Jason Singer
Mar 23, 2010


The winds of change are blowing.

Out with the old regime, in with the new.

It's time to finally look forward to the future.

No, I'm not talking about Democrats unseating Republicans. I'm not talking about the presidential election. I'm talking about Brady Quinn.

St. Brady has arrived. On Monday, the Cleveland Browns benched starting quarterback Derek Anderson in favor of Quinn. The former first-round pick will finally get his chance to start on Thursday.

No offense to Mr. Anderson, but Quinn needs to be the quarterback of this team.

Was it solely Derek Anderson's fault that the Browns started 3-5? Of course not. Did Anderson drop a league-worst 11 passes in eight games like star wide receiver Braylon Edwards? No.

But regardless of the reasons, the team didn't appear to be going anywhere with Anderson at the helm. They seemed to lack focus. They seemed to lack poise in late-game situations. They seemed to lack the je ne sais quoi that elevates a good team into a great team.

I believe Brady Quinn will give them those things.

Quinn will have a much smaller learning curve than most inexperienced quarterbacks in the NFL. Like Matt Ryan -- the rookie quarterback who has led the Atlanta Falcons to 5-3 record -- Quinn played in a pro-style offense in college. He had to make reads. He made his own audibles. He took his snaps from under center.

He also learned under from Charlie Weis -- the man who mentored Tom Brady as the Patriots' offensive coordinator. Before the 2007 draft, ESPN called him "a franchise quarterback in the mold of Carson Palmer."

But equally as important, Quinn is a local boy wildly popular with Browns supporters. He will ignite the fan base. He will ignite his teammates. The Dawg Pound will be rockin' Thursday.

Just this week, nearly 100 more media passes have been granted to Browns practices. Suddenly, the Cleveland Browns matter again, and I think the players will start playing like they matter. Everyone will raise their game. The team will prosper.

St. Brady has arrived, and Cleveland is better for it.



Let's hope Brady can bring the Browns some wins!


Mr. Singer --

You are the best sports writer at the Register! Why are you writing news?


I thought this was supposed to be all about pop culture, not all sports.


now?? They are setting up Quinn to fail. New QB in a short 3 day week.
Browns get pounded 38-10. Heading toward 5-11 I hope???