Unhealthy eating started at young age

Ken Gipe
Mar 23, 2010

This has been a difficult past week for me because of the many things happening. My daughter-in-law gave birth to our third grandchild on March 20 at 5:44 a.m. so I have been back and forth to Columbus twice in the past five days.

I got in three good workouts, but I am still having difficulty dropping more weight —I think it is relocating. Measurements are pretty good, but the number on the scale is about the same. With all the travel, it has been tough to eat properly, but I am working on it.

From the time I was about 12, I have had a weight problem, mainly caused by poor dietary habits. I grew up in a meat and potatoes family with two younger brothers and a dad who was a picky eater.

The vegetables we ate were on the starchy side like corn and beans. I never ate a salad at home until after I was married.

Even when I was swimming competitively, I was always heavy. I did not look good in a Speedo. I know that is more info than you wanted, but you got it anyway. Michael Phelps and I have nothing in common as far as our bodies. We both are/were butterfly swimmers, but the similarities end there.

We also had dessert with every meal. My mom was an excellent cook and a good baker. Most meats were broiled or fried; potatoes were a staple at most meals, and I still love potatoes cooked in most any fashion.

I never had pizza until college. Now, it is one of my favorite foods, as long as there is extra cheese and meat. Pizza isn’t a vegetable so vegetables don’t belong on it. A meal is not a meal without meat involved, in my opinion.

As I grew older and more into athletics, I have always been pretty good at most anything I have tried, except skateboarding.

For many years, I felt that my body type was a competitive advantage because who loses an athletic contest to the fat kid? Golf, tennis, volleyball (played in college), racquetball, basketball, hockey, serious badminton, water skiing (slalom and trick), baseball/softball, swimming and others were all sports that I participated in and I was quite competitive.

I am not a fast runner, but I have good reactions and learn physical skills pretty quickly. I had to learn quickly to be competitive because I was slow. Once I bunted in a baseball game and the third baseman came in, fielded the bunt and beat me to first base — no throw needed. That was the last time I bunted.

After I started to raise a family, I decided I needed to learn to run. After a couple of years, this led to running competitively in 10k races (best time of just under 39 minutes) and, eventually, I ran the 1986 Cleveland/Revco Marathon, finishing in just over four hours — not fast by any means, but I did it. I kept this up for several years, but was always entered in the Clydesdale Division for runners more than 200 pounds.

I began to have some knee problems in my late 30s so I quit running and during the past 25 years, I have been on the yo-yo diet. The lowest I have been was in the 240s and the highest was331, which was where I was when I began FIT Challenge.

I am learning to exercise with more of a purpose and have seen great progress in my strength, flexibility and agility, as well as a marked redistribution of my weight.

I have been sort of on a plateau for several weeks, but part of that is my inability to plan my eating in advance. That is my goal for the next month: Try to come up with a plan for planning my diet more effectively.



Matt's questions seem reasonable to me, particularly in view of the Prosecutor's assertions in the Murman report. If his statements are all true then he should have no difficulty answering these very focused questions.


Good job Mr. Westerhold. I am sure the response to your questions will in fact be deafening.


A manager editor with b@ll's. I support and appreciate your ongoing efforts to expose this bull stuff!!!!! The SPD surely seems like it is corrupt. The issue of the current Officers taking free or discounted merchandise that Nuesse put a stop to, will quickly be common place again. ANYONE BEING PUT IN A POSITION TO GIVE SPD/SFD PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT SHOULD REPORT IT TO MATT WESTERHOLD IMMEDIATELY!!!! Reporting it to Kline may result in him trying for the same. He has shown he does not have the backbone to deal with the SPD.


Man are you obsessed! Give it a rest!
You were duped by one of the best liars
ever to hit Sandusky. Just let it go.
You'll probably drink the Kool-Aid if she asks you to.


You and Kim lost. Move on to something else already.


Hmm. If that's not incentive to go and donate fifty bucks to a campaign, I don't know what is. How much has Obama raised online? Can he really win that way?


Westerhold, really need to get the help for your obsession. Who do you think you are. If I was Baxter I would give you an answer to the affect, go f yourself you slime.


What a loser that will not just give up. More and more register's being cancelled by the day due to this loser.


Matt, get a clue. You have been played -- played like the rest of the community. Her lies have caught up to her. You are so enamored that you can't see what the rest of the community can see ... a huge joke! Newsflash, Matt (in case you haven't been reading the constant history ... it's certainly NOT NEWS being written every day) ... SHE GOT FIRED!!!!!!

Here is a question for you, Matt ... what is in this for you? Clearly, she has become an obsession for you.


You are a real dushe bag!


