FIT CHALLENGE: Johnson reaches out to others struggling to lose weight

Jason Singer
Apr 12, 2011


I’m back on track and going strong! I lost 5.4 pounds this past week. I followed my schedule exactly and really watched my diet and it paid off.

I am really proud of myself since I did so poorly last month. I would really like to be down a total of 40 pounds by May 4 because that’s what I’m working toward this month.

I had a really uplifting week for other reasons, too. I always tell myself how blessed I am to have been chosen for this challenge and I love to pass the blessing on to others.

I do this by passing on the information I have learned to others. I reached out to a young woman at NOMS and invited her to work out with me. Her weight loss is not going as fast as she wished so maybe together we can change that.

Also since I am addicted to spinning, I try to get everyone to attend a class with me. I have a few girlfriends at work who work out at NOMS and they have tried a spin class with me. They hated me halfway through, but at the end they really enjoyed themselves.

I am currently focusing on my walk with God as well. Since without him none of these life-changing events would be happening in the first place. Walking with god will allow me to succeed in anything I’m trying to accomplish in life including this challenge.

I’m really excited because I spoke with one of the women from my church about my weight-loss journey and she decided to join me in spin class. It really means a lot because I know part of her wants to try spin class, but her main reason is to support and encourage me.

I want to thank Mrs. Torrence and everyone else that takes the time to work out with me. It’s the best kind of motivation and everyone will be forever remembered as helpers in my journey.