"Sundays are my hardest days."

Ken Gipe
Mar 23, 2010

Jan. 19: Back to the grind today. Did well on the diet with shakes, bar, fruit and balanced dinner. Four swim meets this week so it will be tough to get the workouts in, but we are scheduled for Wednesday and Friday night. I am starting to feel some difference in the fit of my work clothes and hope to soon go down another notch on the belt. Several people at church noticed that I had lost. That was a good feeling.

Jan. 20: - Good Day today with the eating - never really felt hungry - busy all day so that helped.

Jan. 21: Eating was tough today because work was very busy - lots of time on the phone and following up with past customers. Workout was good tonight, although Trevor and I both agree that we need to try to get more of them in early in the morning. Right now with his schedule and my meet schedule it is hard. I have increased repetitions and weight on most exercises with increased reps on all of the core work. It has been hard, but an enjoyable hard. As I have said before, I thoroughly enjoy the workouts with the eating continuing to be the hard part.

Jan. 22: Eating was better today because I did a better job of planning ahead on what and when I was eating and drinking. It is still hard for me to drink plain water, but it is becoming more tolerable, especially if it is cold and I drink it quickly. I have also found that it takes less to fill me up than it used to.

Jan. 23 - Friday eating was tough because I didn't plan as well and work was very busy. I don't know if it was the workout or the fact that I didn't eat often enough, but I was so tired that when I got home I ate a couple of oranges. They were easy to fix, and I fell asleep in my chair. It was a very exciting evening for my wife.

Jan. 24: Saturday we had our annual kick-off for work. Everyone from all the dealerships gathers for a sort of "state of the union" message from our owner, presentation of awards and cash to the sales winners for the year - not me - and a variety of contests with cash prizes. A very nice spread of food and drink is provided, and we have a putting contest, corn hole tournaments (got second) guess how much cash is in the fishbowl. I was "very good" and only had a couple of Diet Cokes and one chicken wing. We were there about three hours and had a great time - don't know too many other businesses that would do something like that on a Saturday morning! Got to the gym that afternoon and went on the bike for 30 minutes and had a good sweat. We went to the movies that night and I was able to stay away from the popcorn. I did break down and have a couple of pieces of pizza - it was good.

Jan. 25: Sundays seem to be my toughest days so far. We went to church and I was very hungry. When we got home I had a piece of peanut butter toast and an orange. Later in the day, we went to Sandusky to do some shopping and then we went to Panera and I had chicken noodle soup and half of a roast beef sandwich and took a bagel home to eat later. Too many carbs today, but I am still eating less than I have in years. Gained that belt notch today and am close to 25 pounds lost and I know I have lost more inches. Will be anxious to measure and weigh in the end of this week to see the total progress for the month. I am sort of hoping to break the 300 pound barrier very soon! I will keep you posted.



Apparently, from you comments, you are a member of the SPD. I think you are missing something. Like, you are a civil servant. You are held to a higher standard. I have followed this story for quite a while and I do not think Westerhold actions are out of jealousy or a crave for attention, I do think he is providing exactly what a responsible journalist would, to the community. I salute him, for his efforts and publicity to this situation. Further, your comments reflect those of a person who is stressed and under pressure. I think that same attitude will be present when you are dealing with the citizens of this community who pay your salary. I suggest you seek counseling to overcome the fear, anger and hostility that your comments reveal. Are you the type of individual who will take this out on the first defenseless drunk you run across. Or, will you lead him to assistance. He like you, may need some help. Think about it.


Westerhold, you are so totally enamored of Kim Nuesse that you make a fool of yourself over her.


To 12/10/08 @ 11:36Pm blog, HI MATT!


I am the one who wrote the original "Mindless Drones" and yes I am a member of the SPD. Your response proves my point. First off, I agree with "Erieman" I believe this was Matt responding, and as usual you are so far off on what you write, it's pathetic. I have absolutely no stress and no where in my post, do I portray that image. So maybe take a reading class or something. Anyone who actually has followed this story knows that this IS personal between you (Matt) and us (SPD). There are SO many other people involved in this Nuesse thing, yet you (Matt) seem to 95% of the time be focusing on the police department. Why? Because you know that you are going to provoke alot of repsonses, thus the need for attention. The things you(Matt) write in your "Columns" half the time are not true or accurate. You got your little feelings hurt, because Phil was patrolling downtown and then feel that he would feel the need to watch you, of all people??? Your posts rarely have anything to do with Nuesse at all anymore, just constant bashing of the PD. Answer me this, WHAT does this mean, "Are you the type of individual who will take this out on the first defenseless drunk you run across. Or, will you lead him to assistance"??? Lead him to assistance??? What are you talking about???? "Lead him to assistance"??? Also, a "defensless drunk", what is going to happen when a friend or relative of yours is injured by one of these "defenseless drunks" when they decide to drive??? As for brining up the citizens of the city who pay my salary, I do respect them and the good ones respect us as well. As you can see by the countless blogs on here that feel that you have gone too far with your(Matt) comments about the Police Department, I am assuming they respect us too....nice try though.