You and your buddy McBOOB's plot didn't work. She got fired! Do a story about the ATF raid at the Perkins Police Department. How about the Girl Scout Cookie thief they have working there? Get off your knees, McBOOB needs to be asked some questions, Mr. Managing Editor!


I have left MANY blogs on here, some have been out of anger and have taken shots at Matt Westerold some have been trying to convince those few followers of his to see the kind of "person" he really is. As I have read through some of the responses to this story I can not help but start to see what is happening here. I truly believe that Matt has a school boy crush on Kim. I mean, we already know that Matt has no soul and no integrity, but to watch him slobber all over himself just to try and stick up for her is disturbing. Why else would you destroy what VERY little reputaion you have left to defend a woman like this, unless you thought you were going to gain her acceptance. I mean we have all read in this joke of a newspaper about Kim's marital problems, so maybe just ,maybe Matt is trying to manipulate that situation. Now I have never had anything good to say about Kim, but I have to believe that she could do better than a two bit hack like Westerhold. Everyone else involved in this has reason to be.....Frankowski has ZERO power now and has decided to try and strike back at the very people who have laughed at him all his life, by stabbing all SPD in the back. Dan Kaman is trying to gain public support for his next campaign which he will lose. Same for Waddington, who probably has no idea what is going on with....well anything. But Westerhold....what is his angle here?? And then you have "Charles Schultz" himself with his lame drawings (Dudley Do Right must have been tough to draw), who must owe Matt some money or something. I mean why else would he leave such stupid cartoons, I would hope he didnt do this intentionally, if so, I am sure he will go no further than the SR. My 11 year old draws better and has a better sense of humor. So that is my opinion, Matt has a lil' crush on Ms. Nuesse, but I hope he hasnt vested too much in that idea, as I said she can do MUCH better!!!


Matt, these are very good questions. Too bad you probably will never get them answered. I give you about another 6 months (odds are 8 to 1 in my poker group)before you are rail-roaded out of town.


Don't ya think this guy, Warner, should get his head out of the clouds? Warner needs to look at the marina district mess before the city goes bankrupt with the Kim Nuesse discrimination settlement. Next don't ya think he needs to pull back on the Marina District debt? This guy is all talk an no action. Who lined him up for the city commission?


Why didn't Baxter want the Ohio Attorney General here to investigate the Nuesse witch hunt?

I am concerned that the DEA issues and the Nuesse witch hunt are both related to a county prosecutor who some have indicated may, or may not, have some reasons to be concerned about drug crimes or any misdeeds that are within the scope of the prosecutor's responsibility to address.

Bravo Matt! You have laid out questions for the EEOC to consider and the motives that should be explored when Kim Nuesse amends her EEOC complaint.

Another reason to seek a documented response, or a documented nonresponse, is the opportunity for a viable candidate to challenge Baxter in the next election if he is found to be in the clear when everything shakes down when the Nuesse witch hunt is unwound...

The GOBs should not relax, because things are likely to heat up as the Nuesse saga moves on to the next level of intensity.


Obama lied. He said that he would use public campaign financing if McCain did the same. Now we learned that McCain will use public financing and we also learned that Obama lies!


Baxter is not the one who needs to answer questions here. This is about Kim Nuesse. But I forgot, this is your deflection tactic. Take the light off of Kim and put it on someone else. Bottom line, Kim is fired for multiple offenses. She was found guilty. Stop deflecting.



These all sound like appropriate questions for Mr. Baxter's deposition in Ms. Nuesse's civil case.

That's why you'll never get him to answer them in this forum.

Grow up.


If you truly want to make Matt Westerhold pay for his unprofessional, immature, and truly poor actions as he pretends to be a journalist—people who actually provide news to the public without slant or bias so they can make decisions base on the facts provided—DO NOT post on these blogs/stories ANY LONGER.

Don’t even look at blogs or any other story. Each time a person does, just think of Westerhold smiling back at you. That’s what he’s doing.

Each time you click on this site, WESTERHOLD WINS.

There is nothing else he or anyone else can do to influence a court of law involving Nuesse.

I am not a supporter or critic of Nuesse. I haven’t worked for her, so I don’t feel educated enough to comment on that. Those who have make it clear which way they stand. Those who haven’t appear to be on the other side. My objective opinion would be that if she were a good leader, it would not have mattered if she were black, white, male, female, American or Canadian (that’s for you Lee). A good leader earns respect, never demands it. I don’t know what kind of environment there was in the SPD, but it appears Westerhold and Nuesse created a pretty hostile one in this community. It can only make one wonder what it was like in the department.

If the former chief does file suit, it will be up to a judge and/or jury, not Westerhold.
The only thing he can do is try to get you to come here, day after day, hour after hour, to see what kind of crap he will spew next to get you to buy into his crap and keep coming back.

