FIT CHALLENGE: Mohr ready for some new clothes

Sandusky Register Staff
May 17, 2011


Had a pretty good workout week. Ran barefoot for the most part and did my workouts in bare feet. I do not mind these workouts, it's different.

The only bad thing is that I only worked out twice last week, but it's OK. I still do stuff on my own and those two workouts were intense.

Just to let everyone know I am eating my vegetables. Each meal I eat I make sure there is some sort of vegetable in there.

That's about all, other than I still need to get some smaller clothes and work pants and a new belt, which is exciting.

– Jacob Mohr


bodinbalance's picture

Ya you need to get new cloths cause people in the gym are starting to think you keep letting you pants fall off on purpose.  How many times do I have to tell you that you have to wear cloths in the gym.  And no a toga doesn't count either, so don't do that again.  For the record if you try to pull a fast one and wear a kilt we are gonna have a problem.  It's bare feet training not bare a_ _ training.  Get it together!


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