislike your own city, and frankly, all of the saber-rattling from this newspaper doesn't enhance the view. And all of that dislike is palpable to those who take up residence there. I felt it all too keenly, and now that I've moved on, frankly, I'm relieved. Sorry if this offends anyone, but life there was disconcerting.


Clark back at helm of Sandusky NAACP:

Did we notice that this article run yesterday didn't leave an option to write anything? Another one of the RAGISTER'S ploys to control. I say everyone cut and paste this on all the blogs and we can comment on it from each blog. Let's see if they will disable all the blogs. Why bother to write the article on the blogs when you disable the comment section. If you are going to pitch MATT you have to be willing to catch!!!

Forward Looking

Where did the Ice Arena go? That is a good question and I am sure CRG has overlooked that issue. The arena moved out of the project because CRG said it blocked too many views of the waterfront. The developer realized that it did make the site really dense and took it out of the project. Now, there are 2 ways of looking at this.
1. The positive side: The developer showed once again that he is willing to work to make the project successful and something everyone will want.
2. The negative side: THis I would call the CRG side of things. The project is no longer $160 million, why? Well, see the positive side explanation. You can't have your cake and eat it too. CRG says that views are being blocked, so something has to give. It happened to be the Arena.

I think the arena is key to the whole downtown revitalization. Soccer year round and also an ice arena for hockey and skating.

Never will you be able to make everyone happy. So the commission has to make the majority happy and that is by doing what they voted for last year to do...MOVE FORWARD WITH THE MARINA DISTRICT PROJECT. The commissioners need to see this through for Sandusky's and the area's future.


People don't "dislike" their own city without a REASON. And there's plenty of good reasons in this city so sorry to burst your bubble.


Fired police detective James "Al" Jenkins is scheduled to testify Tuesday. Kevin Baxter does not believe that Jenkin firing will hurt the case against John R. Riems and Judge Tygh Tone will decide whether the confession is admissible. Baxter said " Tone will be fair". That will be a first for that court house.


Isn't it about time for you to stir up another article?? Sure you can make up some more fantasies about Kimmie, or lies about public figures........

Maybe you should wait until after you testify in the Nuesse hearing. Then you can rip yourself a new one. Man wouldn't want to be you when the cross exam comes. Make sure you stick to your story that you weren't at Kimmie's when she was confrencing with the commissioners. Wait a minute, oh that's right, Kimmie went around telling everyone that you were there. Make believe? Just ask those at SPD when she said it, they might be able to give you a date for reference. Oh forgot, I believe your response to Julie Farrar was, "NO I WAS NOT"!!

If you do a good enough job, maybe Bailey will represent you in the slander law suit, that could be just around the corner.


show us more of your stupidity with another half truth article.

Bye Bye Register you are history!!!!!!!


Since the commissioners have a deaf ear at there own meetings, I suggest we call them. Here is a list with phone numbers and addresses!!

Craig H. Stahl, President

419.626.8631 (Office) * 419.625.7780 (Home) * 107 Lurie Lane

Craig Stahl was born and raised in Sandusky. He graduated from Sandusky High School in 1974 and received his Bachelor's Degree from Hillsdale College, located in Hillsdale, Michigan, in 1978.

After graduation from Hillsdale, he returned home, and in 1979, co-founded Lake Shore Graphic Industries on Hancock Street. Craig currently serves as President of his family-owned corporation.

Craig and his wife, Susan, live in Sandusky with their son, Matthew, who attends Sandusky Central Catholic Schools.

Brett L. Fuqua, Sr., Vice President

419.627.8776 (Home) * 2125 Remington Avenue

Brett was born and raised in Sandusky and is a 1984 graduate of Sandusky High School. He holds an Associates Degree in Legal Assisting from the University of Toledo and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science from
Central State University.

Brett is an Education Training Coordinator for Ford and the UAW Local 913. He and his wife, Mary, reside in Sandusky with their two sons, Brett, Jr. and Brock

Pervis D. Brown, Jr.

419.625.8136 (Home) * 1910 Fourth Street

Pervis is a lifelong resident of the Sandusky area and is a graduate of Perkins High School. He served as a Sergeant in the United States Air Force, majored in Business Management at the BGSU Firelands Campus, and has 35 years of management experience and an extensive record of public service.

Pervis and his wife, Sandra L., are the parents of two sons and one daughter, and own and manage rental properties.

Liaison to: Downtown Design Review Board, Finance Committee - Alternate, Fair Housing Board, Housing Board of Appeals

Julie A. Farrar

419.626.5743 (Home) * 426 Dewey Street

Julie is a native Sanduskian and SHS graduate. She initially became involved with city government in 2000 when she was appointed as a member, and subsequently the Chairperson, of the Sandusky Recreation Board.

From 2004 - 2007, Julie served on the Sandusky Board of Education. She holds a Certification from North Central Technical College in Activity Therapy and is employed by the Ohio Veteran's Home as an Activity Therapist.

Julie is married and has two children.

Daniel J. Kaman

419.626.1525 (Home) * 5323 McCartney Road

Dan was born and raised in Sandusky. He and his wife, Michelle, are the parents of a son, Dan, and a daughter, Kayle. Together they own and operate Golly-G Drive-In.

David Waddington

419.626.8681 (Home) * 1446 McKinley St.

David is a lifelong resident of Sandusky and a Sandusky High School graduate. He is employed by the Sandusky City Schools and holds a State of Ohio Stationary Steam Engineers License. Dave is a former national and world record holder in powerlifting.

David lives on Mckinley Street in Sandusky with his wife, Ann, and one son, Tyler

Robert R. Warner

419.503.1265 (Cell) * 419.627.1595 (Home) * 1011 Third Street

Bob Warner is a 1973 graduate of Margaretta High School. After graduation, Bob enlisted in the U.S. Army and served three years; he was honorably discharged in 1976.

Bob is a longtime member of Painters Local 788 and has had training in labor law, organizing, elections of officers, and contract negotiations & enforcement. He has been the Local's Business Agent since January, 2000.

Bob resides in Sandusky with his wife, Sami. "


Mr. Fuqua does not work at Ford. He sells used cars in Vermilion.


I wonder if the SR and westerhold would like me to place his home # and address in the blogs. next thing you know he will be complaining that people are harassing his b!tch a$$


These commissioners are supposed to be servants of us taxpayers. We have every right to know their addresses and telephone numbers. They work for us! We're their bosses! Matt Westerhold is not being paid by the taxpayers.


Baxter said Tone will be fair? Oh come on already Baxter, your lap dogs don't know the meaning of the word.