"Sundays are my hardest days."

Ken Gipe
Mar 23, 2010

Jan. 19: Back to the grind today. Did well on the diet with shakes, bar, fruit and balanced dinner. Four swim meets this week so it will be tough to get the workouts in, but we are scheduled for Wednesday and Friday night. I am starting to feel some difference in the fit of my work clothes and hope to soon go down another notch on the belt. Several people at church noticed that I had lost. That was a good feeling.

Jan. 20: - Good Day today with the eating - never really felt hungry - busy all day so that helped.

Jan. 21: Eating was tough today because work was very busy - lots of time on the phone and following up with past customers. Workout was good tonight, although Trevor and I both agree that we need to try to get more of them in early in the morning. Right now with his schedule and my meet schedule it is hard. I have increased repetitions and weight on most exercises with increased reps on all of the core work. It has been hard, but an enjoyable hard. As I have said before, I thoroughly enjoy the workouts with the eating continuing to be the hard part.

Jan. 22: Eating was better today because I did a better job of planning ahead on what and when I was eating and drinking. It is still hard for me to drink plain water, but it is becoming more tolerable, especially if it is cold and I drink it quickly. I have also found that it takes less to fill me up than it used to.

Jan. 23 - Friday eating was tough because I didn't plan as well and work was very busy. I don't know if it was the workout or the fact that I didn't eat often enough, but I was so tired that when I got home I ate a couple of oranges. They were easy to fix, and I fell asleep in my chair. It was a very exciting evening for my wife.

Jan. 24: Saturday we had our annual kick-off for work. Everyone from all the dealerships gathers for a sort of "state of the union" message from our owner, presentation of awards and cash to the sales winners for the year - not me - and a variety of contests with cash prizes. A very nice spread of food and drink is provided, and we have a putting contest, corn hole tournaments (got second) guess how much cash is in the fishbowl. I was "very good" and only had a couple of Diet Cokes and one chicken wing. We were there about three hours and had a great time - don't know too many other businesses that would do something like that on a Saturday morning! Got to the gym that afternoon and went on the bike for 30 minutes and had a good sweat. We went to the movies that night and I was able to stay away from the popcorn. I did break down and have a couple of pieces of pizza - it was good.

Jan. 25: Sundays seem to be my toughest days so far. We went to church and I was very hungry. When we got home I had a piece of peanut butter toast and an orange. Later in the day, we went to Sandusky to do some shopping and then we went to Panera and I had chicken noodle soup and half of a roast beef sandwich and took a bagel home to eat later. Too many carbs today, but I am still eating less than I have in years. Gained that belt notch today and am close to 25 pounds lost and I know I have lost more inches. Will be anxious to measure and weigh in the end of this week to see the total progress for the month. I am sort of hoping to break the 300 pound barrier very soon! I will keep you posted.



Mattie you seem to be a very confused person, you have a very unhealthy, almost stalking of numerous Sandusky officers. Did you have an unhealthy relatonship with a police officer, either male or female. Please seek professional help. What did you now about the Nusses case and when, what phone calls did ou make, and from who?
Its time to come clean Mattie, but please seek help.


Snarl or is it Kim or Matt?


forgot his meds again this morning. He wrote another dumb a$$ article. The only worse writer at the Register is his buddy Phares as evidenced by his article on Sunday. You two need to go out on the Register's roof and just jump off... Sandusky would be better off for it!!!!


F U Westerdump you live and work in sandusky. Better hope you dont need any protection from the city about the gun permit threats you got.

Also I love the little hot news person from Belleve. Why did you call the paper about the hott little news person taking your storie about buttons. Dude it's buttons, not a whole lot there assfucker


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Matt called the bellevue paper about them stealing news about buttons. What a homo


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Without a personality or morals. I guess that makes him ugly inside and out 'eh?


Maybe Mr. Baxter could get an new office with two doors. One for all the people he thinks he is better than ( a long line) and one for all the women of low moral values he sprends his evenings with ( a longer line)


The issue appears to be a case of values. One part of the community is adamantly opposed to trading any public waterfront for development. Another part is looking for something to solve the decline of economic activity in the city and is willing to trade public land for new development. The part that wants the public area left alone, collected 1800 signatures (1180 proved to be valid) on petitions for a referendum to force the development agreement to be validated by the voters. The prospective developer threatened to abandon the project if the voters have a voice. The Commissioners proposed to do an end run to eliminate the delay of a vote. Now, everyone awaits the rest of the story.


Matt, How come no one can look you straight in the eye?


It's Snarl. I am thinking you are the type of person who cannot look anyone in the eye. And please quit giving others credit for my comments. I look forward to seeing what Mr. Baxter is made of. Livestream testimony. I love it. The Sandusky REgister is bringing us into a more honest and open society. Too bad so many have so much to hide. Let the sunshine, let the sunshine, let the sunshine in!!! Halleluiah!!!!


I am sort of undecided on this issue, but getting more and more decided the more I read. Something concerns me. I have asked time and time again how this project will bring permanant, well paying, productive jobs to this area. Nobody seems to be able to answer this question. Sure there will be temporary construction jobs, and a couple "service" jobs, but what about real jobs? I look what was promised with the Chesapeake project and what we now have, and wonder why build more empty condos?

I want what is best for Sandusky, but the more I look at it the more I think that more empty Condos that will be owned by people that are just here on the weekends is not the best answer.

If we want real, sustainable, long term employement and future for the area, we need to take stock in a local resources and use them to our advantage. Not building more expensive housing in hopes that a sugardaddy will move in.


Jason, I have to agree with you. Any waterfront development has increased and enhanced the public's access to the water. The walkway around the yacht club breakwall and the soon to be constructed walkway around the Chesapeake building are 2 examples.

