FIT CHALLENGE: Keegan ready for Hall of Fame, not ready to take his shirt off

Sandusky Register Staff
May 3, 2011


Hi readers,

Another week, another blog. I want to thank Anytime Fitness for sponsoring me for my softball season that just kicked off this passed Sunday. I will wear that jersey proud.  

I believe because of the training I've been doing I was able to swing and run without any repercussions. I felt loose and wasn't winded much after having to run plenty of bases during our doubleheader. I am a little sore in the core section, but I think that is to be expected when you swing a bat for the first time this year.  

I am closing in on my target weight for Saturday. Things are in place for me to succeed.  

I believe my wife is going to go through a circuit workout with me this week. It's either going to be fun or the worst experience ever.  Right now it's a coin flip. Just kidding Tish, we will be like peas and carrots.  

I'm noticing the changes on my body now.  I'm steadily losing fat off my inner thighs and losing inches off my stomach, but there is still a ways to go before this shirt's coming of in public.

For the people who were interested in my 5K for the Dunn children I haven't forgot about you.  I'm moving it to the fall in order to use Sandusky High School track as part of the course.  It's under construction in the summer.  Contact me at
Troy Keegan
(Blue Streaks 16-0)