Recommitting to the gym

Ken Gipe
Mar 23, 2010

It was a pretty uneventful last week. I got in three good workouts. One with Trevor and two while I was officiating at the state swim meet in Canton.

The hotel I stayed at had a nice fitness room with a treadmill, elliptical machine and recumbent bike, as well as a weight machine, fitness ball and dumbbells. To top it off, there was an indoor pool and hot tub adjacent to the fitness room. I used this facility twice and thoroughly enjoyed it, especially being able to go in the hot tub and pool to relax after the 45-to-60 minute workout.

Eating was not too bad. I had a shake and fruit every morning, a high-protein lunch and normal, balanced dinner each day between sessions of swimming and diving. I tried to have some popcorn at the hotel, but it burned in the microwave, so I guess I wasn’t supposed to have it.

I have lost 37 pounds and 15.5 inches since Jan. 1. Now that swimming is over, I hope to be able to increase my workout frequency and intensity and have a really good month of March. I have only averaged about two workouts a week for the past two months. I have done well, but am looking forward to some really great progress since I will have more time to work out and prepare my food in advance. Also, I hope the weather will break and I can get out and do some bicycling.



I thought it was "Haste does make wast."


Typo Nazi


I just wanted to point it out before someone else did..probably in a not-so-nice way.


Are you a psycho-therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, or a behavioralist therapist? If the answer is no to any of the above, your opinion as to why people choose to say what they really feel believing that he or she is hiding under the cloak of anonimity is worthless to me. Case and point this is a small town filled with small minded people who pounce on the opportunity to post mean, hateful, racist filled comments that hurt because they can. The register gives those closet bigots the opportunity to come out of their closets spew hateful things and then sit next to those that they hate so bad at employee lunch table.


Maybe that is because you are family and or a child pervert. I think personally you are stalker


small minded people who pounce on the opportunity to post mean, hateful, racist filled comments that hurt because they can. The register gives those closet bigots...

You mean like you are doing now? Pot & kettle, baby, pot & kettle.


Bullying is the act of intentionally causing harm to others, through verbal harassment, physical assault, or other more subtle methods of coercion such as manipulation. Bullying can be defined in many different ways
Research indicates that adults who bully have personalities that are authoritarian, combined with a strong need to control or dominate. It has also been suggested that a deficit in social skills and a prejudicial view of subordinates can be particular risk factors
Bullies will even create blogs to intimidate victims worldwide.

i so agree that some of the nasty blogs are exactly that. bulling!!! it is a lack of social skills.
i found that if you voice your opinion, there has to be an attack on it. i have never attacked anyone on their opinion, i might not agree with them, but to me attacking someone because we differ is a very poor way to communicate. myself i love to listen to others, because i feel like i could learn from them.
as far as these very nasty comments, i try to ignore them (which is a task sometimes). i too agree, that bloggers should have to sign up on SR. their IP address should be captured. that might help some.

just me

This just gets worse every time. This was inane, space consuming and a little silly. Great for MySpace blogs, not too cool for a 'professional' newspaper.


CM, I enjoy your postings. However, I wonder why you (and so many other people) are wedded to the idea that revealing an IP address somehow gives away a poster's identity. It doesn't, plain and simple. I have seen numerous posts where 'bullies' who have been called out will reply to their antagonist and at the end of their reply will state something like "by the way, your IP address is ________". That information is almost totally useless to all but the most sophisticated computer user.


well, to tell you the truth..i am certainly not a sophisticated computer user.(not even close) i guess i am not educated enough about this subject...
i'm just hoping that there is a way (almost sure, in today's technology) to weed out people that most of the time do nothing but insult others. i have read so many posts that have nothing to do with the story itself.
i have no problem with people who disagree with ME or OTHERS, but the personal insults are way out of line, if you know what i mean.
there has to be a solution to this. i enjoy reading the blogs online, but sometimes i get really turned off by the maturity level of some.


Sue, please keep foamy man home on Commission meeting nights. He gets too emotional over things that really don't even concern him. He acted the fool again. Does he just need a cause to cry about now since your precious Nuesse is gone? Maybe if her house sells, foamy man can build her a foam house somewhere far away from here.


I agree with I thought he was going to cry. Why does Sue deserve a blog? She , foamy man, Kimmie and Mattie should take a long walk out of town!


