"Sundays are my hardest days."

Ken Gipe
Mar 23, 2010

Jan. 19: Back to the grind today. Did well on the diet with shakes, bar, fruit and balanced dinner. Four swim meets this week so it will be tough to get the workouts in, but we are scheduled for Wednesday and Friday night. I am starting to feel some difference in the fit of my work clothes and hope to soon go down another notch on the belt. Several people at church noticed that I had lost. That was a good feeling.

Jan. 20: - Good Day today with the eating - never really felt hungry - busy all day so that helped.

Jan. 21: Eating was tough today because work was very busy - lots of time on the phone and following up with past customers. Workout was good tonight, although Trevor and I both agree that we need to try to get more of them in early in the morning. Right now with his schedule and my meet schedule it is hard. I have increased repetitions and weight on most exercises with increased reps on all of the core work. It has been hard, but an enjoyable hard. As I have said before, I thoroughly enjoy the workouts with the eating continuing to be the hard part.

Jan. 22: Eating was better today because I did a better job of planning ahead on what and when I was eating and drinking. It is still hard for me to drink plain water, but it is becoming more tolerable, especially if it is cold and I drink it quickly. I have also found that it takes less to fill me up than it used to.

Jan. 23 - Friday eating was tough because I didn't plan as well and work was very busy. I don't know if it was the workout or the fact that I didn't eat often enough, but I was so tired that when I got home I ate a couple of oranges. They were easy to fix, and I fell asleep in my chair. It was a very exciting evening for my wife.

Jan. 24: Saturday we had our annual kick-off for work. Everyone from all the dealerships gathers for a sort of "state of the union" message from our owner, presentation of awards and cash to the sales winners for the year - not me - and a variety of contests with cash prizes. A very nice spread of food and drink is provided, and we have a putting contest, corn hole tournaments (got second) guess how much cash is in the fishbowl. I was "very good" and only had a couple of Diet Cokes and one chicken wing. We were there about three hours and had a great time - don't know too many other businesses that would do something like that on a Saturday morning! Got to the gym that afternoon and went on the bike for 30 minutes and had a good sweat. We went to the movies that night and I was able to stay away from the popcorn. I did break down and have a couple of pieces of pizza - it was good.

Jan. 25: Sundays seem to be my toughest days so far. We went to church and I was very hungry. When we got home I had a piece of peanut butter toast and an orange. Later in the day, we went to Sandusky to do some shopping and then we went to Panera and I had chicken noodle soup and half of a roast beef sandwich and took a bagel home to eat later. Too many carbs today, but I am still eating less than I have in years. Gained that belt notch today and am close to 25 pounds lost and I know I have lost more inches. Will be anxious to measure and weigh in the end of this week to see the total progress for the month. I am sort of hoping to break the 300 pound barrier very soon! I will keep you posted.



Wow, 25 lbs, you are doing an amazing job staying focused on what you want! I am so excited and happy for you. Remember water, water, water, and plan ahead and be prepared so you don't get hungry and go for the wrong foods!


Ken - You are teaching yourself all the fundamentals of a successful weight loss program. MODERATION - Only 1 chicken wing! Great! Once you are aware of your caloric intake it won't be a diet anymore, it will be a true lifestyle change. Keep up the workouts, it makes the food "cheating" a little easier. GREAT JOB!


Just checking in, looks like you have been pretty busy lately!

Tsar Rich

I wish you the best of luck. I battle a weight problem myself and know how hard it is.


Hi Ken,

It really sounds like you are keeping your nose to the grindstone!  Congratulations on the increase with the water, I know its been a tough battle for you!  It also sounds like you are more focused on your food intake, great work!  Remember progress not perfection!


Why is Baxter's eyes all glassy and watering?


