Not a good month

Ken Gipe
Mar 23, 2010

This has proven to be my most difficult month. I have only lost a couple of pounds. We haven’t done an inch measurement because Trevor Tieche, my personal trainer, has been out of town and I have had to work out on my own.

The workouts have been fine, except that I miss doing some of the work between sets. I tried to make adjustment so I could do them on my own, but I don’t think they were as effective. I think I put more stress on my knees, as they have been sore.

Eating continues to be a problem. With the hours of work, my own tendency to procrastinate and not getting things done at home, I have not planned well and have not lost weight. I am very frustrated with myself, and the support system I have developed, for not being able to make progress as far as the weight is concerned.

I am working hard on the exercise, but I am convinced, now more than ever, that frequency of eating and not feeling like I was hungry were instrumental in helping me get off to the start I did.

I feel like I have lost inches, so I will have to be satisfied with that for the month. I will have an accurate inch and weight report next week. I am off to fly fish for steelhead in northern Michigan for a couple of days and look forward to being outdoors and relaxing with nature. I will have a fishing report next week.


Anonymous (not ...

Ken writes: 'I have only lost a couple of pounds.'

That's a good thing! Feel proud. At least that's a step in the right direction isn't it?

It's said that it takes 21-30 days in order to form a new habit.

You've been practicing unhealthy habits for a long time, it'll take some time to form new ones.

Be patient with yourself and cut yourself A LOT of emotional slack but stick to the program. It'll begin to pay off in div'ds real soon.

Proper diet and daily excercise are just habits - nothing more. They are in no way connected with one's lack of self control or morality.

Work to form the habits and the rest of it like losing weight and inches will eventually fall into place.


Stall must GO !!


This one is beyond words. I can't believe what I have just read. Matt Westerhold, I have said that you were obssessed with this woman. I have to say I have changed my mind. You, my friend, are a ruthless nut. There is not one bone in that body that has an ounce of morals. You made me upset with a story you had written in Sunday's paper, but you know, after reading this one I almost have some sort of pity for you. You should really think about getting some kind of professional help. I am not trying to be rude but you have a major problem when it comes to this story. Well, atleast I can say that you didn't even make me mad this time, you are truly hopeless. I hope GOD can still find it in himself to help you help yourself. Are you that miserable? And your brother, Grant was such a nice guy!


UNBELIEVABLE sounds like the real smoochy!


nope, sorry just a concerned citizen. That boy needs help. As for you, go back to the just in page so you can find out first thing what happened to the "cancer of Sandusky"


Matt, you really ought to focus on the obituaries and police blog, where your minimal reporting skills are adequate.


Why did you delete all of those comments? Truth hurt?


Great reporting,Matt.Keep-up the excellent work.


To Matt: I may not agree with you often, but I certainly respect that you have the courage of your conviction. An old, now departed friend of mine, Emmanual Irby, always talked of people who would throw stones and then hide their hands--that certainly cannot be said of you. It is better to get it out in the open rather than let everything fester. You hang in there...


It seems to me that it is just not right for the managing editor of a newspaper to be so blatantly biased regarding a story, no matter if he is right in his thinking or not. I don't yet know what to think about this whole Nuesse situation, but I really don't think I want the editor of my hometown paper to try and influence how myself and other readers should react. The voters of Sandusky elected Craig Stahl and they can just as easily vote him out of office next time he runs if they are not happy with his performance, just as they can do with any elected official. I feel Mr. Westerhold and the Register should simply focus on accurately reporting what is going on with both sides of this issue and quit taking sides. Mr. Westerhold is overstepping his bounds with this personal aganda of his.


Sorry, I should have spelled AGENDA correctly at the end of my previous post.


Great job Matt. This of course will be torn apart by the anti Nuesse clan as being biased and lord knows they know bias as they are about as biased as any human beings can get, sorry I didn't mean to insult human beings. They have blinders on and do not have open minds, they only see what they want to see. It is to bad people are so blind to the truth when it smacks them in the face. Keep up the good work and I as always look forward to your stories. They would not know a reporter if they were talking to one.


Thank you, thank you, thank you! Finally someone has seen the light! Thats what I have tried to tell people in the past. Westerhold is on her side and thats the story. The SR NEVER prints anything true. They are being just that...biased. That is why the citizens of Sandusky have no idea, all they see are all of his lies.