I don’t care for the name “foamy man”. I suggest some of the following. “The Foamster”, “The Foam-anator” “Styrofoam Jones” “Windmill Bill” “Mark- of Excellence” “Mark ECO- Mark ECO”


I see you pulled one of your childish pranks and removed a post directed to you about Cedar Point and how they were offering $25.00 admission tickets. The way I figure they offered probably 4-6 tickets online since I went to the site 20 mins after you posted. The way I figure you s crewed up by listening to the adults talking about the tickets and you decided to run with the ball. Furthermore, if you want to use Cedar Point as an attraction to your remedial blog you write, you might try juicing it up and tell the readers how Kinzel has the commissioners in his pocket, and how much money he has donated to the Murrat campaighn fund.

Sue Daugherty

IN ATTEMPT TO STAY ON TOPIC, LET ME ASK THE READERS THIS QUESTON...What would happen if the same time and mental energy that are used to blog insults were used in a different manner? What if blogs followed a rule of having to respectfully challenge the blogger's thinking? WHAT WOULD HAPPEN? -- Sue


i think the posts would be alot shorter--lol. it seems as though the task of challenging some peoples thinking would be to hard for SOME. it must be just easier to insult someone elses thinking than come up with a respectful counter argument.
it would be great to be able to come to the blogs, follow a rule and have great discussions.


What would happen if the same time and mental energy that are used to blog insults were used in a different manner?

The same thing that would happen if all the time and energy (mental and otherwise) that is used to campaign for public office, research and write grants for free public funds, sit in a court room while lawyers (paid by the hour) drone on needlessly, work slower than you want to because of union policies; verily if all these things were done away with, the time freed up could be applied to the truer pursuits of helping mankind, creating great works of art or developing new weapons of mass destruction.

But alas, with the dumbing down of society and the touchy feely movement foisted upon us all, I fear more time and energy will continue to be wasted on useless things.


Useless things like "Foamer Simpson" ?


In our country everyone has the freedom to express their thoughts and views---whether brilliant or foolish. OCCASIONALLY something of value can be gleaned even from the comment of the narrow minded, ilinformend, or ignorant, JUST as occasionally something of value can be gleaned from the comments of the elitist, privilidged, self-righteious, superior despots who "lead" the news threads.


Ms. Daugherty:

Check out a very thin book by the late Neil Postman entitled ‘Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business.’

For one, Mr. Postman helped to give me insight into how the modern media has shaped what the public views as news.

Currently I have nothing on which to disagree with you. Trust me however, I am a skeptic as well as an iconoclast and I’ll eventually find some idea of yours with which I will disagree. In all likelihood it will be performed in a mannerly way.

To use a cliché: It is perhaps important to disagree without being disagreeable. Disagree with the idea, but not with the person unless that of course becomes necessary.

I admire you for ‘sticking it out there.’ I’ve been in the public arena and have been exposed to its cruelty and vindictiveness, but also it’s gratitude.

As to the saving of 10 percent of income, that was on a graduated basis with virtually every penny going to sustain a standard of living in the beginning. When raises and bonus were received, we didn’t use the added income to appreciably increase our life style but tended to save it. Fortunately, both my spouse and I are perhaps too fiscally conservative, if that’s possible.

One can think of saving for retirement as a form of old age insurance. If one insures for one’s life and property, insuring for the hoped for eventuality of one’s ‘golden age’ is appears to me to only make sense.

A quote from another of Mr. Postman’s book that I tend to take to heart:

'The most important intellectual ability man has yet developed - the art and science of asking questions - is not taught in school!'
- Neil Postman, Teaching As A Subversive Activity

Perhaps too often, bloggers shoot first and never ask the all-important first question in order to help understand the mind of the other blogger.

How does one learn if one doesn’t ask questions?


What if blogs followed a rule of having to respectfully challenge the blogger's thinking? WHAT WOULD HAPPEN? -- Sue "

The Register would have to get rid of Michelle's blog

Sue Daugherty

TO CM: I have to agree with you that coming up with a good counter-point does require more thought and less emotion -- much less emotion. In fact, when emotion leads the conversation there is less substance to support a position. EXAMPLE: "FULL OF YOURSELF wrote: Get over yourself Sue. Take care of the old people like you are supposed to do. You are not all that, hanging with Foam House clowns. "

My best interpretation of this argument is that "Get over yourself" means this blogger beleives that I am impressed with myself and I shouldn't be blogging. He takes the position that I should just be working at my job. He sounds frustrated that I would have a blog. And he has a strong dislike for foam.

