It's hard to stay hydrated

Ken Gipe
Mar 23, 2010

Jan. 26: Today was kind of a blah day. Eating went OK, but didn't get to eat dinner until almost 10 p.m., so it was very long between my late afternoon snack and dinner. Got very hungry and gave into some bread with my meat and rice. I am hoping for a good report at the end of the week. I feel better most of the time.

Jan. 27: Did great during the day, but it was busy at work and didn't drink enough. I am finding it hard to keep drinking liquids. My quantity of food has not been difficult to deal with, but planning ahead of time is difficult. My swim meet was cancelled because of the weather so we went out to eat. I had six wings and some fries, but was quite full. I normally would have eaten all 10 and a whole large order of fries, along with three or four full strength Cokes. Maybe the stomach is shrinking?

Jan. 28: This was one of the most difficult days physically that I have had in a long time. I had an early morning workout with Trevor and he "beat me up." I then went to work for about an hour and then off to the hospital for the second part of my "stress test."

This was postponed from last week because I take a beta blocker for my blood pressure and it would not allow my heart rate to get high enough to complete the test. I went off of my meds for three days and then we did the test on the treadmill. Every three minutes, the treadmill increased in speed and incline. After about 12 minutes, I was getting very tired and my heart rate was more than 150 beats per minute. Then, the medication was injected and I continued for about another 30 to 40 seconds and then the test was over and the treadmill slowed down.

After resting for a bit, I was given water to drink. The best part was that I got to eat a bag of Fritos to replace some of the sodium and to help clear out the contrast solution. Then, I had to lie on an X-ray machine while it took pictures of my heart to compare to the resting pictures taken a week before - result to follow next week.

Then, I got to go back to work and brushed snow off of cars for a couple of hours. It was heavy snow and I got a very good supplemental cardio workout, in addition to making my arms feel very heavy. Got home and had a bowl of chili, worked on swim meet stuff for an hour or so and collapsed. For the first time in years, I did not wake up at all until the alarm went off for another 6:30 a.m. work out with Trevor.

Jan. 29: Today's workout was hard because we had to speed everything up because we did a weigh-in and measurement session. Trevor has made some adjustments in the workouts to work my weaker areas. He added sets in some cases, increased weight in some cases and increased reps in most cases. We have decided that because of my swim schedule and his work schedule that we will only be doing two workouts a week through February. I have only had nine workouts and have lost 26 pounds and 8 inches. My body fat percentage has dropped almost 3 percent, my body mass index dropped 3.6 to 41.3. I would like to get into the mid 20s. My biggest inch loss was in my waist of 2.75 inches and my hips, 1.5 inches. Overall, I am very happy with my accomplishments this month. I need to really work on the nutritional part both in planning and consumption.



as we have all learned over time is not to believe everything you read. reporters are just looking for something to report, not always is the truth reported which is sad. just remember, everyones job, no matter how unimportant it may seem would suffer should our auto industry would be allowed to go belly up. with all the workers not having benefits there would be a large decline in hospital and dr. visits so, hospitals would be forced to cut back because there would no longer a nice kick back from the insurance companies. no longer would these people be sending their kids to day cares because they would be home so, there would be cut backs in that service. all food businesses would suffer because eating out would no longer be a choice because these people will have to go into a survival mode. picture roughly 284,000 people from g.m. out of work, now add ford and chrysler and that come to about 852,000 people out of work and no benefits. now, anyone with an ounce of sense should be able to understand how the chain of effect will happen. grocery stores would cut back as well because who will have the money to buy the high priced meats that we are forced to buy now. dont let your anger at how much someone makes cloud your judgement. dont be so blind as to say that it wouldnt hurt your little job. in time, it would in some way. do i think ceo's should take cuts, you bet. until or if that should ever happen i will do what it takes to help keep the economy going. i dont want anyone to suffer any more than we already have. i have compassion for people who have lost and still are loosing their homes and jobs. wishing or letting the auto workers go under would be like shooting a person with cancer for a cure. only a part is sick but, you dont have to kill the part that isnt to get good results. please stop hating the auto workers long enough to care about the ones that are already suffering and if you are still blessed to have a job, do as i am doing. help the ones that cross your path. maybe you cant do much but, doing something is better than doing nothing and its has better results than people bitching, complaining, and talking foolishly when they have no idea of what they are talking about. yes, i am doing what i can, with what little i have. even if its only to buy a few gallons of gas for someone. it may keep them warm because, they have now only their car for shelter. if you havent fallen to such hard times, be thankful and think before you speak harshly about things. we are all connected by the strand of life. we need each other, its called life and living.
Merry Christmas