And moving city hall into the central business district could be the real spark to bring downtown back to life.

That could have happened like 20 years ago if the Waterfront Watchdogs hadn't killed the Parkvue Project that ultimately ended up off Hull Road in Perkins Township. One wonders how far downtown could have progressed in those 20 years.

So now the city has another chance to move forward. And the same obstructionists are trying to kill current plan.

Don't they know we already voted and approved the project?


Bringing us into more honest and open society. Now that is a laugh. The SR stories are totally biased and full of untruths. The reports that just quit will tell you, Westerhold changed their stories to promote his agenda. How many reporters have quit over the last year? How many subscriptions have been canceled? The answer is a lot!


The Marina District project could take 8 to 10 years to complete. Commissioner Fuqua asked last evening at the meeting how many young men and women could cycle through as apprentices during that time frame. Training as electricians, plumbers, carpenters, sheet metal workers.....those young people will have a better chance at a decent living with those skills.

An enhanced downtown with the city building close to the Central Business District would create more jobs in food and retail businesses downtown.

No, its not like heavy manufacturing, but those jobs are gone and they're not coming back.

We can't live in the past.

One hope for the future is the job creation associated with green technologies. If we can attract some of the manufacturers supporting the windmill industry there may be some decent wage jobs.


I must admit a live feed of the hearings would be great. That way I can determine my own opinion without the help of any reporter. If SR assigns Jason, make sure he gets up on time to get here BEFORE the hearings please.


I gotta say that Matt has a lot of courage to follow this so closely. It's much easier to be friendly and "get along", than it is to challenge people in high places.

To those of you who are unhappy with this column's reporting, you are forgetting one thing... It's a blog. Blogs allow for thoughts and opinons. That's why they are called blogs and not a newspaper articles.

Keep up the good work Matt.


Opinions are great, but crossing the line is not. To poke fun at people and make up stories is irresponsible.


Not knowing how long you have lived in Sandusky-- Hotel at the Keller. Or at the Reiger Or on the vacant site next to Mack Iron (Dusty Study Recommended).
John Bacon states he's community minded, lets approach him to relocate the factory away from the water.(Dusty Shelf Study)

The City Building was downtown at one time. Inadiquate parking and conjestion moved it to the present location. The late Richard Fuller, City Council President at the time the Current City building was buits, said before is death two years ago, moving city Hall back downtown was not wise. As for foot traffic, take a look at how many city office employees already walk or drive downtown for lunch-there is many.

The present City Building was constucted like a tank with expectations of a third floor being added. In addition, there is room at the City Service Complex on Cement Street to relocate some sity offices to make more room at the 222 Meigs Street Facility.

Parks are not ment to be shoulder to shoulder. What would be nice is an improved Battery Park Picnic Area. More grills/benches. Trimmed trees. Larger Play equipment. Fountains/floral gardens. Paid for by money the City receives from Sandusky Bay Development for maintenance of the picnic area and usage of the marina. An improved viable amphitheater rivaling the one along the Cuyag River in Cleveland. 300 seasonal condos, a 150 room hotel, private pools, 25,000 sq. ft. in retail/commercial is counterproductive to the notion of bringing people to downtown. Condos are not a "destination location" Creating contiuous activity will rejuvinante downtown not condos


was the presentation on Wind Turbine Manufacturing Facility. Reading between the lines, Huron will get this facility. I for one am disappointed ti the City not pushing to haver this facility built in Sandusky creating double income tax revenue. We've lost thousands of living wage jobs in this community. We blew an opportunity to make a change


Matt you must think we are all stupid and the fact that there are still people who still consider you an actual journalist, makes me think there are VERY stupid people still out there. You want us to think this isnt personal between you and the SPD?? Well this article had NOTHING to do with Frost or the SPD, yet at the end you have to take a shot at Frost on a subject you have no idea about. You say your "beef" is with SPD upper management, well when you bash one of US you bash ALL of us. You are a joke, you know it, we know it and I would venture to say all the mindless drones who follow you know you are, they just like to also bash the Police Department. This is all over Kim Nuesse, so you have gone so far off the deep end with her that you have sold your sould Matt. I can only guess that it is jealousy...jealousy that we have jobs that actually matter and all you can do is spread lies and propoganda, from the comfort of your office. You live by the phrase, "the pen is mighter than the sword". No one made you be a slime-journalist Matt so dont be mad that you could not succeed in anything else other than printing lies about cops and politicians. Drop this personal attack on the SPD Matt, cause these lies your spreading are bordering on criminal and do you really want to follow Kim out of town?? As for Frost making false allegations against his boss that went no where??? WHAT??? She's gone because of her unethical practices, so how can you say his allegations went no where, careful Matt I think you're starting believing your own lies. You're sad, Matt I feel bad for people like you who crave attention so bad, they dont mind all the negative attention like you are getting. Maybe someday Matt, you will grow up and become a real man, instead of hiding behind your keyboard. The powers that be wont let me reveal who I am, but just know it wont take much if YOU REALLY want to find out who I am.


Man Kevin, you look rough..........Up late last nite powdering your nose?


Matt will you smile for the camera when they are taking your mugshot?


Didn't idiot Joe's 15 minutes of fame end a few weeks back? This jerk will do or say anything to keep his name in the news. I couldn't care less how he feels about anything, let alone that he might first have met McCain here. Evidently you yahoos at the SR are STILL all tingly about your reporting of McCain's 10 minutes here in Sandusky. Big whoopee.


To Snarl, or did I once again mean Kimmie or Mattie of one of their very few friends. Does your nurse know you are on the web and not taking your meds?