Now if I got that right, what would make it interesting and substantive is if comments would explain in an objective manner 1.What is it that I do that leads one to believe that I am impressed with myself. 2. Why I should only take care of old people and nothing else? 3. What is it about foam makes it such a huge source of frustration to others?

TO JEFF, I enjoyed reading your comments and will look forward to the time when you will demonstrate your disagreement with me. I'm confident that I will learn from it! -- Sue



Sue Daugherty

TO JEFF: Re: the quote 'The most important intellectual ability man has yet developed - the art and science of asking questions - is not taught in school!'
- Neil Postman, Teaching As A Subversive Activity
I LOVE IT. I believe it was Thomas Edison (although I could be wrong)who said the problem with school is that ..."They teach you what to think -- they don't teach you HOW to think."



My post was deleted from several blogs this week. I don't know why. I only wanted to know why the Sandusky City School buses were running. I was held up by one Tuesday at 7am. It only had around five kids on it. Same Thursday. I would like to know why, if the schools are in dire straights, they have enough fuel to run in the summer. Is there some program, that I, as a taxpayer, should know about?


we are stuck with the socialist register's vomit and venom...blogging is simply to keep the field level...Thr SR can delete...we can opt not to buy the SR.


That's what they truely are! All those people so willing to say such hateful, mean-spirited things HERE, are just that. I eventually learned that constructive criticism should be just that, CONSTRUCTIVE! No two people will ALWAYS think alike, there will always be disagreements, differences of opinions. It's how you're able to RELATE/COMMUNICATE those differences, whether face to face, or here ANONYMOUSLY (in most cases). RESPECT (at least showing it) is a key factor in all forms of communication, as well it should be here. Again though, it's a tad easier to be mean-spirited when you're not looking someone in the eye. I have remained anonymous many times, as well posted my name when I felt strongly about something, usually topics with comments that there is NO QUESTION OR DOUBT they cross that "Report Abuse" line! I too ask why they remain. Freedom of Speech is NO EXCUSE for the hate-filled comments found on some of these sites! As well, I've noticed and have had comments deleted that may have struck a nerve with the Powers that be at the SR, or the individiuals the comment site was about. I have always appreciated the opportunity to put my thoughts into writing and send them to the SR for publishing in the Forum. Have only done it a few times, but it was in regards to subject matter that was personally applicable. Not applicable, but just an example... There has been much controversy surrounding the firing of Chief, why, etc.. Many individuals have been called into question regarding this, and with good reason. Is it wrong of people to think, ponder and ASK QUESTIONS? There have been ugly comments made by pro-Nuessies, as well anti-Nuessies. The shoe fits both sides! Personally, regarding this topic, I've remained neutral, I QUESTION BOTH SIDES! I believe that is partly why you've recieved so much negative Sue, you're out there showing your support for something that is going against the grain of the City Leaders. You DARE to question?! Nothing wrong with that! This paper has been accused of having PERSONAL AGENDAS, just as it's accused others of having PERSONAL AGENDAS. Don't allow your publishing to be BIASED, it will be taken seriously. Don't make the mistake of thinking we're all SMALL-MINDED sheep just waiting to be led to the slaughter. Most of us are capable of DEEP THINKING! Here is something deep for you, it came from a 3rd. grader....Sticks and Stones may break my bones but NAMES will break my HEART! VERBAL ABUSE is just as HARMFUL as if someone may have HIT you! For every action there is a re-action. It's easier when there is NO FACE to go with the ACTION! Keep up the good work Sue! I hope you know just how much you and what you do are APPRECIATED! Vicki


She probably just wrote this so that she could get enough comments to be on the "top comments" list. Then more people might read her junk.


What's your name you coward?


And I still think it stinks!

A Marine Mom

Hi Sue~
And to think you left Norwalk for this abuse! I feel the hateful bloggers are jealous ~ plain and simple ~ and I wish they would channel their energy into something positive.
I must say that I always have admired have show true class in all aspects of your life and this blog is no different.
Best of luck.
Norwalk, OH