FIT CHALLENGE: Mohr down 9 lbs in two weeks

Sandusky Register Staff
Jun 14, 2011


Well after a little setback of 2 pounds, I'm proud to say that I just came back form Bodi N Balance and I have lost 9 pounds in the past two weeks. I'm extremely happy!

On days that I did not have to go the gym I ran barefoot or did some sort of activity like swimming in our pool and I think it helped.

I also do two-a-days on my gym workout days and I knocked off my snacking. This "no bad snacking" has got to become part of my life. 

My best workout was this past Saturday. My personal trainers Trevor Tieche, Derek Nimrichter and I did some 12-ounce curls Ha. No, but seriously, they have been working me hard with the two-a-days and it shows I'm down 48 pounds.


-Jacob Mohr



Congrats!! Almost half way to your goal!  Keep up the good work Jake!

bodinbalance's picture

I think there were some one oz curls in there to.  At least you did some hi reps though.  Pray for good boating weather.  Time you learn how to wakeboard.


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