FIT CHALLENGE: Mohr loves having more energy

Sandusky Register Staff
Apr 8, 2011


Nothing new to report this week. Had four good workouts. We did legs,chest and back, and I also played basketball on Wednesday the 30th.

I worked with my personal trainer Trevor Tieche on legs and chest, and I worked with Derek Nimrichter on my back. Derek likes to do the hardest first, while Trevor likes to do the harder parts at the end of our workouts.

We have been at this for about four months now and I don't know about the other contestants, but I am really enjoying this. Begin about 30 pounds lighter has made a difference. I have a lot more energy and my overall outlook on life has improved. Also, work does not seem that bad anymore.
I just need a couple more things to fall into place and I will be just fine.

Go Cubs,
Jacob Mohr


bodinbalance's picture

I think next week we will have you box Kathy.