It's hard to stay hydrated

Ken Gipe
Mar 23, 2010

Jan. 26: Today was kind of a blah day. Eating went OK, but didn't get to eat dinner until almost 10 p.m., so it was very long between my late afternoon snack and dinner. Got very hungry and gave into some bread with my meat and rice. I am hoping for a good report at the end of the week. I feel better most of the time.

Jan. 27: Did great during the day, but it was busy at work and didn't drink enough. I am finding it hard to keep drinking liquids. My quantity of food has not been difficult to deal with, but planning ahead of time is difficult. My swim meet was cancelled because of the weather so we went out to eat. I had six wings and some fries, but was quite full. I normally would have eaten all 10 and a whole large order of fries, along with three or four full strength Cokes. Maybe the stomach is shrinking?

Jan. 28: This was one of the most difficult days physically that I have had in a long time. I had an early morning workout with Trevor and he "beat me up." I then went to work for about an hour and then off to the hospital for the second part of my "stress test."

This was postponed from last week because I take a beta blocker for my blood pressure and it would not allow my heart rate to get high enough to complete the test. I went off of my meds for three days and then we did the test on the treadmill. Every three minutes, the treadmill increased in speed and incline. After about 12 minutes, I was getting very tired and my heart rate was more than 150 beats per minute. Then, the medication was injected and I continued for about another 30 to 40 seconds and then the test was over and the treadmill slowed down.

After resting for a bit, I was given water to drink. The best part was that I got to eat a bag of Fritos to replace some of the sodium and to help clear out the contrast solution. Then, I had to lie on an X-ray machine while it took pictures of my heart to compare to the resting pictures taken a week before - result to follow next week.

Then, I got to go back to work and brushed snow off of cars for a couple of hours. It was heavy snow and I got a very good supplemental cardio workout, in addition to making my arms feel very heavy. Got home and had a bowl of chili, worked on swim meet stuff for an hour or so and collapsed. For the first time in years, I did not wake up at all until the alarm went off for another 6:30 a.m. work out with Trevor.

Jan. 29: Today's workout was hard because we had to speed everything up because we did a weigh-in and measurement session. Trevor has made some adjustments in the workouts to work my weaker areas. He added sets in some cases, increased weight in some cases and increased reps in most cases. We have decided that because of my swim schedule and his work schedule that we will only be doing two workouts a week through February. I have only had nine workouts and have lost 26 pounds and 8 inches. My body fat percentage has dropped almost 3 percent, my body mass index dropped 3.6 to 41.3. I would like to get into the mid 20s. My biggest inch loss was in my waist of 2.75 inches and my hips, 1.5 inches. Overall, I am very happy with my accomplishments this month. I need to really work on the nutritional part both in planning and consumption.



but wait--there's more


As a business librarian in a public library in Michigan, I would have to say that there are additional economic impact factors that you may not realize. Your library cardholders have access to thousands of dollars of databases per year to provide information useful to business owners

These databases can obviate the necessity to purchase mailing lists that the small business owner may not be able to afford, as well as provide information on industry sectors, potential customers and suppliers, and market trends--all because you have a Sandusky library card.

Your business librarian can help with market research, the writing of a business plan, and sources on every aspect of management and marketing, be it on LinkedIn or Ebay. You need only contact the business department at


or by going to this address:

Ohio, like Michigan, has been hit hard by the departure of many manufacturing jobs. Small businesses may be one of the key components of economic revitalization. Libraries are key partners to get them the information they need.

Please use your column to get this word out, since you are a "frequent flier" at the library yourself.

Tom Jackson

In this connection, it's worth adding that the Huron Public Library has a collection of resources for people interested in starting a business, and also makes free advice from experts available. Anne Hinton, the director, is very interested in how libraries can be used to promote economic development.


Thanks, Tom


I'm sorry if I gave the wrong impression, but what I said is that the newspaper REACHES that many people. Paid circulation is less than half of that to be sure, but research both in our own market and across the country documents that each copy of the paper is read 2 to 2.5 times, on average. Obviously, some get thrown away after one person scans the front page, and others get sit in the coffee shop all day where they're read by fifty people, but that's what it averages out to.