I am glad that you confirmed that you are in fact on the SPD. I also find it odd that a SPD employee has no stress. Sorry, but I need to also confirm that (Matt) as you say, did not write that. You must have this idea, that he is the only one who can see you as you really are. Sorry, there are many more, of which I am just one. Plus, I love the way you twist what I say. Please, if you see someone DUI, arrest them. I just ask that you do not taser or abuse them. If you want to test my theory of how much support the SPD has from the Sandusky Citizens, ask for a tax levy for better wages and equipment. I think that will show how much support you currently have. If Neusse returns that story may change. Here again, get this through your head, I am not Westerhold, just a seasoned observer. So apparently, Neusse has more support than just Westerhold. I look forward to Kevins appearance.

Sandusky Resident

I'm with Jason on this!


Hey Matt, read up on section 2917.11a2. It appears your noise and uttering are bothering people


Matt, what journalism school did you go to? None, I hope...
LOL- I keep getting these free papers on my porch, and letters begging me to renew my subscription...HA- maybe if you start REPORTING the news, instead of trying to be part of the news I might renew. Until then I keep blogging online for free for pure entertainment, certainly not the news.


You intellectuals from SPD are not helping your cause in attacking Westerhold on these blogs. I always thought the truth will eventually come out or set you free. He has already stated his agenda and it is clear he has an agenda against SPD. I can understand Matt going after one or two officers, but to group all SPD together on his "list" only shows he is incomplete or partial in his reporting. If that is the way he wants to be then ignore him. He is entitled to his opinion. The problem is he is taking full advantage of being a newsprint editor. Yes, I agree it can be infuriating to be constantly attacked literally as an entire group. But, many that read these blogs understand Westerhold is WRONG in delegating blame to all. 95% of you are good cops and try hard everyday to protect and serve. Nothing is going to change except making yourselves feel better by going after him on the blogs. And another thing, the statement of "then don't call" has to go. All that does is cause a "them against us" attitude between residents. I would hope you would be garnering their support, not making the chasm between you larger. I personally appreciate the job and work that you do. It is not easy keeping the peace and trying to be popular. LE cannot please everyone like a newspaper editor. It is your job to lock up the thugs and control deviance. In exchange you make the city safe and get slammed for doing it. It is still an honorable job with good days and bad. I personally like Phil and the command staff. The ones that needed to go have retired. It is your turn now. Never give up.


@ Taxpayer

I agree with your most of your blog, the only thing I have trouble with is when you say to ignore Westerhold and you are probably right. Has he ever written any untruths about any members of your faimly? Not only that but to do it over and over and over again? Well, he has done that to a person in my family for no reason whatsoever other than the fact that my family member had a different opinion than him. And let me tell you, it can surely INFURIATE a person! The things he says, the lies, the name calling, the slander, and so on. It is just not right. For him to be able to lie for the citizens of Sandusky to all see is beyond my imagination, not to mention what people blog in all of his stories when they know nothing of what they are talking about...ignoring is not always easy to do. It can be downright impossible. Besides that people think that most of these comments are from SPD..I tend to disagree..there are people of this city that just can not stand this Westerhold guy for all of the hatred he has caused.


(Matt) Hello Doc ??? the meds aren't working !!!! ugh!

Matt you little pizz ant , you sit on your cushion and peck away bashing the SPD.

As if the SPD is your only interest!! AND for a few schits n giggles you continue to bash THE SPD blog after blog!!

Find something more constructive to do ! I say hook Matt up to a lie detective machine in high voltage and let the dang thing go off everytime he lies ! Watch him zap!


westrhold u are a terd!


This isn't an actual story, that's why it's in the "Between The Lines" section which is an "in my opinion" segment. It looks like it was written while he was on lunch so he was not wasting work time on a personal vendetta. Maybe Matt should change his name to Tom Meyer or Carl Monday & become the SR "Eye Team".


Recently I was visiting an art museum and found many paintings, sculptures, and papier-mâché sculptures done by an artist known as “Matt”. I thought the artwork looked oddly like a bunch of a$$holes, so I asked the museum staff for help.

I spoke to owner of the place who informed me this was indeed the work of their premier artist. He continued on referencing the many accolades “Matt” and his artwork received. One painting won the National Homo Society award for most life-like male orifice, along with the Richard Simmons sphincter award. This is nothing new because Matt has been winning awards for years. Matt has also appeared on the Ellen, and Rosie Shows.

I began to think…..art like this reminds me of the $hitty storues my friend, Matt Westerhold wrights. Matt has recently been spotted in the gay porno “In the Seat”. Matt played the naked hot tub,sports wrighter. He also started in “Westerback Mountain”, a gay love story.

With my mind swirling with concern, I asked who this Matt was. Finally, all of my concern was proven true. Matt the gallery is the work of one Matt Westerhold.

I attempted to reach Matt for comment with negative results. I did speak to his publicist who advised “ I think the Matt the gallery collection speaks to Matt's true love of the male anus. I think he has a warm gentile touch”

I agree.