I implore you, IGNORE it.

It will be difficult, I know. I’m as addicted as anyone to this story simply because of the outlandish coverage. I’ve avoided posting anything for some time, but I have looked. I’m going to stop now. The only way this “editor” can influence anything is if you continue to come to this site and post.

I would lead any argument with reasons why Westerhold should be removed from his position. It’s obvious his boss supports his approach or Westerold would have been gone long ago. What Phares apparently fails to realize is how quickly Westerhold is following in the footsteps of Elsebeth. She may have had some truth to her theories, but nobody listened any longer because of her history. Matt, now, has that same history and, by acquaintance, so does the Register. It’s almost a shame what he has done to a once respectable newspaper.

So again, make this the last blog you read and reply to. It’s easy to say you will complain to advertisers and tell them about it. It’s difficult to actually do it. If you have the courage to call them, do so. But if you want to make a difference without having to be confrontational, stop reading his rhetoric.

If you think Phares will continue to back Westerhold when the hits on this website (which mean advertising dollars) dry up, you’re crazy.

He’ll drop him in a heartbeat.

To the Nuesse haters: If she is as bad as you say, let’s hope she never works in an authority position again.

To the Nuesse supporters: If she was railroaded, let’s hope she can bounce back from this.

To Westerhold: You’re a used-car salesman. Actually, that would be an insult to those folks.


Did you overhear the adults talking about this at your uncle's party? Such a smart boy. Your uncle you give you a job. Oh, he did, didn't he?


Grow up and get a life. These questions put forth by Matt are important ones that need to be answered by Baxter. We all know how crooked Baxter is and his influence had a lot to do with the railroad job of Nuesse. I really feel we need the AG to do an investigation of the SPD and Baxters office. I know something really smells here and it is coming from Baxter's office. Keep up the questions Matt and ignore the ignorant rantings of the people who call you names and threaten to drop the paper, they are the ones who really fear the answers from Baxter. They know his answers, if truthful would clear Nuesse, and they cannot accept that.


City Commissioner or County Commissioner?

By the way, the Huron County airport is a much better location than NASA.


Are you one of the good ol boys? It seems that you are attempting to convince others to stop reading and responding to the Nuesse railroad job by the GOBs....why? You obviously have a biased and informed opinion about the editor who is doing a fantastic job of managing the SR so that it fulfills its Fourth Estate responsibility to the citizens.

To Matt and the entire SR staff, "Keep up the great work!" You all have earned back my trust and I may consider becoming a regular subscriber once again...


Last poster was Westerhold himself!! Pat yourself on the back again Matt!!


You are either a delusional GOB or you you are so absorbed with Matt that you need to seek professional help! Why can't you stay away and stop reading this blog? Get a life duhdddd.


She'll get a FAIR AND UNBIASED trial in Erie County, right?! WE THE PEOPLE MUST QUESTION OUR OWN GOVERNMENT FROM TIME TO TIME! Not one for or against Nuesse, what I am for is an INVESTIGATION FROM THE ATTORNEY GENERALS OFFICE! We've seen how it's been played out! Alot of questions could have been answered by doing so, but the choice was made not too. Our city leaders speak of a transparant goverment, but that must be only if it suits their personal needs/agenda! No matter how you look at it, just as much as a NEGATIVE light was shed on Nuesse, so to with OUR CITY LEADERS, AS WELL THE SPD!


Go Matt!! Put Baxter on the hot seat. Something is not right when certain people start to bully, intimidate, and come close to threatening other people. When this happens, there is something being covered up or rotten somewhere.


Your blog is by far one of the most persuasive ever on this topic. You're absolutely right - stop giving Westerhold want he wants, AND cancel the paper as well. You clearly hit a nerve with those who have replied to you, but they all sound a little to paranoid or desperate. Again, you're right - stop the blogging, stop the paper and we'll starve the monster.


The reason the expansion is planned for the NASA property is to enable that facility to work on much larger projects which would be airlifted in.

With more work at NASA, and more jobs in the tech industry to support that work, some of the newly employed people just might decide to live in a Sandusky condo. And I am sure some will be attracted to homes in Huron County, too.

And I think the Chesapeake condos are selling out.....seems to be quite a few occupied now in the southern end of the building.


No way in the hell Nuesse will file in Erie County. She'll file in federal court and the trial will pull from a host of north western Ohio counties (Erie west to the Indiana border). Unless Bailey is insane.

If Nuesse is smart...which is debatable...she'll get herself an actual employment attorney to handle her case. How about that guy from Columbus who is representing the gals who Marc Dann was fooling around with??? He's got balls.