--Nicholas White


Angel Food is an alternate food Ministry that provides greater variety. They have a $30 monthly Menu, Plus they have a Senior prepared food program, Additional "Grill Box" and "Fruit & Vegetable Box" and a "Holiday Dinner Box" available. This program is available through Sandusky Alliance Church. E-mail address is: or Call 419-626-8730 Extension 16. Orders due for December on the 6th with pickup on the 13th at Sandusky Alliance at corner of Warren and Finch Sts.


I think under the latest UAW contract new hires max out at about 18 dollars per hour. With fewer benefits, too.

I read in the Plain Dealer about PNC setting aside tens of millions of dollars from the money they received from the federal government in order to give severance pay to the top execs from National City. And they don't want to help the car companies because those guys on the line make too much?

All that fussing with the Big 3 CEO's about needing to see a plan......and they pumped another 200 million into Citigroup without even a committee meeting.

More than a little bit of class warfare and union busting going on here for sure.


them corrupt just because the Plain Dealer wrties a story a day about the invasion of a Democratic County by a Republican President?? THEY HAVE INDICTED NOBODY IN 7 MONTHS!!!! NOT ONE!!! All show Baby All show!!!


Recycle newspapers, cardboard, glass containers, metal cans and some plastic containers. I found that I was throwing out over 90% of recyclables into the trash. Trash pickup cost me about $60 every three months. Now I buy those curbside trash bags and have lowered my trash pickup to about $10 every three months. I drop off recyclables when I drive past the recycle stations. I also have a small compost pile in the back.


I wasn't aware that asking for additional funding when you're swamped by extra people meant libraries were asking for a stimulus package. As a librarian, I assumed it meant we were asking for the money needed to do the job the public was asking us to do. Right now, I'm being absolutely BURIED in people coming in to use the library's resources (because they can't afford to go out and buy information they used to, to look for work and apply for jobs, to ask for help to apply for jobs, to take our classes for free to learn basic computer skills, and for many other services that they just can't get elsewhere suddenly). When the economy tanks, library use goes up, way up. That costs more money. Libraries are asking for an increase in federal funding at a time when a lot of local funding and endowments are in jeopardy. I would say we're doing our job and generally have been making do with heavier traffic and the same budgets--or smaller. We succeed in our missions and have increased demand. I'd say that's the opposite of the Big 3, wouldn't you?


this is the most useful, tasteful thing I have read in this my life.



If you are willing to be entertained by fewer channels, you can ask for the most economical version of cable television. You get few channels, but the price is around 14.00. My friend has it cuz she can't afford the 50.00 version of "basic" cable.


get gas at Krogers with your krogers plus discount card. the card is free to get and the savings at the pump is 20 cents off per gallon for every $50 in food purchases per month.

So, if you spend $50 on groceries-I believe you can get 15-30 (cant remember which) gallons of gas for 20 cents off....or 1 fill-up.

If you spend $50 per week-every week you can get 20 cents off per fill-up.


American public libraries are the best heritage of American culture. They were an example for the rest of the world. Let us hope they can fulfill their importants tasks also in the future.
Hans Krol, Heemstede, the Netherlands

Sue Daugherty

Serving Our Seniors has about 20 new glucometers donated to them. If anyone age 60+ needs a new one they should call our office. 624-1856

We have also had a supply of diabetic test strips donated to us from families whose loved one has passed away. These diabetic test strips are expensive if you don't have insurance to cover them. Again call our office and tell us what type of test strips you need, and if we have them... they're yours for free.

One last thing... we have also had a supply of disposable undergarments donated to our office. These too are expensive to purchase. We can give them to you for free.


I work for a public library and like everyone else we are indeed facing economic cuts - hours may be shortened, libraries may close completely and people will lose jobs. We are a vital resource for those looking for work, as you say. But I agree...when there ar ehomeless and hungry people in greater numbers than we can remember recently...why are we giving money to car manufacturers and banks? The truly needy people won't be buying cars or houses. Wake up Washington!


