FIT CHALLENGE: Mohr wants to lose more weight before Chicago

Sandusky Register Staff
May 3, 2011


This week went OK. I did some things on my own. I did not get into the gym until Wednesday the 27th, which is when we did legs in bare feet.

I had no idea how rough it would be; it kind of snuck up on me. The intensity of the workout was high all the way through because when I work out I just go with the flow.

Also on Wednesday, I played basketball after my workout, not a good idea, but I made it.

On Friday, we did chest and it went well. I am starting to do more weight, more times without even knowing it.

The same day, I also went to a benefit for a family friend who had cancer. I know people want to come up and tell me they are following my progress, but sometimes I just feel uncomfortable from all the attention. The food was excellent at the benefit, but I did not overdo it.

It is the beginning of May and I am planing a trip to Chicago to visit my uncle in mid-June and I want to drop some extra pounds before I go. With that said I am going to hit this month hard and also the first half of June.

— Jacob Mohr