FIT CHALLENGE: Johnson takes break down South

May 10, 2011


As you already know, this week I am in Florida. I am having a good time here.

It is nice to get away sometimes. I was not expecting any loss this week due to the fact I was looking forward to enjoying some of the foods down south.

Bad news, some of them were no longer in operation and others were closed at the time I went. Good news is I didn't end up consuming all of the unhealthy calories.

I have had a long enough break in my workout to where I am ready to get back into the gym and pick up where I left off.

None of my actions this past month has been due to loss of motivation or taking this opportunity for granted.

I simply just had a busy month. I still have a goal to accomplish, which is to lose 100 pounds. I am committed to taking full advantage of what I have been given.

— Natalie Johnson