FIT CHALLENGE: Mohr enjoys workout at Jackson Street Pier

May 10, 2011


Nothing new to report this week. I worked out about three times this past week not including a run around town. Most of my workouts are barefoot now but only when I work with personal Trevor Tieche.

When I work with Derek Nimrichter, we do circuits --- six different exercises that we do 10 of each all the way down to one without stopping.

Friday the 6th, Trevor and I had a 7 a.m. workout at Jackson Street Pier in downtown Sandusky.

We warmed up, then we took a light jog to the Shelby Street Pier and there we did some sit-ups on a dock because it was unstable and it helped me work on my balance at the same time.

After that we did some resistance training on a picnic table and then took the jog back to Jackson Street Pier.

I enjoyed that workout it got me out of the gym and it was different. That is all.

— Jacob Mohr


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