The main reason for all the web interest is certainly NOT in the SR's news reporting, but is mainly due to people signing on to see what kind of wacko, out of control, awful comments you continue to allow on here each day. CAN'T YOU FINALLY DO SOMETHING TO CLEAN THIS MESS UP? Or do you let it go on because it generates interest in your website? I am guessing the latter is true.

Sue Daugherty

(419) 241-6215 is the number to call if you need dental services. Thanks to the Erie County Health Department there is a "Mobile Dental Care Unit" that comes to Erie County and offers dental care on a sliding fee scale basis. So if you don't have dental insurance Call this number for affordable dental care.


R.H.S. dont you realize you cant ask Jeff Crapbill to think on the spot? He has to research, evaluate facts, and then when all is said and done, plagerise someone elses thoughts. Anyway I do agree that spending your money on The Register is about as smart as smoking it. I mean come on The Gettysburg Address is more relevant. They always report the story three days after some hick paper does, they also allow people like Nick White to be employed when he obviously has no writing skill or talent. I mean come on his blogs are about nothing. What should we expect next, a blog column from Rick Studer? But back to the money thing I do run a knife sharpening business, so rather than buying new knives why not just sharpen your old for a reasonable rate. Also save money buy enjoying the classic music of The Carpenters or Garth Brooks, you may like it and along the way you may learn something. I will end with saying get a job do your job well and dont expect special treatment because you are a tatooed freak or an ammoral homosexual, you chose your life and if you dont want to fit in with the normal people thats your fault.


Thanks for posting this topic Sue, especially in these times of job losses or lack of enough money for the basics.

Keep your house at 65 degrees or less in the winter. I keep mine at 60 degrees and have saved a lot of money in heating bills. Wear warm clothing in the house. Get some white or light gray sweat pants and sweat shirts to wear as PJs when going to sleep. They keep you very warm in a cold bedroom.

Plan all of your errands and shopping trips in one trip. Not only will you save gas, but you also save wear and tear on the car and also save time.

Watch the store ads and only buy the things on sale. Buy non-perishables in bulk when on sale.

Give up eating at fast food places and restaurants. You can cook a lot of food at home for less. And think of the cooking and roasting process as free heat for the house.

Never buy things on impulse unless you really need it and there is a sale or clearance.

Don't buy bottled water. You can reuse the empty water bottles and refill from the tap.

There are hundreds of ways to save money and stretch that dollar. Here are some websites for saving money.

For more frugal ideas, Google "frugal tips"

Sue Daugherty

DEAR FRUGAL PERSON, Thank you for sharing your info and the websites!! I have no idea how you are able to live at 60 degrees. WOW! That is amazing to me. -- Sue

Dale from Webelos

The great Amushunkwa warrior “Red Sleeves” once said “With two sacks of deer jerk, a young squaw and a fox tail I can winter quite nicely”. When asked “why not two young squaws?” He replied, “this would require six sacks of deer jerk and a thousand tears, and there would be no fox tail”.

Rick Studer

Where’s my Bailout? When the annual end of the year articles and television specials start screening over the holidays I predict we will be hearing the word “bailout” a lot. Bailout has become the latest “catch all phrase”.

Banks get a bailout, auto companies want a bailout, insurance companies want a bailout, stockholders need a bailout, everybody wants a bailout. Where is the little guys’ bailout? How about a grocery bailout, have you seen the price of beef? Where is my heating bailout? I’m not man enough to sit in my tub at 60 degrees. Isn’t the point of the bailout to save companies and there by save the economy. Let’s save the little guy!

From what I can tell the economy hasn’t been busting out since the bailout passed. Maybe I’m missing something but all I see are big banks like PNC buying other banks like National City. I see executives getting bonuses. Banks are saving their bailout money instead of loaning it out. Is this what was voted on and passed by congress. I think we need a do over on the bailout plan; maybe we could pass a “just kidding” bill.