What was the false criminal accusation?


westerhold is a joke.... I'm cancelling my subsriction to the SR until he is gone!


yeh Matt, why don't you publically state what you are talking about. Is it that you don't want Frost to have any more lawsuit ammo than he already has. Inquiring minds want to know


That the City of Sandusky recently moved that all of Kim Nuesse's witnesses be barred from testifying in the Civil Service Hearing? What are they afraid might be said? Look into it Matt.


Matt says it is not personal with a headline that slams Phil about girl scout cookies. Matt is a liar and this story proves it. Not personal, what do you call it? The headline is a childish attempt to make Phil look bad. Frost made a mistake and has been disciplined. So why do you have to keep brining it up? As for false allegation, do you know something more then anyone else? I thought you were barred from the hearing? Has a ruling come in that hasn't been reported? Nothing has been disproved at this point. Let's wait until the judge rules. What am I thinking, that would be unbiased and we know that is not Westerhold.


I read in the SR that the delays were caused by Nuesse and the City. Here we go again, Matt's spin to make the city look bad. I understand that Kim was out of town so she could not attend several of the dates. Matt tries to blame the city. Do you have any ethics Matt? What am I saying, of course he doesn't. The truth has never gotten in the way of a Westerhold story.


Would you please elaborate on your statement that "Frost made a mistake and has been disciplined."?

Did Frost steal any girl scout cookies?
YES or NO.


No he did not steal any cookies. He did get disciplined along with several others over receiving a free lunch. Only two officers were charged with stealing cookies. One was fired and one still a patrolman at SPD.


Nusse's witnesses have not been barred from the hearing. They simply will not be called. They gave depositions, which will be reviewed by the judge and go on file. Just like those who gave statements to Mr Murman.

As far as I know, Matt Westerhold is the only one who has been barred thus far. It will be real funny when he takes the stand. Squirm Matty, remember perjury is a criminal offense. Maybe, just maybe Lt. Frost will be the one who shows up and slaps the cuffs on you. I'm sure he hopes you resist, so he can slap you like a little whinny B&*ch, you have shown us all you have become.




SPD wants to slap the S*&$ out of a citizen? Steal cookies? Take free meals?


Mr. Phares, I have a proposition for you and you can answer me on this site. If it can be proven that Matt has lied and falsified stories, will you fire him. His personal attack on Frost for an incident that happened almost twenty years ago is the most disgusting display of journalism. I can't wait until Frost collects on the SR and it's personal defamation of him.

It's already been proven that Nuesse lied under oath on three occasions, can't wait for her indictment. Maybe Matt will be there to bail her out.

I can't wait until this is over so we don't have to keep reading this crap.

Oh Yeah, is it ethical for the Editor of a local newspaper to have a sexual relationship with his reporters. Inquiring minds want to know. By the way, I know of at least one blonde named _ _ _ _ _ that has been with a certain Editor!!!!


Watch out Mr. Baxter. Looks like you are the next one Westerhold and his handful of "buddies" are going to sock it to. How pitiful that Westerhold has nothing better to write about. Maybe we should all start to blog about Westerhold's looks, family, friends, life, his past, his ignorance and so on. Why does the SR keep this guy employed?


Perhaps contacts? Allergies? Any other type of medical problem. DUH. "Matt Fan" alone tells me alot about YOUR character so I would keep my mouth shut if I were you.


How can this type of behavior by Westerhold and SR continue? Can they not be sued? Seems to me there has been plenty of defamation of charater done to way too many decent people. What is going on? Why/how can this continue? And to think it is all because of Kim Nuesse. Westerhold seems to have it bad. This has GOT to stop. A curious Sandusky citizen would like to know.


Aren't most pets followers of animism?


Man, that "cookie caper" happened OVER twenty years ago. Let it go. Of all the news in the county why do we keep getting reminded of that? As for Matt, I was relying on him to report the hearing in a fair manner or have it reported fairly. He must have some insight on these hearings, but after reading his post against Phil Frost, I can hardly use him as a resource anymore. Stop Matt Westerhold. Do you need to return to journalism school to be reminded about how to report the news? I guess with the NY Times failing because of biased reporting, I am sure many other news print operations will soon fail. All I want is a fair shake in the reporting at these hearings. This is big news. I know all the cast of characters except Nuesse. How about assigning Jason to the story?