You guys are NOT going to win your cause in writing satire like EC is writing. Who cares what a persons sexual orientation is about? It is none of YOUR business just like it is no ones business how you conduct your sex lives and how many affairs you might have had. Who cares? All you are doing is making everyone support Westerhold in his quest to plow over SPD. Writing junk like EC writes is worse than anything Matt Westerhold has ever written. All you are doing is making Westerhold's opinions and cause stronger about the conduct of SPD and all the cronies. If I were working at SPD, I would TELL EC, "Hey, don't be on our side."


I think the story that this EC person wrote is no diffrent than the ones written here by westerhold. Lies, comedy, and rumors. How do you know EC works for SPD. Why do you support Westerholds cause to "plow over SPD".

I am no SPD officer, and I dont think anybody supports westerholds causes other than himself. I think you are westerhold, not some city taxpayer. You probaly live in a nice house in the middle of the country like westerhold, not the getto like I do.

Don't think I am telling the truth. Visit me so we can discus our thoughts. If you want my address ask me on the blogs.


You may as well give up on him, meaning EC. Apparently he has the same mental conditioning as those who are employed by the SPD and contribute comments on this article. While I do not believe that all SPD Officers are contaminated with the same attitude that is reflected by the Mindless Drone who actually confessed of being SPD employee,I do feel that the contamination has had effects on the whole Dept., which are going to take years to correct. Some ask, why do you support Westerhold. The answer is quite simple. Because we believe the SPD desperately needs an infusion of Respect,Honestly and Trustworthiness. All of which are currently lacking, not only with the SPD, but also with Kevin Baxter, The City Manager and the Murman report. The SPD started this situation by trying to undermine and get rid of their Commander, Ms Nuesse. In the end, I think they will wish they had never started this battle as I see it to be the unraveling of not only their Dept., but also the office of the City Manager who played into their hands. I too support the video taping of LE as well as taping any conversations one may have with them. I am not sure which is the scariest, SPD or Kevin Baxter. The world was not meant to be this way.


Support Westerhold, Support Thugs, Support the Devil fools!


AMEN to that!



That's all you had to do was mention that Nuesse name...it explains your idiotic comment. Nuesse, Nuesse, Nuesse. It sickens me to see all of the hatred she and Westerhold have caused for our police dept. and city leaders. I am one citizen, among many others, that are thankful for them all. Too bad that most of you don't even know what you are talking about. I am truly beginning to think that some of these blogs are Westerhold himself...makes more sense...he is on a roll with his agenda to try to protect Nuesse. I am thankful that I am one that saw right through Westerhold and am willing to bet that quite a few others have also.


Like belly buttons, everyone has an opinion. So, those who do not agree with you are idiots? Seems like something a shallow mind would provide as a defense to a situation, clearly brought on by the SPD. If you did not notice, we are in the middle of a civil service hearing. Those who provided the Murman report have been exposed to be less than accurate in by their report and ignoring witnesses who could have supported other views. Now we are waiting on the testimony of our elected official Kevin Baxter, who also has already has acknowledged numerous inaccuracies in the statement he gave to Murman investigators. Personally, I would be upset with Westerhold and the SR, if they did not report on this. The whining by the SPD about the report and the intimidation alleged by members of the press seem to support this conclusion. The inaccuracies of the report and the questionable ethics of those doing the report, based on the testimony at the hearing, leads me to believe. the whole report should be tossed and Nuesse should be reinstated. Of course, I am just an idiot, so what do I know. Maybe we should listen to the SPD, we all trust them. Or do we?


That my dear, is where you are very mistaken...only Nuesse supporters, like yourself, are permitted to have an opinion or suffer your rediculous consequences. You mean to tell me that you have not noticed that?? ;)


Dear, I am no from SPD nor have anyone related from there...so don't go there.


That "DEAR WHATEVER" is so obvious. So this is what you do in between your "editorials" 'eh Matt?


Matt you should go work for Fox News, you know their motto

"We distort, you comply!!!"

Well, you have the distort part down. It seems though as if you are having problems getting people the people of Sandusky to to comply though!!!! Oh well keep trying to tear apart the city and county.

I wonder how long it will be until this post is taken down.


Matt Westerhold has been named managing editor of the Sandusky (Ohio) Register. Westerhold previously served as assistant managing editor at The Chronicle-Telegram in Elyria


Sandusky – Dear Commissioners for the City of Sandusky: Last Saturday morning theSandusky Register ran a story headlined “Baxter blasts details in Murman report”. The headline and the story were taken completely out of context. The Editor himself,Matt Westerhold, called me and interviewed me for this story. I found this strangesince that is traditionally a reporter’s role in the news reporting business. However,Matt Westerhold’s role in this whole matter has been strange, if not, somewhat bizarre. Based on editorial after editorial, story after story, there is an obsession that is unprofessional if not unhealthy.....


It is obvious that there are a few nervous SPD folks who may end up losing big time when this becomes all becomes a civil suit for defamation and Nuesse will have the last laugh!

Of course, there may also be a Federal judge rendering an opinion to strengthen her case!!!


If I looked like that picture, I would stop wearing contacts. Who wears contacts with an allergy? It must be embarrassing to look like you have been on a binge all night and not fit for work. I would wear glasses and look like you are at least sharp to perform your duties. If Baxter lies, he could get disbarred.