FIT CHALLENGE: Johnson apologizes to trainer

Sandusky Register Staff
May 3, 2011


April ended up being not so good for me. Even though I had some lose, no gain and realized I was down a pants size, I still didn’t meet my goal.

I came into this month knowing I had a lot going on. I had my husband and two of my children’s birthday parties, along with hosting Easter, not to mention planning and getting ready for my trip.

I realize that all this is everyday life for everyone, but adding that we have one car and my husband attends college, in addition to transporting  both of my children to school (different schools, different times) and my workout schedule is during these same hours, it’s stressful.

I’m not making any kind of excuses for myself. I just want to clear the air of the reasons I have not been consistent this month.

I have made some people feel like I might not be serious anymore. I have even frustrated my trainer. I feel bad because Barb Biltz is training me out of the kindness of her heart and I never want her to think I take that for granted.

April was just busy and when you take away birthdays and vacations, along with my husband graduating, things will be back on track. I plan on enjoying myself on vacation and coming home and getting back on an everyday schedule.

Even through this rough time I have not back tracked. I have been able to maintain my weight. Even though I didn’t make it to the gym often, I still stuck to my diet. I am still very proud of myself for my progress so far.

This journey is far from over. Unfortunately, this probably won’t be the last time life throws a curve ball at me. I stayed strong and still gave it all I could.

I want to end by saying “I’m sorry” to Barb for making her feel the way she did. My lack of communication is the main reason for that. I will be back next week ready to go!

— Natalie Johnson