If I get a bailout I promise to spend it. I’ll buy some grade a beef, a nice flannel shirt and since I’m not greedy I’ll set the heat at 69 degrees. So come on, send us little guys some cash. After all, we’ll be paying for it the rest of our lives anyway…

Speaking of the auto companies, the more I think about it the more I’m inclined to let them sink or swim on their own. Driving down Cleveland road past the Dodge dealer what do I see out front? Dodge Chargers, giant pickup trucks, big luxury cars, all gas hogs. Wasn’t it just a few months ago that gas was creeping toward $4.00 a gallon? What? Has the energy crisis been solved? I even read where big pickup sales were starting to bump up again. Short memories I guess.

Maybe a shortage of funds would force Detroit to downsize their business model. They already build some small cars. What if they were forced by economics to only sell the small cars? They wouldn’t have to “invent” something new, they already have product.

We all know that the big cars are the most profitable, that’s why they sell them. If they get a bailout and use it to make large vehicles that in turn burn more gas, we not only pay for the bailout we contribute to more gas being burned thus gas prices rise. Just a thought…

Sue Daugherty

ONE FINAL PENNY-WISE TIP... If you can get by without your car for a few days or a week, take your car to Sandusky High School's Automotive Technology class. The students learn from the experience of making the repairs and maintenance work to your car and the labor is free! That is a huge savings!


Hey Studer, its my right as an American to choose what kind of car I drive. There is nothing wrong with big cars. Forcing auto makers to only make dinky pieces of tin cars is ludicrous. I belive thats called communism. I mean under your plan what next, long lines of people waiting for thier monthly roll of toilet paper? People being forced to use copies of The Sandusky Register as an altenative when they run out. (Althogh I'm pretty sure its not even worthy of that honor.) Stop your whining Studer about seeing all those shiny new cars, just because you know its something you can't have it's no need to be jealous of those that can have it. By the way I didnt know your piece of crap Chevy Celebrity could even make it that far, last I heard it had trouble making it around the block. Besides I thought your trailer park was the one behind the Sunoco station on Tiffin Ave not the one on Cleveland Rd. Furthermore if you need money stop whining and get a job instead of sitting at home all day in your underwear drinking Milwaukees Best, playing the banjo, and blogging. And Rick I saw what you consider grade a beef laying on the side of Route 4. If you hurry you might get that possum before the crows do.


After graduating from UTEP, Rick moved back in with his parents. No beer drinking allowed. Right Rick?

Wanna save on heating cost? Move South.


Hi Sue,

I hope that in the future that you will mention ways to stretch a dollar or pinch pennies.

I bought a ham with a bone at Meijer's about 6 months ago for 99 cents a pound. I saved the bone with lots of meat still attached and froze it. Today was a cold day so I decided to make some bean soup. Since I have an all electric house, any cooking that I do in the winter is free heat.

People should cook much more in the winter when heat is needed in the home and freeze the left overs to reheat in the summer.

I live very cheaply because I am not into materialism. Last week, I saved the tops and bottom of my celery and made a great tasting vegetable soup with turkey.

60 degrees is not cold at all inside of a house. There is no wind or breeze so you can rule out a chill factor. Wear sweats pants and shirts indoors.

Why would Rick want to take a bath in 60 degree water? I take a bath in warm water.

Sue, I grew up poor and I know all about ways to save money. I am here to share ideas on saving money.

The Sandusky Library is a great source for lending free books, CDs, DVDs and video tapes. People need to use the Sandusky Library as it is a great store of knowledge.

Hold off buying food and gadgets until they go on sale.


We are both soon to be laid off. Dish soap, laundry soap, toilet paper, counter top cleaner, anything you use routinely. I just purchased original coupons very cheap on ebay. Now my pantry is stocked with cleaning supplies for the next 12 months. I bought all items when they were on sale at Meijer and used coupons. This is a good time of year to stock up on canned vegetables, as sales are very good if you watch for them. I bought enough cases of canned vegetables to get me through for quit a while. All money I can keep in my pocket for now. Now more than ever, you need to be a penny-wise shopper.
I freeze left-over vegatables. When I buy a roast it's large enough to use the left-over with my left-over vegetables for a nice pot of soup.


