FIT CHALLENGE: Johnson back in gym, moving toward 50-pound loss by July 7

Sandusky Register Staff
May 17, 2011


I am back from vacation and back in the gym. To my surprise I was actually down 2 pounds!

Even though I didn’t eat the best on vacation, it still was hard to deviate too far from a healthy diet. I know what a lot of the "bad" food has in it and the calories that comes along with eating it.

Knowing that, I don’t enjoy those foods and decide not to even eat them. I often compare what exercise has to be done to burn off the calories and ask myself if it is really worth it.

It is amazing how you feel the difference in your body when you exercise after being out of the gym for a week and a half.

Spin class was not fun! I did better in Pilates than I thought. I went in Saturday to get in some extra weight training and cardio.

I will say it is nice to be back. It should get warmer here soon so I look forward to doing things outside.

My girls are in soccer and softball now so I can take the opportunity to help them practice. It was nice to get out there with them the first time this season and was able to run and play soccer with them. Last fall I was not able to do so.

I have some lost time to make up for. My halfway goal is 50 pounds by July 7 (six-month mark). I have eight weigh-ins until then and only have to lose 2.5 pounds a week. I got this!

Even though my challengers are ahead of me, I am still on track for my plan. This is a yearlong challenge and if I hit my goal of 100 pounds, it should be mine for the taking.

— Natalie Johnson


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