Unhealthy eating started at young age

Ken Gipe
Mar 23, 2010

This has been a difficult past week for me because of the many things happening. My daughter-in-law gave birth to our third grandchild on March 20 at 5:44 a.m. so I have been back and forth to Columbus twice in the past five days.

I got in three good workouts, but I am still having difficulty dropping more weight —I think it is relocating. Measurements are pretty good, but the number on the scale is about the same. With all the travel, it has been tough to eat properly, but I am working on it.

From the time I was about 12, I have had a weight problem, mainly caused by poor dietary habits. I grew up in a meat and potatoes family with two younger brothers and a dad who was a picky eater.

The vegetables we ate were on the starchy side like corn and beans. I never ate a salad at home until after I was married.

Even when I was swimming competitively, I was always heavy. I did not look good in a Speedo. I know that is more info than you wanted, but you got it anyway. Michael Phelps and I have nothing in common as far as our bodies. We both are/were butterfly swimmers, but the similarities end there.

We also had dessert with every meal. My mom was an excellent cook and a good baker. Most meats were broiled or fried; potatoes were a staple at most meals, and I still love potatoes cooked in most any fashion.

I never had pizza until college. Now, it is one of my favorite foods, as long as there is extra cheese and meat. Pizza isn’t a vegetable so vegetables don’t belong on it. A meal is not a meal without meat involved, in my opinion.

As I grew older and more into athletics, I have always been pretty good at most anything I have tried, except skateboarding.

For many years, I felt that my body type was a competitive advantage because who loses an athletic contest to the fat kid? Golf, tennis, volleyball (played in college), racquetball, basketball, hockey, serious badminton, water skiing (slalom and trick), baseball/softball, swimming and others were all sports that I participated in and I was quite competitive.

I am not a fast runner, but I have good reactions and learn physical skills pretty quickly. I had to learn quickly to be competitive because I was slow. Once I bunted in a baseball game and the third baseman came in, fielded the bunt and beat me to first base — no throw needed. That was the last time I bunted.

After I started to raise a family, I decided I needed to learn to run. After a couple of years, this led to running competitively in 10k races (best time of just under 39 minutes) and, eventually, I ran the 1986 Cleveland/Revco Marathon, finishing in just over four hours — not fast by any means, but I did it. I kept this up for several years, but was always entered in the Clydesdale Division for runners more than 200 pounds.

I began to have some knee problems in my late 30s so I quit running and during the past 25 years, I have been on the yo-yo diet. The lowest I have been was in the 240s and the highest was331, which was where I was when I began FIT Challenge.

I am learning to exercise with more of a purpose and have seen great progress in my strength, flexibility and agility, as well as a marked redistribution of my weight.

I have been sort of on a plateau for several weeks, but part of that is my inability to plan my eating in advance. That is my goal for the next month: Try to come up with a plan for planning my diet more effectively.



Bet you a dollar Westerhold wrote, helped write, or edited the IMA report. Then in today's paper he pats himself on the head about how great it was.

Just Wondering

The joint airport in Ottawa County is under used, why waste more money.


Time for Matt to leave, I'll pay for the moving van. Matt how mch have you lost in revenue for the Register with your biased views. Take Kimmie with you!




!! RE: NIGHTSTALKER! I believe that you hit the nail right on the head in your comment! Believe me, that person is not the only anti Nuesse there is, its just most refuse to come on these blogs to listen to you supporter's and Westerhold now that she is G-O-N-E. Well, I take that back, most quit even before then they got so tired of reading your crap. Ya know I think they just might have a good point there...this is getting kinda sickening. Like Dr. Evil said...you all are just BEATING A DEAD HORSE! Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah.


Now "ED" wants to make it a race issue. When will the Nuesse clan take a break???!!!! If it isn't one thing/person to blame it's another! AAAAHHHHGGGGGG!


Nightstalker, I am a CURRENT member of SPD, however, have very little say in anyhthing. I am not a member of this GOB network u you people talk about. Now that Kim is gone, I would welcome an outside investigation. She is everything that report, regardless of how badly written, says she is. Trust me, I work so I dont have time to leave all these blogs, I may leave one or two a day and if you read through here, you will see MANY MANY Anti-Nuesse blogs. As for some of you blasting the "No Respect" Officer at SPD, do you think officers really care about that? Cause trust me...we dont. We are called worse everyday to our faces so a few blogs by people who dont leave their name really doesnt bother us. We cant leave our name because we really arent suppose to be giving our opinion, but the way I see it, is when I am not working I am allowed to have an opinion. I have never threatened anyone on here or used obscene language. But all the officers know of this woman is the FEW times she talked to us, we were not able to go into her office and just talk to her if we have a concern. It also has nothing to do with her being female, most of us down there believe that SOME changes were needed, but she did nothing but take advice from McClung and we see where that got her. So yes, I have first hand knowledge of this woman and she is exactly where SHE put herself, on the unemployment line and she can sue all she wants, she should consider herself lucky she was not brought up on charges. Again, Officers are used to no one wanting us around, UNLESS you need one of us, then we are ALWAYS there.....