Thanks to Westerhold, there are many citizens of Sandusky that have changed their mind on the Nuesse affair (if they ever were on her side) due to the fact of Westerhold rambling on and on about the city leaders/public servants. It has come to the point of everyone realizing how bias he truly is. If you notice, there are no where near the people commenting on Nuesse's behalf like there used to be (even though it was usually the same few). Hmmm, did everyone finally get the picture? You went overboard Matt.


Well, all I can say is "What a Man!" Matt, you always surpass my 'wildest expectations' of you. Your reporting skills are "par excel lance". The only thing I am unable to figure out is why you’re not writing for the "Washington Post", the "Wall Street Journal", or the "Chicago Tribune". You really MUST start a paper that is worthy of your literary skills. You should be writing blogs regarding world leaders instead of these simple minded Cretans that are no match for your mental prowess. I am sure that if President Elect Obama was somehow made aware of your capabilities he would undoubtedly place you somewhere on his advisory staff.
You are DEFINATELY wasting your gifts on this "SMALL TOWN STUFF" and you really need to move somewhere that your knowledge and capabilities can be appreciated by the world as a whole so that ALL may benefit! (COUGH!!!!!)


Why is westerhold continuing to bash members of SPD? First an editorial making fun of Sams comparing him to Tommy Smothers and now several editorials blasting Phil about stalking and lying. No proof to the allegations, just mocking good people. Why? Because he can. That is a real man, hide behind your pen.


Can we all agree that Phil should lose some weight if he wants to be considered a good cop?

He's setting a bad example for the youngsters. The girlscout cookie thing may have happened long ago, but Phil has clearly stolen a whole lot of other cookies (and brownies and ding dongs) since then.

Lose some weight Phil. We want you to be Sandusky's finest, not Sandusky's fattest!


We finally see something from Phares. Well is he gone again. Do your job Phares and turn this paper around. It's the laughing stock of Sandusky with no credibility. The one thing almost everyone agrees on is that the Register is biased. Wow, great reputation. Westerhold has destroyed the register credibility and will continue to drag it through the mud. Wake up Phares and do your job.



Why are you so hell bent on sparring with the City of Sandusky and County folks - so much so that you'll ignore your own professional obligations to make snide and frankly juvenile "editorials" like this - but you give a free pass to the corruption that goes on at the City of Huron?

The abuses of power that go on there - the police chief, the city manager, etc - are equally as egregious to those at Sandusky. Theft in office. Lies. Fraud. Etc. The difference is, you and your paper give them a license to commit these offenses without so much as question from the paper.

It's pretty clear that your "watchdog" status is defined by your friendships with public officials (Nuesse, Glovinsky, etc) rather than by the facts. You growl at the folks you don't like. You wag your tail at the ones you do like. All the while, you are so ignorant that you don't know that they folks you lambaste in your blogs (Baxter, Lyons, Frost, etc) are no different than the ones you hold out as saints.

It's time for you to start being a newspaper with consistent reporting standards - not a tabloid for some and a PR firm for others.


It may be the laughing stock of Sandusky, but every town hates their local paper. (I've lived in six cities, big and small, and this is always true).

I graduated from Northwestern in journalism and in fact, nationally, The Register has a great reputation. Ever year it wins tens of AP awards.

Unlike most community newspapers, The Register actually write about local government, and not just superficial, happy stuff. They press people on tough issues and often interview 8,9,10 different people for one story as far as I can tell.

Westerhold may be bias, yes, but his reporters are good and fair. They always give space for both sides.

Lay off The Register. I think it's evident — based on their statwide honors and national reputation‚ they do a pretty d*amn good job.

- Craig Lofton.