You seem to be a intelligent enough person but that is what gets me. I have argued with you a couple of different times, you just gave me alittle helping hand in another story. That is why I can't understand why you stand up for Nuesse. Too bad I don't know who you are, maybe that would explain something...I don't know. Why you can not see through Matt Westerhold is beyond me. Can't you see that is all he ever write's is stories about Kim and is always one sided? Doesn't that tell you anything. I have thought many times maybe you are Westerhold himself. Cpt Gutz seems to have disappeared after I asked if he was. Oh well, I guess I will just never understand.


Mr. Feel Good strikes again! You can't possibly believe all you say. Residents can see right through the phony show. Maybe your neighbors at Cedar Point will hire you.


Mr. Stahl pointed out the obvious. Once again Mr. Westerhold bent the truth to make Nuesse's cause look better. He must have learned this smoke and mirror stuff from her. She has told 4 different stories so far: 1 story in the Murman report 2. A different story in her video 3. A third different story in her radio interview 4. And now the fourth different story in her 13 page rebuttal. Get one story and stick to it...please


When will the IMA call in the cards and strike the recall deal.


Remember Stahl made the speach at the debate when running for the commission seat that he was going to turn on the coffee maker and get to business and work as much as he has to to fix the city. Now he is just a lap dog for whoever can get him the most. He has not done a thing other than dupe the residents. What a worthless pathetic man.


I wouldn't hold my breath! Sounded like a good scare tactic to get Mr. Darden in the seat! Funny though. Mr. Darden wanted to be a commissioner but when he served before, all he could was fall asleep at the meetings. Now there's a city leader!!!

As far as the IMA........Nice to see what I predicted........Not one of them are qualified to do an investigation. I like the small print on their last page where it indicates that the informatoin might not be accurate........NICE.

As far as Stahl.......Thank you for standing up for your beliefs at the commission meeting. It's nice to see that at least you, Ms. Farrar, and Mr. Fuqua want to see the right thing done. Mr. Stahl, maybe when this is all said and done, some of these bloggers and Mr. Westerhold (JOKE)will owe you an apology........


Re: At Nightstalker
Sorry, but since you keep using different monikers I have no idea who you are either. Why don't you stick to just one handle and then we both will know who we are debating with.


Mr. Kline has been put in a difficult place because of the unethical behavior of a lying person. Mr. Kline attempted to discuss problems with Chief Nuesse, however to her detriment she ran to the SR and started a "witch hunt" campaign. She is a very nice person, she is a very bad leader.

The SR is spreading so much BS, not facts. Look at Dr. Morse's letter to SPD yesterday. He said that the SR took his works out of context and he has no personal knowledge of anyone at SPD claiming they couldn't or wouldn't work for a woman. We know for a fact that Gary Frankowski made these comments.

The SR says Baxter "blasts Murman report". Kevin Baxter wrote a letter to show that Westerhold is way too deep into this to see clearly.

Eleven supervisors signed a letter directed to the City Manager and Commissioner's and their thoughts of Chief Nuesse, not just the command staff as claimed by the SR.

The IMA, under the leadership of Matt Westerhold and Gary Frankowski write a long report that includes allegations against two highly respected retired FBI agents, which is a total lie concerning their integrity. I hope the IMA and Thom Darden have their checkbooks ready, the lawsuits coming.

And on, and on, the spin, the lies the deflection of the Nuesse supporters. I hope the general public is beginning to get the clear picture of this Nuesse fiasco, leading right to the corner of W. Market St. and Jackson St.

I can't wait to see Matt Westerhold under oath, on the stand be able to deny he wasn't at Nuesse's house, listening on speaker phone to the commissioner's conversations with the Chief.


....The truth at that!


...Love, Bob C. (fka James Bonds' agent number)


Because, I am a gay bee-yatch.And a fat punk to boot.


