Another week, another set of challenges

Ken Gipe
Mar 23, 2010

It was another tough week. I was out of town Sunday (March 29) through late Tuesday (March 31) fishing in Northern Michigan for steelhead. I had a great trip and caught fish. I brought home four 8-10 pounders.

Eating was spread out and quick – ate a lot of chicken. The rest of the week my personal trainer Trevor was at a convention learning new and sinister ways to hurt/help me.

I worked out on my own twice, but it was not the same as having him there to push me. My weight loss for March was a paltry 4 pounds. I am down inches, but not as much as I had hoped.

We are going to increase the workouts to four to five times a week. Trevor is going to give me a list of things to do on my own, and I continue to be frustrated with my eating pattern and choices. I have been relying on  Diet Coke and need to get away from that and eat more often and less after 8 p.m.

I am also going to try to eat more in the morning, especially before workouts and after workouts, even if it is just a shake and fruit. I hope the pattern change in workouts will help and I can get back on track with a big loss in April.



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Please let's encourage our young people and lift them up. Let her find her own voice in this experience she has been given. What is the deal with no one ever using their real name when posting comments here?


In the paper today?


Very nice work!!


yes it was in the printed edition today. must have needed something to fill up space. slow news day maybe?


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How very well written! You have a gift. It's hard to believe a person of your age wrote such a thoughtful piece. Thank-you.


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