I have to agree with BekiLynn and Meg in their notions of libraries as an important resource, especially in times of dire need. Yes - feed the hungry and aid the homeless, but more and more as official and unofficial community center, libraries are expected to supply information, act as clearing houses, teach people computer skills, resume and cover letter writing skills, provide research for jobs, act as resources and supply internet connections (since they have to cancelled their home connections due to costs). While the Federal government is bailing out banks and car manufacterers, why not bail out an institution that actually HELPS people on a daily basis?

And yes, I AM a public librarian!


I have to agree with BekiLynn and Meg in their notions of libraries as an important resource, especially in times of dire need. Yes - feed the hungry and aid the homeless, but more and more as official and unofficial community center, libraries are expected to supply information, act as clearing houses, teach people computer skills, resume and cover letter writing skills, provide research for jobs, act as resources and supply internet connections (since they have to cancelled their home connections due to costs). While the Federal government is bailing out banks and car manufacterers, why not bail out an institution that actually HELPS people on a daily basis?

And yes, I AM a public librarian!


Cancel or don't renew your paid subscription to the Sandusky Register. Only read it on-line.

If any local news is that vitally important, someone will tell you or you’ll discover it for yourself.


Jeff, please expand on your comment...


Nick looks like a molester with that creepy facial hair.


as we have all learned over time is not to believe everything you read. reporters are just looking for something to report, not always is the truth reported which is sad. just remember, everyones job, no matter how unimportant it may seem would suffer should our auto industry would be allowed to go belly up. with all the workers not having benefits there would be a large decline in hospital and dr. visits so, hospitals would be forced to cut back because there would no longer a nice kick back from the insurance companies. no longer would these people be sending their kids to day cares because they would be home so, there would be cut backs in that service. all food businesses would suffer because eating out would no longer be a choice because these people will have to go into a survival mode. picture roughly 284,000 people from g.m. out of work, now add ford and chrysler and that come to about 852,000 people out of work and no benefits. now, anyone with an ounce of sense should be able to understand how the chain of effect will happen. grocery stores would cut back as well because who will have the money to buy the high priced meats that we are forced to buy now. dont let your anger at how much someone makes cloud your judgement. dont be so blind as to say that it wouldnt hurt your little job. in time, it would in some way. do i think ceo's should take cuts, you bet. until or if that should ever happen i will do what it takes to help keep the economy going. i dont want anyone to suffer any more than we already have. i have compassion for people who have lost and still are loosing their homes and jobs. wishing or letting the auto workers go under would be like shooting a person with cancer for a cure. only a part is sick but, you dont have to kill the part that isnt to get good results. please stop hating the auto workers long enough to care about the ones that are already suffering and if you are still blessed to have a job, do as i am doing. help the ones that cross your path. maybe you cant do much but, doing something is better than doing nothing and its has better results than people bitching, complaining, and talking foolishly when they have no idea of what they are talking about. yes, i am doing what i can, with what little i have. even if its only to buy a few gallons of gas for someone. it may keep them warm because, they have now only their car for shelter. if you havent fallen to such hard times, be thankful and think before you speak harshly about things. we are all connected by the strand of life. we need each other, its called life and living.
Merry Christmas


The main reason for all the web interest is certainly NOT in the SR's news reporting, but is mainly due to people signing on to see what kind of wacko, out of control, awful comments you continue to allow on here each day. CAN'T YOU FINALLY DO SOMETHING TO CLEAN THIS MESS UP? Or do you let it go on because it generates interest in your website? I am guessing the latter is true.

Sue Daugherty

(419) 241-6215 is the number to call if you need dental services. Thanks to the Erie County Health Department there is a "Mobile Dental Care Unit" that comes to Erie County and offers dental care on a sliding fee scale basis. So if you don't have dental insurance Call this number for affordable dental care.


R.H.S. dont you realize you cant ask Jeff Crapbill to think on the spot? He has to research, evaluate facts, and then when all is said and done, plagerise someone elses thoughts. Anyway I do agree that spending your money on The Register is about as smart as smoking it. I mean come on The Gettysburg Address is more relevant. They always report the story three days after some hick paper does, they also allow people like Nick White to be employed when he obviously has no writing skill or talent. I mean come on his blogs are about nothing. What should we expect next, a blog column from Rick Studer? But back to the money thing I do run a knife sharpening business, so rather than buying new knives why not just sharpen your old for a reasonable rate. Also save money buy enjoying the classic music of The Carpenters or Garth Brooks, you may like it and along the way you may learn something. I will end with saying get a job do your job well and dont expect special treatment because you are a tatooed freak or an ammoral homosexual, you chose your life and if you dont want to fit in with the normal people thats your fault.


