Welcome to my blog

Jason Singer
Mar 23, 2010


Welcome to my pop culture blog!

In this space every day, we'll discuss a variety of issues -- film, politics, television, music, sports -- that directly affect our lives and make them enjoyable. Not all the things we discuss will be "important" -- you will see very little coverage of the economic crisis on this blog -- but it'll always be fun and worth talking about at the office water cooler.

Here are some examples:

We'll probably never discuss the rising cost of pork in the global economy, but lipstick-wearing pigs are right down our alley.

We'll probably never discuss geology on this blog, but we might discuss the season debut of "30 Rock."

If you see the phrase "What Can Brown Do For You?" on this blog, we're probably debating the Derek Anderson/Brady Quinn quarterback controversy, and not UPS' latest price increase.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy and come back to visit often. Official blogging begins Monday, and from then on there will be at least one posting every day.

Below, I've listed a schedule of the topics we'll discuss on a weekly basis, which hopefully you'll look forward to:

TUESDAY: Tune Talk -- A look at this week's new albums.

THURSDAY: Five Minutes at the Movies -- A look at this week's new movies.

FRIDAY: An Interview With... -- Someone famous from Sandusky. This will be a video blog, and you'll be able to watch the interview on the Web site. We'll discuss sports, movies, music or whatever else is on people's minds at that particular moment. These will be fun. We may even have readers submit questions during the week.

Check back in Monday!



Doesn't the high school girl already have this beat covered?


Dear Reader,

First off, thank you for reading my blog. I know there's a lot of content out there in Cyberspace, so I appreciate "” even if it's only just once "” you stopping in and checking out my little corner of this World Wide Web. I hope you come back soon and we have more discussions in the future.

As for your inquiry:

Pop culture is a large topic. In many cases, entire magazines, journals and Web sites "” often with dozens of writers "” are devoted to covering it. While Ms. Pletcher is a precocious young woman and a very gifted writer, I believe there's enough room in Pop Culture, USA for the both of us.

HOWEVER, if you read of us for a few weeks and feel differently, maybe her and I will arm wrestle to see who gets to stay.

If and when that happens, I'll post a video of the match onto this site.



Thanks for explaining things, but I have one question.

Why not sell tickets to the arm wrestling contest?

You two could be the main event. The undercards could be Westerhold VS. Kevin Baxter or Dennis Murray, Nuesse VS. Crandal, and Krabill VS. Schwanger.

Who needs Don King, it almost promotes itself.


Oh dear, here we go with the Sandusky Schools grammar question/problem again... Sigh.


I think selling tickets to the arm wrestling contest is great idea!

I actually think Michelle Pletcher and I would be the undercard.

The main event would be Nuesse vs. Baxter/Crandal/Sams/Frost/etc. She could do the whole gauntlet of city officials, and if she wins, she gets her job back. If she loses, we'll make her watch nonstop reruns of "Homeboys in Outer Space" as her punishment.

Anyway, it'd probably be a lot cheaper than this Civil Service hearing.



Any number of people could go up against Westerhold, as he is creating many enemies. I think he would have a chance against Nuesse though, you have to have guts to arm wrestle a man, and Matt has proven time and time again, he has zero guts. But I would pay to see him get humiliated....

I have to apologize for brining up this Nuesse thing, but your editor just wont let it die. People on both sides of this are getting bored. I would rather discuss sports, or music or ANYTHING other than that. Now I am sure you can not come on here and slander your boss, but I have to assume you are only using the SR register as a stepping stone to a bigger and BETTER place. If you have any talent at all as a fair and unbiased writer, the SR wont keep you around for long...