FIT CHALLENGE: Mohr gets recognized by customer

Jason Singer
Apr 12, 2011


This past week in the gym was a little rough. It seems like I was off a little bit.

Monday, the 4th, I worked with Derek Tieche, and we did a little bit of everything including some new exercises. Wednesday was basketball at the YMCA, which went better than last time. We did about five or six games back-to-back and I was not as tired as I thought I was going to be.

Thursday was a hard. I worked with Derek Nimrichter; we did a lot. It was drills mixed in with more drills, flowed by some cardio, some weight lifting and then at the end, we did about 10-15 minutes of boxing with some breaks in there.

Saturday was also a good day. Not only did I do a good job at work, I also got some compliments from co-workers and one customer who recognized me from the newspaper. All in all, everything is coming along just fine.