FIT CHALLENGE: Keegan's weight gain no laughing matter

Sandusky Register Staff
May 17, 2011


Hi again,

Well my first month with no loss.  Even though I weighed in at 253 at the beginning of last week, I seemed to have gained a few since.

I had a heavy week of eating and topped it off with a night out to go see comedian Ralphie May. I think a lil of him rubbed off on me.

I'm not worried because I still lost inches and gained some muscle. I feel strong as ever so worrying about weight at this point is not worth it.

I am happy with my progress so far and I am still happy with my trainer Ken Cutcher. He understands me and is always upbeat and positive with me, even though I didn't lose weight this time around.  I will continue to work hard and the results will follow.


Troy Keegan

Go Blue Streaks. 19 - 2 (Ranked 8th in Division 1)



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