FIT CHALLENGE: Keegan aims to be under 250 by May

Jason Singer
Apr 12, 2011


Hi people,

The blog must have slipped my mind last week, my bad.  I'm back on track and feeling great! 

The calf seems fine as I played multiple games of basketball without any strain or pain. I'm happy I made my goal last month and I am now shooting for a goal to be under 250 by next weigh-in.

My personal trainer Ken Cutcher thinks I train for each weigh-in like a wrestling meet. I hover around the last weigh-ins weight until crunch time and then cut down to my goal weight. 

Right now it works, but down the road it's going to be a lot tougher.  Not that it's not tough now, but I have that kind of weight to lose now. 

I must say that Anytime Fitness is a convenient place to work out at.  I had to stay in Cleveland in between my shifts and I found one of the company's gyms close to where I work.  

The facility was top-notch, just like the ones I work out at back home.  The only thing it was missing was Ken Cutcher in my ear counting the reps and reminding me to breathe every other rep!

Well that's all this week and how 'bout them BLUE STREAKS! 6-0