Putting off meal preparation is sabotaging progress

Ken Gipe
Mar 23, 2010

The week of March 8 was a great workout week and only a so-so diet week. The workouts with Trevor were some of my best since we began. I completed three workouts, each about 90 minutes. I am beginning to feel a little quicker in my agility drills and much stronger with the weights.

I am a little depressed about my ability to eat as often as I am supposed to because I have not done a good job of planning ahead. I have always been a procrastinator and this personality trait is not helping me to achieve maximum benefit. I am great at hitting deadlines, but I usually have crammed everything in at the last minute, and with this program I must do better at planning.

It is amazing how your personality has so much affect on everything you do or try to do. Not only am I fighting the weight battle, I am trying to change one of my basic personality traits. This is actually proving to be more difficult than I thought. If this was coming as easily as my progress with the training aspect of the diet, I would be much further ahead. If anyone has any ideas for helping me to overcome my procrastination as far as the  meal planning is concerned, please let me know.

I got all three of my workouts in the morning last week and that was much better. I had good energy throughout the day and was able to get to sleep easier at night.



Westerhold looks like Vince Vaughn!


Maybe the GOBs bring in these old judges because they can be easily manipulated to fix cases. I know a few intelligent elderly people than can be talked into giving up their life savings.

Many old judges have early signs of dementia or Alzheimer's. In addition, many take drugs that can further impair their mental reasoning.

What is really scary is when mentally impaired judges sit on the highest court of the country to decide cases.
And this particular judge was younger than 70 and still was allowed to decide cases. But as usual, there was a cover-up to keep the secret away from the people.

According to the Washington Post, "The late Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist took a powerful sedative during his first decade on the Supreme Court and grew so dependent on it that he became delusional and tried to escape from a hospital in his pajamas when he stopped taking the drug in 1981, according to newly released FBI files."



Ohio and Erie County needs a judge like Judge Andrew Napolitano.



Wouldn't feel to awful comfortable getting onto a plane at an airport where the pilot and air traffic control are 80yr. olds, who SHOULD HAVE BEEN RETIRED 10 years prior! What's not to get, unless you're just choosing NOT TO?! Look, not all over 70yr. old people are senile, don't have their wits about themselves.....The point, why are RETIRED JUDGES, always the same ones being used by the same people, used to come in and decide CERTAIN CASES? As well, in this particular situation why/how is it proper for the LAW DIRECTOR to be the one picking the JUDGE? Anyone else notice the PATTERN in regards to our COURT SYSTEM here in Erie County over the last 10+ years? When a person has to face the JUSTICE SYSTEM, they're only hope is that system will be fair, honest and above board with them, as it should be with everyone! We can all talk until we're blue in the face, facts are facts. Especially the FACT THAT THIS ALL LOOKS PRETTY WELL ROUTED, and those that COULD/SHOULD do what's best for this particular situation, WON'T! Why is that? This situation casts a bad light on the ENTIRE CITY GOVT., especially the LEADERS, COPS & COURTS!


I seem to remember that both Chiefs,Neusse and McClung, stated the fact that software would be incompatible.Then Tom Ferrell came to the rescue with a plan. A 60k study that would be covered by a grant. I hear that that study on joint dispatch is now over 90k none of which was covered by a grant. Now we have gone full circle and the city is back wanting to talk to Perkins about joint dispatch. And Neusse was the dishonest one?


....Free Elsbeth Baumgardner....

Sandusky Citizen

There sure does seem to be a lot of crap going on in our city. I tried to research the two judges that were recommended by Icsman, Cirigliano and Richard B. McQuade. I couldn't find much on Cirigliano but heard that he was very old, closer to age 85 than 80 as posted in the comments. I have to wonder why K. Ronald Bailey is comfortable with Cirigliano. If I were Nuesse, I would have hired an attorney from away and not from Erie County.

From my readings about Richard B. McQuade, I found the following links and they were not favorable at all. I sure would not want McQuade as a judge.

Personally, I think that Nuesse would not go along with the powers that be but wanted to do the right thing. I don't like the way that politics or should I say corruption is running things in our city. Perhaps an organized march around the courthouse to protest what is happening might be a good starting point. All that I want to see is accountability and for the truth to come out. I remember years ago when there was a protest march around the courthouse by a group of fathers for divorce reform. Organize a march around the courthouse as a start. Where are those ministers when you really need them?


It will be interesting to see how Mr. Baxter's office handles the teachers in Perkins School District who committed insurance fraud with tax payers dollars. So if he gets Judge
Cirigliano to hear the case, we all know what that means as well.




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