Thanks for posting this topic Sue, especially in these times of job losses or lack of enough money for the basics.

Keep your house at 65 degrees or less in the winter. I keep mine at 60 degrees and have saved a lot of money in heating bills. Wear warm clothing in the house. Get some white or light gray sweat pants and sweat shirts to wear as PJs when going to sleep. They keep you very warm in a cold bedroom.

Plan all of your errands and shopping trips in one trip. Not only will you save gas, but you also save wear and tear on the car and also save time.

Watch the store ads and only buy the things on sale. Buy non-perishables in bulk when on sale.

Give up eating at fast food places and restaurants. You can cook a lot of food at home for less. And think of the cooking and roasting process as free heat for the house.

Never buy things on impulse unless you really need it and there is a sale or clearance.

Don't buy bottled water. You can reuse the empty water bottles and refill from the tap.

There are hundreds of ways to save money and stretch that dollar. Here are some websites for saving money.

For more frugal ideas, Google "frugal tips"

Sue Daugherty

DEAR FRUGAL PERSON, Thank you for sharing your info and the websites!! I have no idea how you are able to live at 60 degrees. WOW! That is amazing to me. -- Sue

Dale from Webelos

The great Amushunkwa warrior “Red Sleeves” once said “With two sacks of deer jerk, a young squaw and a fox tail I can winter quite nicely”. When asked “why not two young squaws?” He replied, “this would require six sacks of deer jerk and a thousand tears, and there would be no fox tail”.

Rick Studer

Where’s my Bailout? When the annual end of the year articles and television specials start screening over the holidays I predict we will be hearing the word “bailout” a lot. Bailout has become the latest “catch all phrase”.

Banks get a bailout, auto companies want a bailout, insurance companies want a bailout, stockholders need a bailout, everybody wants a bailout. Where is the little guys’ bailout? How about a grocery bailout, have you seen the price of beef? Where is my heating bailout? I’m not man enough to sit in my tub at 60 degrees. Isn’t the point of the bailout to save companies and there by save the economy. Let’s save the little guy!

From what I can tell the economy hasn’t been busting out since the bailout passed. Maybe I’m missing something but all I see are big banks like PNC buying other banks like National City. I see executives getting bonuses. Banks are saving their bailout money instead of loaning it out. Is this what was voted on and passed by congress. I think we need a do over on the bailout plan; maybe we could pass a “just kidding” bill.

If I get a bailout I promise to spend it. I’ll buy some grade a beef, a nice flannel shirt and since I’m not greedy I’ll set the heat at 69 degrees. So come on, send us little guys some cash. After all, we’ll be paying for it the rest of our lives anyway…

Speaking of the auto companies, the more I think about it the more I’m inclined to let them sink or swim on their own. Driving down Cleveland road past the Dodge dealer what do I see out front? Dodge Chargers, giant pickup trucks, big luxury cars, all gas hogs. Wasn’t it just a few months ago that gas was creeping toward $4.00 a gallon? What? Has the energy crisis been solved? I even read where big pickup sales were starting to bump up again. Short memories I guess.

Maybe a shortage of funds would force Detroit to downsize their business model. They already build some small cars. What if they were forced by economics to only sell the small cars? They wouldn’t have to “invent” something new, they already have product.

We all know that the big cars are the most profitable, that’s why they sell them. If they get a bailout and use it to make large vehicles that in turn burn more gas, we not only pay for the bailout we contribute to more gas being burned thus gas prices rise. Just a thought…

Sue Daugherty

ONE FINAL PENNY-WISE TIP... If you can get by without your car for a few days or a week, take your car to Sandusky High School's Automotive Technology class. The students learn from the experience of making the repairs and maintenance work to your car and the labor is free! That is a huge savings!