"Sundays are my hardest days."

Ken Gipe
Mar 23, 2010


Jan. 19: Back to the grind today. Did well on the diet with shakes, bar, fruit and balanced dinner. Four swim meets this week so it will be tough to get the workouts in, but we are scheduled for Wednesday and Friday night. I am starting to feel some difference in the fit of my work clothes and hope to soon go down another notch on the belt. Several people at church noticed that I had lost. That was a good feeling.

Jan. 20: - Good Day today with the eating - never really felt hungry - busy all day so that helped.

Jan. 21: Eating was tough today because work was very busy - lots of time on the phone and following up with past customers. Workout was good tonight, although Trevor and I both agree that we need to try to get more of them in early in the morning. Right now with his schedule and my meet schedule it is hard. I have increased repetitions and weight on most exercises with increased reps on all of the core work. It has been hard, but an enjoyable hard. As I have said before, I thoroughly enjoy the workouts with the eating continuing to be the hard part.

Jan. 22: Eating was better today because I did a better job of planning ahead on what and when I was eating and drinking. It is still hard for me to drink plain water, but it is becoming more tolerable, especially if it is cold and I drink it quickly. I have also found that it takes less to fill me up than it used to.

Jan. 23 - Friday eating was tough because I didn't plan as well and work was very busy. I don't know if it was the workout or the fact that I didn't eat often enough, but I was so tired that when I got home I ate a couple of oranges. They were easy to fix, and I fell asleep in my chair. It was a very exciting evening for my wife.

Jan. 24: Saturday we had our annual kick-off for work. Everyone from all the dealerships gathers for a sort of "state of the union" message from our owner, presentation of awards and cash to the sales winners for the year - not me - and a variety of contests with cash prizes. A very nice spread of food and drink is provided, and we have a putting contest, corn hole tournaments (got second) guess how much cash is in the fishbowl. I was "very good" and only had a couple of Diet Cokes and one chicken wing. We were there about three hours and had a great time - don't know too many other businesses that would do something like that on a Saturday morning! Got to the gym that afternoon and went on the bike for 30 minutes and had a good sweat. We went to the movies that night and I was able to stay away from the popcorn. I did break down and have a couple of pieces of pizza - it was good.

Jan. 25: Sundays seem to be my toughest days so far. We went to church and I was very hungry. When we got home I had a piece of peanut butter toast and an orange. Later in the day, we went to Sandusky to do some shopping and then we went to Panera and I had chicken noodle soup and half of a roast beef sandwich and took a bagel home to eat later. Too many carbs today, but I am still eating less than I have in years. Gained that belt notch today and am close to 25 pounds lost and I know I have lost more inches. Will be anxious to measure and weigh in the end of this week to see the total progress for the month. I am sort of hoping to break the 300 pound barrier very soon! I will keep you posted.



Time for a new Blog Bro!!! Nothing for the new year Holmes???


Why are you so worried about Kim Nuesse? You should be more worried about these crook Lorain and Cuyahoga County lawyers that I heard are coming into this county and filing fraud documents! Get your priorities straight, Mr. Baxter! Who are you working for anyway? Sure isn't the people that pay your salary!!


There's a scam going on in Erie County with property and title companies and financial institutions (two anyway) are involved in it. This fraud is a lot more serious than Nuessegate.