Maybe it is time to contact Doug Phares, Publisher of the Sandusky Register. This all needs to stop...a journalist should be unbiased in his reporting...and yours can be downright rude at times. On this site it lists Doug Phares contact info as: 419-609-5860 ~


Stagnant? You are truly pathetic.
Hey dust bunny, it's been stagnant since they elected you and that big Conehead. Stagnant six weeks? Where have you been for the last four years? You need to start wearing a dust mask. Maybe it is the drugs you stole before they let you go from Stein. Do everything fuzzy, canoe launch, green, how many CEO's did you bring in you MORON? We need jobs! Playing patty cake with the environmentalist and now one of your heros from the Southern Baptist Church who wants a "Dry" Sandusky. That will be great for the entertainment district. We can just sit around and get fat like all of his followers on TV last night. I thought I was watching a revival, I almost changed the channel until one of his nice size followers got up, Where did you get that boufont? Maybe we could all get Pizza or Ice Cream jobs and sneak food on the side. What do you pay per hour Conehead. Smoochy, I did not think you had it in you, I knew Julie had some guts, but you made me proud. Standing in front of pressure like a nineteen year old Marine, that takes guts. Murry you showed your weakness, no guts, no guts in these times are pathetic. How are we going to make it four more years? Fire Kim, hitch the wagon behind Julie (the only woman with guts and integrity), and get to work.


The managing editor now resorts to name calling? Westerhold has reached a juvenile level.

Let me start by saying I don't care if Chief Nuesse is reinstated or not. What I do have a problem with is the lack of ethics and professionalism displayed in reporting this story by the Sandusky Register. It gives all journalists a bad name.

Westerhold has controlled this story from the moment he sat down in Nuesse's home when it all started (admitted to by Nuesse in the Murman report). He has written and published stories under the FROM STAFF REPORTS byline, as documented by Baxter's letter to the commission in which Baxter questioned why Westerhold was doing the interviewing, when this is a reporter’s job. This letter, for some reason, was never made available by the Register. Interesting, considering how every other document was. Why was this letter not put on the Register Web site? Is it because it calls into question Matt's credibility? Why is Matt interviewing and writing stories? Is it too difficult and deflating for the reporters when Matt changes their stories after they've been written? Even today's story appeared to use only quotes that would make the commissioners who voted against Nuesse look bad. It's also a shame that young journalists are being taught this by Westerhold. I hope they're smart enough to know it's wrong and learn from it.

Even if I were a Nuesse supporter, I would have to object to how Westerhold has manipulated this story. Eventually, Westerhold may be on the other side of an issue I'm concerned about and I'd rather have an unbiased report of events than his constant shaping of the news, and even making himself part of the story. He actually admits to calling the commissioner a name then brags about it in this blog! What's the matter, Matt, were you embarrassed that someone called you out in the meeting? I would love to have seen your face when Stahl read that letter. Maybe you should have challenged him to meet you in the parking lot after school. That may have been more mature than calling him names.

I'm still bewildered that Doug Phares allows this type of journalism to take place. How much more evidence does he need to remove Matt from his position? He's proven too immature to hold a position of power. One can only assume Phares approves of Matt's work, which would make him no better than Westerhold.

When this story is done, I can assure you I will never look at this Web site or the print product again until a managing editor with some integrity is put into Matt's position. Even an ounce of it would be an improvement. A previous post called for people to contact Phares. Please do so. Encourage him to take account of what is going on in his newsroom and to talk to the staff under Westerhold. I think he may be surprised what he hears if he would just listen.


I'm beginning to think that Mr. Westerhold is so infatuated with Kimmie, that it has seriously affected his ability to think rationally. Don't be upset Matt, she batted the eye lashes at Mr. McClung too and may his heart sore.....but rumor has it that she and him met befroe she moved her, so he gets first dibs. Believe she might have even smile just right for Big Gary (oooooo sick). Face it, you're in the right company.........scum.

Your ability to write the truth is faulty. It's no wonder Kimmie flocked to you three, liars breed liars.

I just wonder how you sleep at night knowing that there isn't much you will write from this point that people will either enjoy or believe.

Sure it may sell papers and promote these blogs but you're about due for a real GUT check. Kimmie's going to pass you off like yesterdays laundry. Your heart will be broken and then yu will want forgiveness from the general public. Sorry you're on your own.

Bottom line, you're nothing more than a Stalker covered by the first amendment.


That was so on the money! Very well done. After reading that, maybe you should apply for Mr. Westrerhold's job. It's very apparent you have more forethought in a few paragraphs than Mr. Westerhold has had since the onset of this rediculous media support for Ms. Nuesse. Again well done.

For Mr. Westerhold...........Kind of "IN YOUR FACE". don't ya thik????


Doug Phares already knows that Westerhold is a problem and lacks ethics. Remember at the IMA event at the State Theater when he said it would be unethical to do what he was accused of. Well, he's right it was unethical and he sits behind the barrels of ink that inflame the community. Doug Phares will not do anything because tabloid journalism sells papers