I was told the programable thermostats will soon lose their green star rating. When you program to heat less during sleeping hours, the furnace has to work that much harder and longer to get back to your desired temperature, in other words, you're not in reality saving very much. I do try to drop my thermostat a degree every 10 days or so. A gradual change in climate is easier to get used to. If you have a "blower" function on your thermostat use it to circulate the warmed air through out the house.
Remember when years back when we kept our thermostats around 80 degrees? Felt pretty good, but the cooler temps. are healthier for our body if we can get used to it.


My cynic's instinct tells me that the SR loves the controversy generated by the forums, as that drives traffic. However, there's no real way to control what people post; even registrations aren't a real barrier. They simply need to shut them down if they want to change the tone. And then if someone wants to write a letter to the editor, let them do it either in print OR electronically. All they have to do is put up a form which requires the submitter's phone number, and only publish letters that can be verified.


My programmable dropped my gas budget from $88 to $65 in two years.... 68when we are home, morning and evening, 62 the rest of the time.


I check the website to see what stupid comments Mattie made, but I do not support any of the merchants that use the Registerag until little Mattie is bye, bye. My way of protest.

Sue Daugherty

DEAR FRUGAL PERSON & COUPON QUEEN, Thank you soooo much for your tips! I admire you both!! -- Sue


nick is sexy he can molest me anytime


One of the biggest myths going around, and their flying around like dust in the Sahara Desert, is that union workers are responsible for our economic troubles. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Union workers did not tell Bush to rewrite laws governing the way securitizations are traded; the banksters did that.

Union workers did not subsequently export bundles of worthless securitizations around the globe in return for trillions of dollars; the banksters did that.

Union workers did not lie and give a triple A rating to those worthless securitizations; the banksters did that.

Union workers did not fleece the entire world; banksters did that.

Union workers did not cause the global economic collapse; the banksters did that.

Union workers did not put folks out of their jobs so they can no longer buy anything including cars; the banksters did that.

Bonnie and Clyde did not rob unions, they robbed banks. And people cheered them. Why? Because the banksters robbed us then just like they robbed us now.

Marquez C

Well, there's a great point to help libraries if this is the real purpose. It is important to always prioritize those beneficial things. This must be one of the government's ideology. IBERIA and Northern Trust Bank are both giving back the funds that they accepted as part of the TARP bailout program, claiming that they never needed the money in the first place. Both banks have said that they only accepted the funding in the spirit of cooperation with the government programs giving aid to financial institutions. IBERIA recently came out with a statement to the effect that accepting TARP funds would put them at a disadvantage. It’s admirable that they are giving the money back, but why would they take bailout money in the first place?


Eriie County certainly lost out on some talented people when both Republican candidates lost. We might have expected more attention toward being ready for our future if the Republicans were elected.

I suspect the Democrats will spend more time than we would like on trying to keep control of the issues arise rather than setting a new and exciting agenda.

I hope I am wrong. I suspect that I am not.


kind of a "new and exciting agenda" can 3 small county commissioners provide any way??? I suspect you'll see emphasis on the 250 corridor development and more infrastructure improvements. You sure as he11 aren't going to get any new manufacturing jobs since they are being wiped out all over the world. Printy and Hayberger wouldn't have done any more than what is going to happen anyway.


talented candidates got elected!!!!


has been indicted in the Cuyahoga County fiasco Mr. Jackson. So how bad is it??? Purely political....the whole swooping down of agents in Eliot Ness style and what have they proven in 7 months now?? NOT ONE THING!!!!


Its a shame you can't somehow monitor more closely or require some sort of registration to prevent some of the comments on your site. Its pretty bad when a person's obituary becomes a chalkboard for comments about the cause of death, the reasons, method, etc. or an article about someone's career becomes a launching site for comments on his marital fidelity.

I feel sorry for any poor Joe or Jane who gets his or her name in your paper, then has to read all the personal attacks from whomever has an ax to grind or a grudge.


If the monitored the comments and did something about all the hate then they would not have as much traffic.

I also find it funny that he says that the hardcopy paper circulation is aprox. 60,000 when they only print around 23,000 papers on a weekday, and just a couple thousand more on Sunday. Not to mention the hundred to thousands of returns from the dealers everyday.


I must say the obituaries are more exciting than Nicks crappy blogs.


Somebody better be proving something because all these corrupt dirt-bags sure have ruined OHIO!