GOD bless you and thank you for being there.


To the current member of SPD, too many re's gets confusing.

If you are not a member of the GOB then you have to be a patrol officer. If so then I do respect the patrol officers as do many people, however, it is the command staff that does not deserve any respect. They use backstabbing methods to further their agendas. How many of them put in writing their complaints and sent it to the city manager, who just happens to be their boss. Why did they do an end around and go to Icsman? If they would have followed the chain of command this situation could have been fixed before it got out of hand. Did any of them put in writing and forward it to Kline their concerns about the dispatch system? Did anyone put in writing and forward to Kline their concerns about her parking ticket? Ditto about her supposedly lying? Why did these great leaders wait until it got to this point before confronting the situation with Kline? Just what charges do you think she could be brought up on?


RE; Hey Nightstalker
Good try, however, I know this person who is doing that blogging and he is using the double e in response to the anti Nuesse clan using the Kimmie at the end of their blogs. I will give you credit for trying, but that is like pulling the pin on a hand granade and tossing the pin, nice try but not effective.


the airport in Ottawa is too small idiot and there's no room for expansion. Can't you freaking read the stories or do you just shoot your mouth off to show how stupid you are??

Pay Attnetion Moron they need to land planes that are as big as 3 football fields!!!


Just like I thought you would say...About that double E....If you would like to scroll back to some of your blogs you will see the good 'ol double E. Besides, you can always tell one of your blogs...no big deal....carry on.


Went back to other stories, there were alot of the double E thing going on in them too. Hmm. Ooops, some had triple E's.

Sue Meredith

Sandusky Register..when is the last time one of your employees got a DUI and you SR paid for them to take three days off not to mention paying for the DUI school? Why should the taxpayers have to pay to have some dispatcher who is in a probationary period pay for her misjudgement? What lesson did this teach the DUI offender...what would Nuesse have thought had the dispatcher gotten drunk the following week but this time killed someone? No questions asked...the dispatcher should have been fired immediately...that is why companies have probationary periods....

To the woman who wrote the letter to the editor in todays paper...don't group all women together their are many of us that are glad she was fired..she is playing the gender card which I find dispicable.....


Obviously you didn't go to the Tim Russert of journalism school...HONESTLY & INTEGRITY..of which you have neither...


These things happen when the city doesn't have a policy manual for their employees. Conduct should be spelled out in the manual. Employees need to know what is tolerated and what isn't tolerated and what the consequences will be. Besides, the paid leave was approved by Mr. Kline as stated in the evidence presented in one of the investigative reports. Checks and balances were in place, just ignored or not questioned by the city manager. The city manager needs to pay more attention to what is crossing his desk as that is part of his reponsibility. Kline was at the time Nuesse's boss. Where was he when all this was going on; for that matter, where was personnel? There should be approval of paid leave from Chief Nuesse to personnel to Kline. Three signatures should have been on the paid leave approval.


You atr about as full of feces as a Christmas turkey.


I told you before, warner just likes to see his name in the paper. He is for helping a select group of people - UNION ONLY. The rest of you losers can go f*ck yourselves.

Reality Check

"The definition of death, in corporate America, is believing you don't have any competition. The definition of being in a coma may be underestimating that competition."


There you go again, Matt !

Another online poll with unsatisfactory answer options...... Hire a new chief from within or hire from outside?

Why not advertise the opening and hire the most qualified candidate, whether from inside or outside the department ?

Your polls remind me of the ones Rep. Gillmor used to mail out. No matter how you answered the questions, the responses could all be slanted to support a position you weren't totally comfortable with.


Westerhold THRIVES on making trouble.


Again one of the three others wound have been a better choice as a commissioner,
than big mouth Warner.What a beauty.


I think the city could make a peace gesture on the replacement of the police chief and that is to hire from outside. To hire within is not taking care of the problem as it will still exist if you hire within. If the city wants any healing done, they need to seek another outsider if anyone will take on these eleven supervisors and their hatred for an outsider.




I hope so too :)

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All I got to say is Jimmy Carter!!!!


Giving money to politicians is like encouraging a dog to hump your leg.


Hey, know what? That "Turkey" your talking about must have fallen off your own platter. Yeah, you got all the answers. You must have been working at the PD too? Thats the only thing that could possibly qualify you to say this officer's opinion is so "full" as you put it. If you haven't been there, don't act as though you have.


Yes, I am an SPD Officer so don't get on your high horse and think you know everything. I know the Officer that wrote this and believe me he is full of it. As for yourself, go get bent, you don't have a clue. Write about something you do know like your ABC's.


Can't you just feel the LLLOOOVE in these blogs?