Ken holds out, chair doesn’t

Ken Gipe
Mar 23, 2010

Eating the week of Feb. 8 was good during the day, but I am still having some problems with dinner fitting in with all the rest of what I am eating. Because of work, swimming and a power outage, I only had two workouts this week – one with Trevor Tieche (my personal trainer) and one without. They went fine, but I overslept one morning due to a power outage so Trevor was waiting for me and I never showed up. I called as soon as I realized I was late.

As I have said before, this month will be my most difficult because of the time I will be out of town for swimming meets. I am gone four days this week and three days next week, so eating will be a challenge. I have made workout arrangements at both facilities, so I hope I hope to do some cardio.

I have received a lot of very positive feedback this past week, but I did get a bit of attitude adjustment on Feb. 13. I was sitting in a folding chair, judging the sectional diving meet in Fremont and feeling pretty good about my weight loss. In the middle of the meet, just as a diver was about to go off of the board, I could feel the hinges on the folding chair begin to give out. I tried to get hold on the ladder from the pool, which was right in front of me, but to no avail. I missed it and ended up flat on my backside with my clipboard flying and the chair right under me. Pretty embarrassing, but the people told me they have had several of those chairs give out in the past few weeks. It was pretty funny, though. I’ve lost a couple more pounds so am very close to the 300 mark.



Well, I am sitting here waiting for the next blog. Some of the others have done a couple in the time that our teenager has done nothing. Way to keep on top of things kiddo.


Very well-put "Cart before the horse".

Indeed, understanding requires some experience and life lessons learned.

I believe that teens these days are dealing with the same types of stress and peer pressure we did in the past except maybe at earlier ages.

It's quite easy for me to remember when I was growing up and facing those issues... it's even easier to remember how I dealt with them and where I went wrong in making decisions or choices out of inexperience. I definitely understand that it took making those mistakes to learn from them and our children will also make mistakes that mold who they are. I'm okay with that too. The important thing is that we educate our children and maintain open communication with them without judgement or critisism. All we can do, as parents, is hope that they will remember and trust us enough to apply that knowledge when faced with difficult situations in their own lives.


Adults went thru a very difrnt time they have no idea wat lif wud b lik as a teen in these days. I HATE THE WAY ADULTS THINK THEY KNOW EVRYTHNG!!! THEY HAVE NO IDEA!!! i mean wen they grew up they didnt have cell fones, ims, they lived in a simpler time, a much easyr time!!!!